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Parts I. and II. 

" And suddenly there -u-as with the An^el a multitude of 
the heavenly host praising God, and sayin:^. Glory to Gk)d 
in the hicfhest, and on eanh'peace, good will to men.'"' 

X r ^u ^ Y r k : 




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1857, by 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for 

the Southern District of New York. 


A PECULIAR result of the Christian Eeligion, attesting its high 
claim, and proving its excellence as the very "cro-wn of all 
humanity," is found in its ability to enrich the literature of every 
people with the loftiest lyrical inspirations. Christianity alone can 
lead the spirit, through all the sevenfold stages of its regeneration, 
into a new heart-consciousness of perfect love. Without Christian- 
ity there is no Poetry, in a celestial and absolute sense ; for Poetry 
is the song of life ; and life is truly real only as it is Christian, and so 
Divine. Poetry is a native flower of the Heavens. The langniage 
of the skies is lyrical. There thoughts are things ; and the concep- 
tions of the mind start before the vision into objective loveliness. 

The body of speech is prose, but the soul is poetry. In life's 
tenderest and holiest hours, when thought is transfigured in the 
light of great affections, speech rises into immeasured song. The 
highest inspiration is melody. In the beginning, the Prophet and 
the Bard were identical. The Greeks, who preserved even in the 
mid^t of sensuous degradation, the fragments of the literature of 
the most remote antiquity, religiously believed that the Celestial 
Muses descended to breathe in harmony upon the sltmibering souL 
They thought as well, that pure and noble natures alone could thrill 
to this divine fire, and scatter through the world its glowing 

The Poets of the world, even in hours of utmost materialism and 
ignorance, have proved themselves the bearers of a Spiritual Mes- 
sage. They have, for the most part, sorrowed more deeply, suffered 
more acutely, than any other class of men. For the Poet inherits 
into the feminine nature. Through love he receives the gift of 


song ; throngh love also, the power to take unto himself the very 
agony of the world's grief, and so, in some finite sense, to bear the 
sorrows of mankind. 

Poetry in every era, however, has been degraded from its high 
and holy origin ; and strains, designed to lift the spirit in faith and 
holy love to the very gates of Heaven, have been employed in the 
service of ihe basest lusts. Alas, for the world, when the Poet for- 
gets his mission ! Then idolatry triumphs, and the intuitions of the 
Angel are prostrated before the instincts of the brute. 

It is impossible for fhe Poet to sing the praise of any perverted 
form of the Christian Eeligion, — impossible for him to sing against 
religion. — without losing, in some degree, the power of a complete 
lyrical expression. It is equally impossible for the Poet to become 
materialized, either in feeling or in conduct, without, as it were, load- 
ing his soul's wings with leaden fetters; for man can only sing 
grandly and sweetly when the divine three — the Love of Truth, and 
the Love of Good, and the Love of Uses — have made his heart their 
home, and his voice their instrument. 

The modern theory which makes Poetry a polite accomplishment, 
reserved for the man of culture and elegant leisure, is worthy only 
of a period of mental and moral superficialism. Who instructs the 
skylark in the notes of the musical scale? And who whispers the 
secret of song in the ear of the nightingale? Who taugbt the 
Ayrshire peasant his unpremeditated art, and woke with the songs 
of Burns the rugged breast of Caledonia? It is true that a plane is 
formed in the mind through culture, by which the Poet is enabled 
to clothe his thought with fitting harmonies of external speech. 
The Poet is the man of culture by the very make and tendency of 
his gift. But that culture is natural, not artificial. Any may write 
polished rhymes who will master the mechanical difficulties of com- 
position ; but these are artificial flowers; the native aroma of the 
skies dwells not in their elaborate and curious chalices. The true 
Poet is the man who sings, because that is the God-given method 
through which his soul finds utterance. The language is but a 
secondary consideraii<m. Mere prettinens of dialect has no part in 
the thought of a true Poet. lie snatcluis up words wherewith to 
fling abroad his thoughts, as the watcher upon a clitt', above the 
ocean, heax>s material to feed his beacon-light. He cares only for 


the material, as it shall yield itself readily to the brightness of the 

I have tried in my preceding books to be true to Poetry's 
primeval and universal law. I have sung of Angels : and of planets, 
the abodes of glorious harmonic nations ; I have sung of the Immor- 
tal World ; I have told the story of celestial pilgrimages ; I have 
flared to utter mans imexpressed desire for a golden life of conjugial 
love in the serene eternity ; I have praised the Lord, and told how 
he is worshiped by all the Angels, — because I have felt, seen, heard, 
experienced and entered into the spirit of the inner life. In seeking 
the ideal, I have found the absolute actual. With growing years, 
with clearer insight, with a stronger grasp of fact, I doubt not that 
still more worthily I shall fulfil the task which is given me to do. 
I aim to combine the functions of the Priest and the Poet. My 
conception of the priesthood is that of a class of men who are led in 
all things by the Divine Love ; who meekly obey the Divine Voice 
speakins through the Word ; who eschew the fantasies of a self- 
derived intelligence, and who labor so to unfold the interior truth of 
the Scriptures, 2^ to inspire in the human spirit, love for its truths; 
love for the life of the beautiful heroism, self-sacrifice, and trust, 
which those truths collectively should outwork through the soul- 
affections. I am endeavoring to ultimate, in all that I write and do 
and say, the ideal of the Poet-priest The book to which you are now- 
invited, is a collection of hymns designed to present Christianity as 
an unsectarian and universal faith — the all in all of goodness and 
truth and beauty — the One Eeligion of universal manhood, in its 
supreme domains of the Cekstial World. Of this thing I am sure, 
that though, as to external expression these hymns may seem open 
to criticism, they truly teach the faith of Angels, and so are worthy 
to be sung in the Christian Church. They are not my own, except 
in a Limited and mediatoiial sense. The reader will recognize in 
them unmistakable traces of the writers of hymns who have pre- 
ceded me. Especially will he find the child-like faith of Charles 
Wesley, the f>laintive tenderness of William Cowper, the force of 
Isaac Watts, the lofty enthusiasm and fervor of James Montgomery. 
These bards, or at least departed spirits, whom I recognize as such, 
took an active part, at intervals, in the preparation of the volume. 
It is adapted to be sung. It contains hymns answering the heart- 
wants of this living age. More than any compilation extant, it is 


designed for the sick-room and fr^r the departing, for the aged, and for 
those called to the loneliness that follows the transition of dear and 
cherished ones to the better life. Many of the hymns were verbally 
communicated by individual Spirits. All of them, so far as their 
essence is concerned, were the result of the presence and direct 
influence of the Angels of the Lord's Church in Heaven. 

They have been dictated, with four or five exceptions, during the 
past autumn and winter. They are hardy flowers, and they will 
not fade. I write frankly con.^erning them, and concerning my own 
poetic gift, because I recognize the truth that no personal ditfidenre 
should restrain the receiver of interior treasures from setting forth 
tiis own convictions of their origin and value. 

T. L. H. 

New Yore:, April 21, 1857. 



L. M. 

1 " From all that dwell below the skies 
Let the Creator's praise arise :" 
From caverns dim and temples old 

The Church to Heaven its prayer hath rolled. 

2 '* Let the Redeemer's name be sung 
Through every land by every tongue ;" 

Thy Church, O Lord I hath mourned to Thee, 
From darkness and captivity. 

3 Bat now the glorious dawn appears ; 
She reaps in smiles who sowed in tears; 
And from the earth, as from the skies, 
Shall the Creator's praise arise. 


4 Triumpliant Zion lift tliy voice ; 

Bid all the world with Heaven rejoice ; 
Till " the Redeemer's name is smig 
Through every land by every tongue." 

5 Break forth, O Spirit of the Word ! 
Proclaim that Jesus is the Lord. 

His praise shall sound from shore to shore, 
Till sin and death are found no more. 


C. M. 

1 There is a glorious Church above, 

And, in its holy aisles. 
Upon the children of His love 
The Lord of Glory smiles. 

2 All of His inmost life partake, 

And taste His truth divine ; 
This is the sacred bread they break, 
And this the living wine. 

3 Upon those homes of happy rest 

No shadows ever fall, 
For Christ is throned in every breast. 
And Love is all in all. 


4 This is the Holy Church that now 

Upon the earth appears, 
Throned on celestial Zion's brow 
To shine through endless years. 

5 Attendant Angels gather near 

To see its walls arise ; 
And all who meet the Saviour here 
Shall worship in the skies. 


C. M. 

1 '' Glory to God I" this advent morn 

My soul exulting sings. 
To-day of old on eartli was born 
The glorious King of Kings : 

2 Let every idol folly fall, 

And every discord cease ; 
He reigns in Heaven the Lord of all, 
And here the Prince of Peace. 

3 Glory to God ! in Christ the Lord 

We own His name Divine ; 
Earth, Heaven, the Spirit and the Vv'ord 
Robed in His beauty shine. 


4 Where Anorels in their o-lorv bow 
They on Messiah call ; 
And, in His earihly temple, now 
We crown Him Lord of ail. 



1 The brightness of Thy glory 

Lord ! is love alone ; 
The pure and sacred story 

Into our hearts hath c^rown. 
Through all Thy Word's evangels, 

As in the Heaven above, 
More sweet than tongues of Angels, 

We hear Thy speech of love. 

2 As, in the deeps of ocean, 

The stars reflected shine, 
Our souls, in their devotion, 

Reflect Thy love divine. 
Though earthly friends may leave us, 

And earthly hopes depart. 
Thou dost in love receive us 

And fold us to Thy heart. 


As roses, in a garden, 

By dews from Heaven are fed, 
Thy Holy Spirit's guerdon 

Upon us here is shed. 
When from its last affliction. 

The ransomed spirit flies, 
Thy voice of benediction 

Is " welcome to the skies." 



1 " Peace be thine." The Angels greet thee, 

'* Kindred Spirit ! welcome here." 
In their blissful calm they meet thee — 

Shed abroad their loving sphere. 
Enter, then, the sacred portals, 

Hera thy heart's pure homage pay; 
For the beautiful Immortals 

Worship in our midst to-day. 

2 With us all the meek-voiced Angels, 

Reverent and adoring, stand ; 
While w^e hear divine evangels 
From the soul's great Fatherlan-l. 


Oh ! though sorrow's chain hath bound ns, 
All our grief shall pass away ; 

For the Father's hand hath crowned us 
In his glorious courts to day. 

3 Hush ! be still I in silent sweetness, 

Ra];t in prayer, the Angels bow ; 
And the circle finds completeness 

In the Lord's dear presence now. 
Enter in, thou King of Glory! 

Banish all our woes away ; 
While our hearts recall the story 

Of redeeming love to day. 



1 The cares of life are ending, — 

The troubles and the tears ; 
Our hearts in love are blending 

Witli Angels in the spheres. 
The hours are swiftly flying, 

And soon we all shall riso, 
To live the life undying 

Of Angels in the skies. 


T. e lioly Word is sliiniiig 

Before oiir pilgrim way ; 
The nio^ht is fast decliniDo*. 

The darkness turns to day ; 
Our hearts for joy are singing 

Within the peaceful breast, 
While love is gently winging 

Our souls to perfect rest. 

Beyond the shining river 

The promised land we see : 
Forever, Lord I forever 

Our souls would dwell with Thee. 
To Thee our vows are plighted, 

Xo more we fear to die ; 
Thou hast our souls united 

To immortalitv. 


p. M. 

1 '• Sing praises to Jesu> on high,*' 

Cry Spirits made perfect above ; 
'• Come, sing till our brethren reply, 
And earth is redeemed by His love. 

2 "He is all that we thought Him below; 

The in His wisdom beo^an. 


The Ano'els, our Saviour who know. 
See God in the Infinite Man. 

3 ''He is all that they own Him above; 

The orbs of the universe roll 
In the light of His truth and His love, 
And the joy of His infinite soul. 

4 '*He is God of the thouofhts of the mind ; 

The heart in His wisdom is wise ; 
His truth in the spirit is shrined, 
And glows like the sun in the skies. 

5 "From the center of Heaven's domain 

To the bounds of the empire of space. 
He is Lord, and forever shall reign. 
And His love the creation embrace. 


L. M. 

1 One God there is, who reigns alone. 
Through love received, in wisdom known ; 
By space or nature unconiined, 

Yet in the universe enshrined. 

2 Three Heavens of light and order roll 
From Him, the All-creative Soul ; 
His truth divine the Word inspires ; 
He lights the heart's great altar pyres. 


3 Fixed are His wisdom's firm decrees ; 
Boundless His being's harmonies. 
Unchangeable by erring man, 

His attributes the worlds o'erspan. 

4 Suns blossom from His will divine ; 
He bids the planet's dust refine ; 
Gives everv world an Ano-el-race ; 
Clasps every soul in one embrace. 


S"S AND 7'3 M. IjOUBLE. 

1 Holy Lord I in pure devotion 

All the Angels praise thy name, 
In the loving heart's emotion 

Ail thy glorious deeds proclaim. 
Changed from glory unto glory 

They delight to sing thy love, 
Till the sweet and sacred story 

Fills the inmost Heaven above. 

2 Father ! while that song of praises 

Fills the temple of the skies, 
Here its hymn devotion raises, 
Here the sono-s of faith arise. 

16 ^YMNS OF 

Breathe, Lora ! thy Spirit's blessing, 
Unconfined by time or space. 

Let us all, Thy peace possessing, 
Eest within thy love's embrace. 

3 While the niidnio*ht turns to morning, 

While the world forsakes its tomb, 
Clothe us with divine adorning, 

Crow^n us with immortal bloom. 
While thy Angels move beside tts, 

Clasping still the feeble hand, 
Safely, Lord ! safely guide us, 

Till we reach the Happy Land. 


C. M. 

1 Christ, our Lord ! in all mankind 

Thy wondrous work we see ; 
Thou art in every breast enshrined, 
And Nature worships Thee. 

2 Within Tby thought's eternal years 

The universes roll ; 
Thou art the Sovereign of the spheres, 
The life of every soul. 


3 Thou didst, in love divine, descend 

Ere earth was vailed in gloom, 
And talk with man, as friend with friend, 
In Eden's golden bloom. 

4 Thou art. Lord I our sure defense, 

In every age the same ; — 
We feel Thy love's omnipotence, 
And bless thy holy name. 



1 Ten thousand times ten thousand saints 

Attend His o^lorions wav. 
Who comes, to outward sense unknown, 

And meets us here to-day ; 
And while we own the Savior's name, 

With all the Angel host, 
The Father cometh in the Son, 

And through the Holy Ghost. 

2 Ten thousand times ten thousand tongues 

Prolong*, throuo-h Heaven's domain 
His lasting praise, who was of old 
For our redemption slain. 


" Worthy art Thou, Lord !" they cry, 

" Forevermore to be 
Throned in the Heaven of Heavens sublime, 

That all may worship Thee.'' 

3 Ten thousand times ten thousand call 

Upon our Saviour's name, 
From every earth, from every star, 

And none have called in vain. 
Help us, O Lord ! to own Thy name, 

And do Thy will divine, 
Till earth becomes, like Heaven above, 

Thy Holy Spirit's shrine. 


L. M. 

1 " Go forth, beloved," spake the Lord, 

Ascending to His throne above ; 
" To every creature bear the Word ; 
Baptize the world with light and love. 

2 "Strive not for earth's material things; 

Ask not a roof to shield the head ; 
But trample down the pride of kings, 
And heal the sick and raise the dead.'* 


3 Forth went the chiklren of the day, 

To Christ and to His gospel true ; 
So tied the heathen world away ; 

So the first Christian Church uj^grew. 

4 A second Church the first succeeds ; 

We reap where martyr hands have sown ; 
The creeds of earth are withered weeds ; 
The Word of God endures alone. 


S. M. 

1 Christ ! Thou art the vine ; 
Thy life our life supplies ; 
And, nurtured by Thy love divine, 
We blossom for the skies. 

2 Thou art our Polar Star ; 

From bondage, Lord I we flee ; 
We hail the steadfast light afar, 
And journey home to Thee. 

8 Thou art our sword and shield. 
W^e conquer when we die ; 
And march, from earth's last battle-field, 
To thrones prepared on high. 



L, M. 

1 Almighty God! the first and last! 

Thoa dost the wheels of Nature move. 
Thrones reel before Thy judgment-blast, 
And naught remains but truth and love. 

2 While earth's raad anarchs vainly rage, 

While judgments rock the nether sphere, 
Thy purpose ripens age by age 

Till Thou in Christ shalt reappear. 

3 From Thee the vast Creation came. 

To Thee the wheels of being tend. 
Let Nature pass in flying flame. 
If we can meet Thee at the end. 



What glory breaks upon mine eyes? 

What songs are in mine ears ? 
And oh ! in yon effulgent skies 

What form divine appears? 
'Tis Christ! 'tis Christ! I owned his name 

While bound in sorrow's thrall. 
I'll join the Angels who proclaim 

My Savior all in all. 


2 Wake, spirit, in my breast, and sing; 

Emerge from death's dark wave; 
To Christ the heart in tribute bring, 

Thy Lord hath come to save. 
From landscapes, bright with golden day, 

I hear the Angels call ; 
*' Christ is the Lord of Hosts," they say, 

'^Come, own Him all in all." 

3 Farewell, ye spirits, wrapt in gloom. 

My Savior who disown. 
Where Eden smiles, in shining bloom, 

'Tis my Redeemer's thront;. 
I'll join yon radiant, raptured throng, 

From every earthly ball, 
And own, with everlasting song*, 

That Christ is all in all. 



1 Hovv' glorious, on the mountains. 

The Church appeareth now. 
Enshrined in golden fountains, 

With sunrise on her biow ! 
She smiles above the waters, 

Enthroned in virgin pride ; 
And Heaven hath sent its (hiuo-hters 

To deck the radiant bridu. 


2 On every hill she reareth 

A shining silver throne ; 
And every star she weareth 

Within her jeweled zone. 
Behold the queenly maiden, 

With sunrise in her hand ; 
With frao-rant ofterino-s laden 

She speeds from land to land. 

3 She glides through all the vallies 

With music in her tread, 
And builds her golden palace 

High at the river-head. 
Her name the holy Angels 

Read in her garment's hem ; 
'Tis traced in Heaven's evangels, — 

' The New Jerusalem.' 


6 L. L. M. 

Thou art, Lord ! the life and light 
Of that celestial woild we see ; 

Its Angel-songs of truth and right 
Are but responses unto Thee. 

Through every soul Thy glories shine, 

And all things pure and true are Thine. 


2 Sun of the soul I Thy beauteous rays 

Gild all the purple clouds of even ; 
Through visions of Thy love we gaze 

Into the golden deeps of Heaven. 
Those homes of bliss, that love divine, 
And all things pure and true are Thine. 

3 \VTien childhood opes its Angel- bloom 

It blossoms 'neath Thy kindling eye. 
Thou dost the nio-ht of ao-e illume ; 

In Thee we live ; in Thee we die. 
Through earth and Heaven Thy mercies shine, 
And all things pure and true are Thine. 

4 When Heaven's effulgent gates unbar, 

And from its woes the soul is free, 
The spirit, like the morning star, 

Ascends, led upward, Lord, by Thee. 
In mind and heart Thy glories shine. 
And all things pure and true are Thine. 


L. M. 

In Thy Divine Humanity, 

Lord, w^hat boundless wonders dwell ! 
The mightier Sampson there we see, 

Who bursts the brazen gates of hell. 


2 The Second Adam, Thou, — whose love 

An endless life to man supplies; 

Transports the soul to reahns above ; 

And changes earth to Paradise. 

3 All power, in Heaven and earth, is Thine. 

Great Joshua ! Thou our sins dost slay ; 
While truth and mercy, all divine. 
Like sun and moon. Thy will obey. 

4 As in Elijah's chariot. Thou 

Dost rise, in glory all complete; 
The Heavens to greet Thy coming bow ; 
And Death expires beneath Thy feet ! 


L. M. 

1 There stands anear each mortal breast 

A stranger from tiie spirit-shore. 
The robes of light his form invest ; 
His heart with love runs o'er and o'er. 

2 It is the Christ who once for love 

In anguish died upon the tree. 
He comes, in power, from worlds above 
To set earth's weary captives free. 


3 Celestial throngs Lis path attend ; 

*• Unbar," they cry, "each bosom-door, 
For Christ is here, the deathless friend ; 
He comes with life forevermore/' 

4 Now, Death ! thy gloomy gates unbar. 

Now, Sorrow I wipe thy tears away. 
Now dawns in Heaven the morning star, 
And twilight brightens into day. 


L. M. 

1 Holy and fall of love below 

The Church should like a garden grow, 
And souls, like roses, bud and bloom, 
For endless life beyond the tomb. 

2 The Church should like an Eden be, 
With golden fruit on every tree ; 

Not Heaven with all its host should shine 
So bright with charity divine. 

3 O Lord I the thorns uproot, and feed 

With rains from Heaven, the treasured seed, 
And bid the vine and olive bear 
The glurious food that saints mav share. 


4 Transform this waste of burning sand, 
Till Earth becomes Thv Mornino; Land ; 
And bid Thy glorious Church arise, 
In faith and order from the skies. 


ll-S AND lO'S M. 

1 Brightest and best of the Sons of the morning, 

Wearing the human around Thy Divine ; 
Garments of love are Thy robes of adorning, 
Glories of truth in Thy diadem si line. 

2 Drear was the winter of blindness and error ; 

Strong the fierce empire of death and the 
Thou didst redeem us from sin and its terror — 
Vailed in Thy human to rescue and save. 

3 Brightest and best of the Sons of the morning, 

Dawn on the night of the nations again ; 
Wearing the skies for thy robes of adorning, 
Lord of the Ano;els and Savior of men. 


7'S M. 

1 Praise the Lord for He is kind ; 
Praise Ilim, the Indwelling Mind. 


For His works of truth and grace 
Praise Him, every Angel-race. 

2 He hath made each star to glow 
With a lio'ht unseen belovr : 
Praise the Lord, for He hath given 
Every star its own bright Heaven. 

3 Like a liarp by God o'erleant 
Nature is His instrument ; 

'Tis His hand that smites the strings ; 
Light and love the strain He sings. 

4 Earth and ether, isle and sea 

Hear that wondrous litany ; 
And the glorious music rolls 
Into speech of human souls. 

5 Praise the Lord, for He is kind ; 
With a soul from sense refined ; 
Till we feel the Angels near. 
And His perfect presence here. 


C. M. 

1 When living faith the soul inspires. 
To Heaven we lift our eyes : 
While every cloud of night retirfs 
That hid the spirit skies. 


2 There martyr souls in glory throng 

Upon the jasper sea, 
And lift their everlasting song 
In truimph, Lord ! to Thee. 

3 " All holy, holy Lord !" they cry, 

" Before the world was made 

Thy sovereign glory filled the sky. 

In heavenly forms displayed. 

4 The passive bounds of nature own 

Thy love's divine decree, 
And thro' its forms Thy great white throne 
Of power supreme w^e see. 

5 Revolving spheres display Thy might 

And own Thy wise control ; 

But 'tis Thy mercy's chief delight 

To form and save the soul." 


8'S 8*S AXD 7's M. 

When the outward life departed, — 
Just and true and faithful-hearted, — 

From the cross the Savior trod, 
Through the spheres of moral anguish, 
Where the souls of nations languish 

Who of old abandoned God. 


2 Tlirough the portals of affliction. 
Breathing peace and benediction, 

Came the Savior to the dead. 
Pouring forth His heai't's evangel. 
Sweeter far than voice of Angel, 

Thus the meek Deliverer said. 

3 '• Through my Holy Spirit's guerdon, 
Spirits, there is peace and pardon ; 

From your night of sorrow rise." 
Hark ! ten thou-and thousand voices I 
All the Angel svorld rejoices ; 

Christ hath opened Paradise. 

4 Hear us Lord I to glory risen, 
To the Spirits bound in prison, 

Bomid in evils dark and drear. 
Through Thy children's hearts descending, 
Lift them up to life unending. 

When Thou dost in love appear. 


L. M. 

1 Unto thy holy temple, Lord I 

We come for comfort from Thy Word. 
Shine in our hearts, while we survey 
The wonders of Thy love to-day. 


2 Give us to eat that living bread 
By which the iVngels all are fed ; 
Give us to drink that living wine 
That fills their souls with truth divine. 

3 No more would we, with selfish aim, 
For glory strive, or gold, or fame ; 
But seek to rise our sins above. 
Through faith and hope and perfect love> 

4 So hope's immortal flower shall bloom ; 
So faith shall overcome the tomb ; 
And love shall bid our spirits rise 

To endless worship in the skies. 


L, M. 

1 The shadow flies, the night is done. 
Behold the blessed Sabbath Sun ; 
From zone to zone, its beams, unfurled, 
Have kissed the eyes of all the Avorld. 

2 Within the house not made with hands 
The Angels chant, in tuneful bands, 

*' O Christ ! thou Spirit Sun ! we see 
Thy light of truth, and worship Thee.'' 


3 There all the sainted dead rejoice, 
And worship, with united voice. 

"O Christ!"' they sing, '' Thy name we 

bless ; 
Thou art the Sun of Righteousness." 

4 Fill all thy courts, Lord ! to-day, 
While here our hearts their homage pay. 
Upon our longing spirits shine 

With truth and mercy all divine. 

5 Nor let Thy Presence be confined 
To us, but visit all mankind ; 

Till every soul shall worship Thee, 
In Thy Divine Humanity. 


6, 6, A>-D 9's M. 

To the Lord in the skies 

Let our praises arise. 
For the night of the nations is o'er 

And His Angels have come 

From their glorious home. 
As they came to the ancients before. 

They are singing again 
Of the Savior of men, 


And His kingdom of gloiy above ; 
While His spirit descends 
To the bosom, and blends 

With the heart in the fuhiess of love. 

3 Clothed in raiment of white, 
Shall the nations unite, 

On the Lord in his temple to call ; 
While the winter of creeds 
From the summer recedes, 

And the captive is loosed fropa his thrall. 

4 In the truths of the Word 
Shall the faith of the Lord 

Be sounded through Nature abroad ; 
And the Angels go forth 
Till they hallow the earth 

With the love and the wisdom of God. 


L. M. 

1 ITiy Word, God ! shall sparkle yet 
Upon the forehead of the world ; 
And all its truths like stars be set 

Where now the storms of wrath are whirled. 


With olives on her peaceful brow. 
And palms and lilies in her hand, 

Thy Church, O Lord ! appeareth now, 
And scatters light from land to land. 

Communing at the festal board, 

Returning Saints and Angels shine ; 
And, in the goblets of the Word, 

Life's daily draught is turned to wine. 
We see the light of holier spheres. 

When outward earth is dark and dim ; 
And Christ within the heart appears, 

And bids us rise and follow Him. 

Our Savior hastens from above ; 

In every heart He comes to dwell ; 
We hear within His voic^ of love, 

As ocean whispers in the shell. 
Like a great organ's mighty blast, — - 

A soul in every burning key, — 
To God shall praise arise at last, 

In His Divine Humanitv. 


7's M. 

1 Earth shall melt with fervent heat; 
Heaven shall vanish like a scroll ; 


God shall from His judgment seat 
Speak the doom of every soul. 

2 So the ancient Scripture saith ; 

We its inner truth divine ; 
Thi^ough its pictured form of death 
We behold the spirit shine. 

3 Earth shall its Deliverer see; 

Christ shall in the heart appear; 
Night and Age and Winter flee ; 

Morn and Youth and Spring draw near. 

4 Lo ! the second Heaven appears ! 

Lo ! the age of love unfurled ! 

'Tis the spring-tide of the spheres ; 

'Tis the morning of the world. 



1 It is not always night ! The Day 

All darkness from the earth shall roll. 
It is not always night ! The ray 

Of Truth Divine shall wake the soul. 


Beneath that clay dawn of the skies 
Earth, like a bu<5, its calyx part ; 

And Heaven be mirrored in the eyes ; 
And summer ripen in the heart. 

2 It is not always night I The earth, 

That slumbers like a winter tree, 
Shall blossom to its second birth 

Of love and peace and liberty. 
Ao-ain the tree of life shall bloom. 

That dropt its fruit in Eden old, 
And man emerge from sorrow's tomb 

To greet the long lost Age of Gold. 

3 It is not always night I The West 

Awakes beneath the morning star, 
And, like a happy bride, is drest 

To greet her bridegroom from afar. 
Hail to the d iwn I the Lord is ni^h ! 

He shines our waiting eyes to bless ; 
And Ano-els chant in Heaven on hio-h. 

'' Behold the Sun of Eiorhteousness !" 


6 L. L. M. 

1 He dies ! The great Redeemer <lies! 

While Nature darkens round the cross ; 

36 HYMNS ©F 

Behold the Eternal Father rise 

And bear the outward grieve its loss. 
Earth shudders at the piercing cry 
Of "Eloi Sabacthani." 

2. Descend once more, Almighty Friend I 
With all thy Angels from above : 

With thought and will and action blend 
The flame of truth, the fire of love. 

Hear from the world the anguish-cry 

Of *' Eloi Sabacthani." 

3 Unto Thy living temples come, 

While earth beholds Thy Church arise, 

In every heart, in every home, 
And man returns to Paradise. 

Till then our hearts repeat the cry 

Of '^ Eloi Sabacthani." 



Above the temple's lifted spire 
The cross of Christ we see : 

It bids our spirits, Lord ! aspire 
Through faith and love to Thee. 


The flowers that blossom at its feet, 

They tell us of the jnst, 
Whose souls in Heaven are pure and sweet, 

Though here their forms are dust. 

The graves below in shadow lie. 

While dav or nio-ht declines ; 

" . . Li 

The cross of Christ uplifted high, 

In light forever shines : 
Sublime it stands with steadfast ray, 

Above our earthly jars. 
Gemmed with the kingly beams of day, 

Or crowned with all the stars. 

Help us, Lord I in grief and loss, 

With vision fixed above. 
To see, o'er that memorial cross. 

The Angel of Thy love. 
Help us to suffer and forgive 

Beneath Thy pitying eye ; 
In Thee to glory while we live. 

And triumph when we die. 


C. M. 

1 Upon Judea's midnight plains 
The shepherds watched of old; 


When lo ! from Heaven, seraphic strains 
Of joy and triumph rolled. 

2 "' Now dawns the blissful advent morn,"' 

With loving voice they sing, 
'* To-day, to all mankind, is born 
A Savior and a King." 

3 Still, still 'tis ours the hymn to hear 

That swept o'er Israel's plain. 
Loud swells the anthem ; — sphere to sphere 
In joy repeats the strain. 

4 Where'er Thy Spirit, Lord ! is shrined, 

The inward Christ is born ; 
The Angel-strains in heart and mind 
Proclaim the alvent morn. 


L. M. 

1 make my soul Thy Spirit's shrine ; 
Thy temple, Lord ! this heart of miuc 
There let me all Thy mercies prove, 
And know Thy Word, and feel Thy love. 

2 With Christ in heart and life confest, 
My soul shall dwell with Angels blest; 
And when the languid pulses fly, 

I shall not die, but seem to die. 


3 Then, rising from this world of wo, 
I shall bat to my Savior go ; 
Eternity with Him to spend, 
Where holy pleasures never end. 


L. M. 

1 When Christ through faith and love descends, 

To make the heart His own abode, 
With all our human nature blends 
The steadfast light and peace of God. 

2 The joyful hours I how swift they run. 

When we have felt our sins forgiven ; 
'Tis then, through Christ, our hearts are one 
With all His fold in earth and Heaven. 

3 Then we can face the world's rebuke. 

The storm, the strife, the Martyr's grave, 
Thrilled by the same transporting look 
He once to dying Stephen gave. 


11 -S M. 

1 The Lord is my blessing, my comfort and guide ; 
He leads me the waters of Heaven beside. 


I bathe in the fountains of mercy and love, 
And peace in my bosom abides like the dove. 

2 O sweet 'tis to rise from dim Nature's control, 
To dwell in the beautiful clime of the soul ; 
The homes of the Angels transported to see, 
And meet the departed from sorrow set free. 

3 God's love like a rainbow of glory appears, 
And circles the stars with a vesture of spheres ; 
And bright from the bosom, His temple divine. 
The truths and affections of Deity shine. 

4 With love in the soul, the glad harmony flows 
Like light from the day-spring, or sweets from 

the rose. 
From glory to glory each bright one ascends. 
And spirit with spirit in ecstacy blends. 

5 They taste not, who only the outward have 

The blessings in store for the loving alone; 
When, free from its fetters, the spirit shall 

To join the redeemed in the home of the skies. 



L. M. 

In vain the name of Christ we bear 
Unless the heart of Christ we share. 
Through faith and charity alone 
Is Christ received, and felt, and known. 

In vain the name of Christ we bear 
Unless the faith of Christ we share. 
Not words alone, but deeds shall prove 

The living faith that works by love. 

In vain the name of Christ wo bear. 
Unless the cross of Christ we share. 
The path that leads us to the skies 
Demands love's perfect sacrifice. 

In vain the name of Christ we bear 
Unless the love of Christ we share ; 
That love that bids the dying live, 
And whispers on the cross, '' Forgive." 


7'S M. 

1 Angel, tell us of the Word ; 

Came it forth from God or man ? 
" Christian, it was with the Lord 
Ere the earth or skies began.'' 


Angel, do its glories shine 
In the worlds of space afar ? 

*' Christian, lo ! its truths divine 
Speed in light from star to star/' 

2 Angel, is the Word alone 

Loved beneath these outward skies ? 
"Christian, round Iinmanuel's throne 

Seraphs in its truth are wise." 
Angel, tell us will its page 

In the future e'er be furled ? 
"Christian, lo! from age to age 

'Twill with noonday fill the world.^' 

3 Angel, tell us of the Word ; 

Thou its inner heart dost see ? 
"Christian, it makes known the Lord 

In Divine Humanity. 
Christian, 'tis a lamp of gold, 

Held in God the Savior's hand, 
Shining o'er Ilis earthly fold, 

Guiding: to His inmost land." 



L. M. 

1 Help us, our Father, still to prove 
Thy promised grace, Thy perfect love ; 
In us Thy soul's desire fulfill ; 
Make us the workers of Thy will. 

2 No outward blessing can supply 
The Spirit's loss, for then we die ; 
No outward grief a fear can give 
While Thou in heart and mind dost live. 

3 Fain would we think Thy thought divine, 
And have no other will but Thine. 

Our hearts, O Lord ! from self set free ; 
Give us love's perfect liberty. 

4 With Thee in every thought, how sweet 
It is our Angel-friends to meet ; 

With them to feel for human woe. 
And wipe the tear-drops ere they flow. 

5 With Thee within, how sweet to find 
Our constant guide. Thy perfect mind; 
While deeds of purest love declarci 
Thy Holy Spirit's presence there. 



L. M. 

1 The stars have lit their golden lights 
Upon the heavenly mountain hights ; 

From east to west their flames arise ; 
An arcli of glory spans the skies. 

2 Beneath that bright triumphal arch 
Our souls, O Lord, exulting march ; 
And cheered by visions wise and grand, 
They seek in faith the better land. 

3 Fling wide, O Lord! Thy temple doors; 
The stars may break on glory's shores; 
Their drops may seek the spirit sea, 
But we would find our life in Thee. 

4 Eternal Life! to own Thy name, 
While new-born suns and systems flame. 
Eternal Life ! in Thee to rise, 

"When every star forgets the skies. 


C. M. 

Night prays with rosary of stars ; 

The Heavens and earth are still; 
And Prayer the Eden-world unbars 

To men of lovino- will. 


2 \Ye leave the city's shady streets. 

And seek the home of prayer ; 
And there the soul its Father meets ; 
And Ano;els lead us there. 

3 Before the evening lamps were lit 

The loving x\ngels came, 
With lis to seek the Infinite, 

And own the Savior's name. 

4 Still, as we worship, they adore ; 

In silent grace they stand ; 
And still our spirits they implore 
To seek the Happy Land. 



The morning bells of Paradise 

Chime in our hearts to-night ; 
We hear the voices of the skies, 

The melodies of light. 
And still, while even in o- fades awav, 

Those golden bells ring on, 
And bid the spirit watch and pray. 

With solemn orison. 


2 "We see the white cathedral spires, 

TJp-built in Heaven above ; 
We hear the saintly Angel choirs 

Chant matin hymns of love. 
'Tis sunrise in the Morning Land, 

And with interior sight, 
We see the white-robed spirit-band — 

At evening there is light. 

3 Above the fading sunset gold 

Celestial spheres out-shine ; 
Come, Holy Spirit, come and fold 

Our longing souls in Thine : 
With kindled heart, and quickened mind 

The Angel world we see ; 
But oh ! our spirits only find 

Eternal life in Thee. 


C. M. 

The Sunrise Angel draws the vail 
That hid the Heavens from sight ; 

The armies of the skies prevail, 
For God speeds on the Eight. 


2 Earth hears the mighty voice of God, 

And from its night up- springs ; 

And Love and "Wisdom fly abroad 

With mornino' on their wino's. 

3 The fetters break ; the shackles fall ; 

The bars of death are riven : 
Sweet Hope and Mercy comfort all, 
And earth communes with Heaven. 

4 Then let us o-reet the Ano-el throno's, 

And own their Lord's control ; 
And celebrate, with holy songs. 
The Sabbath of the soul. 


L. M. 

1 The Ano^els of the Ao-e of Gold 
Encamp by night around our fold. 
And cast their crowns of shining day 
Before the Savior when we pray. 

2 Their hearts, like bridal bells, are sweet; 
The songs of peace are in their feet ; 
Their souls, like groves of living bloom, 
Diffuse abroad a sweet perfume. 


3 Calm, silent, beautiful and free. 
Too pure for mortal eyes to see, 
They gather where we now adore, 
In the great faith they held before. 

4 Their eyes like stars upon us gleam ; 
Like golden lilies in a stream 

They pour their fragrant thoughts abroad, 
And bid us love and worship God. 


6 L. L. M. 

Through midnight ages dark and lone, 
Oppression trium})hs o'er the free ; 

They set the watch, they roll the stone 
Upon the grave of Liberty. 

When, lol the Angels burst the gloom, 

And Freedom rises from the tomb. 

Robed in the sable vail of fear, 
The mourners haste at early day; 

But Angels from the brighter sphere, 
Disperse their gloomy cares away. 

"Rejoice, O Earth, rejoice !" they cry, 

*'For Freedom livis, no more to die.'' 


3 Christ, our Savior ! Thou who art 
The Lord and Ruler of the free ; 
Reveal to every human heart 

The freedom that is found in Thee. 
So shall the world's last tyrant fall, 
And love and lio-ht be all in all. 


L. M. 

1 This common earth, by mortals trod, 
Is hallowed by the Present God ; 
And still great Heaven is all unfurled 
In light and beauty o'er the w^orld. 

2 Look up, Man ! behold the same 
Celestial throngs of old who came. 
For thee descend the spirit host; 
Thine all the tongues of Pentecost. 

3 Let worldings toil for golden ore ; 
Do thou tlie Angel Heaven explore. 
Thy heart shall then seraphic sing, 

And dwell for aye with morn and spring. 


4 While others see but chance and change, 
Thy soul thro' heavenly worlds shall range, 
And there discern, with spirit sense, 

The heart of God's great Providence. 

5 The lonely chamber of thy rest 

Shall beaui with many an Angel guest ; 
And Nature lay her tribute sweet 
Of health and beauty at thy feet. 


L. M. 

1 Bathed in the Holy Spirit's wave, 

To sin our hearts would find a grave ; 
Then rising through the flood would see 
The path, O Lord ! that leads to Thee. 

2 Baptize our hearts in love anew, 
And shed Thy Spirit's holy dew; 
Till we like crystal lilies bloom 

In the still wave beyond the tomb. 

3 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
We sing with all the Angel host ; 
And all the God-head, Lor. I, we see 
In Thy Divine Humanity. 



6'S A>-D 5'S M. 


1 x\iigels are smiling now 

On the believer; 
Christ hears her bosom vow, 
Stands to receive her. 

2 Hear ye the holy song; 

'' Sins are forgiven ; 
Join the immortal throng, 
Daughter of Heaven I" 

S Soon shall a brighter wave 
Flow o'er her spirit, 
Crossing the joyful grave, 
Life to inherit. 

4 Clothed then in shining grace, 
Past the dark river ; 
Christ shall His child embrace, — 
Own her forever. 


1 To the baptismal wave 
Welcome another ; 
Christ calls thee from the grave, 
Rise, rise, our brother! 


2 Dark were the foes that fought. 

Strong to deliver, 
Christ hath redemption brought, 
Praise Him forever. 

3 Where Angels stand in white, 

Martyrs behold thee ; 

Garments of joy and light 

Now shall enfold thee. 

4 Soldier of Christ be strong, 

Through life's bright portals 
Pass, w^ith a triumph song, 
To the Immortals. 


C. M. 

1 This bud of love's conjugial tree 

Of deathless life possessed ; 
Lord of Life ! we give to Thee, 
To bloom upon Thy breast. 

2 This lamb of Eden's nuptial fold, — 

Great Shepherd 'tis thine own ; 
In love its infant form behold, 
And guide it to Thy throne. 


3 Thou who didst once to earth descend 

Through childhood's form divine ; 
With all its human nature blend 
That better life of thine. 

4 Unto its infant mind impart, 

The wisdom of Thy Word ; 
And mold and fashion all its heart 
In likeness of the Lord. 


L. M. 

1 This is the marriage feast, and here 

The bridegroom seeks his willing bride ; 
Christ within our midst appear, 
And evermore with us abide. 

2 If Thou art absent when we meet, 

Oar marriage robe becomes a pall ; 
If Thou art here, in union sweet. 
We blend, and Thou art all in all. 

3 In vain we bring the wine and bread, 

Unless the great Redeemer stands, 
With truth divine the feast to spread, 
And press the clusters in his hands. 


4 Hear us, our Savior ! while we pray, 

And fill with light each bosom sliriue, 
And feed our waiting hearts to-day 
With faith and charity divine. 



1 To Christ the Lord we come to day, 

As to our inmost friend ; 
And while in union sweet we pray, 

Celestial hosts attend. 
And while we break the symbol brea(. 

And taste the holy wine, 
Our souls and theirs alike are fed 

With truth and love divine. 

2 Till we Thy AVord, Lord ! believe, 

In vain our prayers are said ; — 
Till we as one Thy will receive, 

We slumber with the dead. 
Till we as one Thy spirit own. 

And in Thy love agree, 
We are but withered blossoms blown 

From an uprooted tree. 


Our new-born hearts, like infan:s. Lord I 

Are frail and feeble still ; 
give us light in all Thy Word, 

To read Thy holy will. 
Give us Thy holy will to do. 

Till we as one arise — 
Our sweet communion to renew 

And serve Thee in the skies. 


12-s M. 

1 Hail to the Bride, she is haloed in splendor, 
And Graces and Loves like sweet Angels attend 

Her heart is an Eden, and in its bright palace. 
Love poureth the wine of the skies from his 


2 Daughter of Beauty I remember, remember, 
The May-bloom of youth withers down in 

December ; 
To the Lord, through thy bridegroom, thy 

vows must be plighted, 
Then thou shalt in beauty bloom ever un- 



3 Daughter of Morning I the Angels have 

crowned thee ; 
And Hymen with garlands of roses hath bound 

thee ; 
The truth and the good in thy chosen one 

That wisdom may bloom, and that error may 


4 We hail thee ! we hail thee ! beloved of Angels ! 
Go forth in the faith of the holy evangels ; 

Till bridegroom and bride blend in single per- 
United in love throuo'h the Savior's affection. 



1 Behold ! behold ! the Bridegroom stands, 

Arrayed in nuptial, truth ; 
And Heaven hath sent conjugial bands 

In golden Angel youth. 
For marriage is the inmost tie 

That lov^e and wisdom binds ; 
And [)ure affection reigns on high 

In blended hearts and minds. 


2 Blest Lord, who didst on earth of old 

The water turn to wine, 
Our hearts like golden cups w^e hold 

For joy and peaOe divine. 
Pour through our spirits now w^e pray 

Thy Holy Spirit's tide ; 
In living union blend alvvay, 

The bridegroom and the bride. 

3 make his mind a starry sky, 

Illumined still by Thee ; 
And in his heart, no more to die. 

Plant Eden's flowering tree. 
And through his happy bride descend, 

In more than Angel love, 
Till hfe's dim twilight here shall end 

In heavenly dawn above. 


p. M. 

1 They have found the links of the golden chain, 
That binds the world to the skies again ; 
They have found the germ of the tender vine 
That ripens its fruit in the life divine. 


2 They have found the dove in the lieartthat sings, 
x\nd soars to tlie sphere where morning springs. 
They have found the path to the pearly door 
That opes to the Angel world once more. 

3 They have found the treasure that lies enshrin'd 
In the Eden bowers of heart and mind. 

They have found the solace of want and care ; 
They have found the bread that the Angels share. 

4 They have pledged their vows to the Lord Most 

With the Nuptial Angels listening nigh. 
They are knit for aye in the willing chain, 
And it leadeth them home to their God ao;ain. 


7'S M. 

Angel youth and Angel maid 
'Neath the heavenly myrtle sliade. 
Where the red rose opes its leaves. 
Where its song the zephyr weaves. 
Tell us, tell us, two in one, 
Why the hours in music run. 


2 Listen, listen, to the strain ; 

Love in Heav^en hatli endless reign ; 
Blessed Angels dwell above. 
Blended in Conjugial love. 
Theirs to feel the Spirit Sun, 
Through the soul in music run. 

3 Angels dwell in nuptial state ; 
Every heart hath found its mate. 
There divine delight they find, 

In each changeful state enshrined. 
Truth and love, conjoined in one, 
Bid the hours in music run. 

4 Whom the Lord unites below 
Nuptial joys of Angels know. 
Heart and mind in love agree, 
Being flows in melody. 

Lord thou dost the twain make one ; 
Endless morninoj is beo-un. 


L. M. 

1 Language was man's first offspring, born 
In Eden on his natal morn. 
Speech is thouo-ht's out-birth wise and stnmg, 
And love's full beino: flows in song^. 


2 The mind aiul heart, the earth and sky, 
Are spoken words of Deity, 

And human language weaves its dress 
From GoiTs out-breathing loveliness. 

3 All nature chords in song divine ; 
The stars make music as they shine ; 
To Angels, holy, wise and free, 

All being is but melody. 

4 Profane not, man, with strife and curse, 
The music of the universe. 

But join, with accents pure and wise. 
The spirit worship of the skies. 


7'S M. 

1 Hast thou e'er, wnth quickened sense 
Felt a thought's omnipotence ? 
Thou hast found the powers that bind 
Spirits to Omniscient Mind. 

2 Spoken tlioughts of Deity 
Are the worlds of life we see. 
Heaven is but a lasting thought: 
Man a spirit- word out wrought. 


3 All the worlds shall pass away, 
But the Lorcrs creative ray 
Leno-thens oat the starrv chain, 
To return to Him again. 

4 Where the souls in glory stand, 
They obey His wise command. 
Bearing thoughts of God they go 
To the mind of man below. 

5 Wouldst thou find tl;e master key 
Of creation's harmony ? 

'Tis the thought of God inspires ; 
Offer Him thy pure desires. 

6 All thy soul from self unchain 

If thou wouldst His wisdom gain ; 

Love the bosom shall unbar 

To the thoughts, of God that are. 


C. M. 

1 Speak gently to the erring mind, 
Wield not oppressi<^n's rod. 
The still small voice of prayer we find 
Omnipotent with God. 


2 Beneath the smiles and tears of Spring 

The flowers in beauty start ; 
And love's inspiring voice shall bring 
An Eden to the heart. 

3 The heart that strives in patient love 

To break the captive's chain, 
Is fed by mercy from above, 
And never bleeds in vain. 

4 To lift the lowly from despair 

The Angels hasten down. 
And they Love's holy cross w^ho bear 
Shall win the Angel's crown. 

5 The Power that makes the spheres rejoice 

And bids the planets roll, 
Descends, in Mercy's pleading voice, 
To free the prisoned soul 

6 Go wherv-. the suffering brother dies, 

Ilis mind and heart to free. 
And lo ! the Shepherd of the skies 
Shall feed His lambs throuo;h thee. 



L. M. 

1 Clasped in the missal of the day 

Are the great deeds that heroes pray ; 
And ail who march in Duty's van 
Must meet the foes of God and man. 

2 The Hero Angels haste to dwell 
With all who bid their sins farewell ; 
And they are ^' men of destiny," 
Who give their souls mankind to free. 

3 Grasped like a sword, in God's right hand, 
Behold the deathless martyr-band I 

It falls, it falls, that living sword, 
On all who war against the Lord ! 

4 The great occasion never ends, 
While sorrow's cry to God ascends ; 
And Love transforms Life's rucrfred wav 
Into a new Thermopylae. 

5 Lo ! all who tread the upward patli 
O'ercome the alien spirits' wrath ; 
And they the waves of death who stem 
Shall find the Xew^ Jerusalem. 



L. M. 

1 In ev^ery human mind we see 
A temple made for Deity ; 

And righteous thoughts and acts declare 
His Holy Spirit's presence there. 

2 The living God whom Moses saw. 
Whose mind revealed the ancient Law, 
AYithin the reason and the will 
Makes known llis truth and mercy still. 

3 All that the Hebrew Prophets knew 
Through moral insight shone to view; 
Then nature dropped her vail to stand 
And teach, like Christ, at God's right hand. 

4 O'er all the past the mellow light 
Of Revelation gilds the night ; 

All creeds, like meteors, rise and fall ; 
Faith, Hope, and Love survive them all. 


11 'S M. 

1 I would not live alway — from self lot me die, 
My Savior the fountains of life shall supply; 
The cup of affliction in hope let me drain, 
That Christ in my bosom unrivaled may reign. 


2 I would not live alway — I ask but to go 
To uses above from my labors below. 
AYitb Christ in my bosom wherever I roam. 
My inmost shall dwell with my Savior at home. 

3 I would not live alway with sia in my heart. 
From sin let me dwell with my Savior apart. 
With Christ in my bosom as year follows year, 
His mercy and truth in my life shall appear. 

4 I would not live alway in seemings alone, 

But taste the delights to mv Lord that are known. 
The night of the self-hood my spirit would fi^i% 
With Christ in His kingdom of uses to be. 

5 I would not live alway — I triumph in this, 
That uses alone fill the chalice of bliss. 

With Christ in my bosom, through uses of love, 
I'll rise in His imao-e to o-lorv above. 


C. p. M. 

1 Of all the thoughts of God that are 
In music borne from spheres afar 

To livinor minds below, 
This one, with most inspiring strain, 
My being doth from self unchain. 
And free from every wo. 


2 'Tis not that I shall rise afar, 
By Angels led from star to star, 

Through Heaven's immortal years. 
'Tis not that [ shall breathe the balms 
Of rest beneath celestial palms, 

Where Angels hymn the spheres. 

3 It is that I shall be a shrine 

For God's own life of love divine, 

And, through my nature, flow 
That inward breathing bliss, that winds 
In holy thoughts to mortal minds, 
That grieve and pine below. 

4 It is that love shall time outlast ; 
It is that I when death is past, 

Shall still to mortals be, 
O Lord ! a messenger of love, 
A spirit-star that shines above, 

To lio'ht the soul to Thee. 


8'S AND 7'S M. 

I Full oft we wake from weary dreams 
Of want and wo and scorning. 
When thro' the window shine the beams 
Of sunrise in the morning. 


The dewy rose is fresh and sweet, 

The gay parterre adorning ; 
And meadow daisies press our feet 

At sunrise in tlie morning. 

2 Though outward life is dark with dreams 

Of want and care and scorning, 
Thank God I it ends with Angel beams 

Of sunrise in the morning. 
Love's dewy roses open sweet, 

The heavenly sphere adorning, 
And death shall stoop to kiss our feet 

At sunrise in the morning. 

3 Then let us wake from idle dreams, 

Xo child of sorrow scorning, 
To scatter far the blessed beams 

Of sunrise in the morninpr. 
Then heart and soul shall blossom sweet, 

The Heaven of Love adorning ; 
And we shall with the Savior meet 

At sunrise in the morning. 



7'S M. 

1 If thou wouldst like Jesus be, 

Shrine His image in the mind ; 
Seek the inward harmony 
Of a soul from sense refined. 

2 With a meek, heroic grace, 

Serving all thy fellow men ; 
His divinest pathway trace, 
For it leads to God again. 

3 If thy path be dark and drear, 

Love and labor, watch and pray ; 
All His Angels shall be near ; 
Darkness brighten to the day. 

4 If thou wouldst like Jesus be. 

Journey eastward to the sun, 
Pure in heart, in spirit free, 
Till eternal life is won. 


C. M. 

1 Within the pages of the Word 
As in celestial spheres. 
The glorious image of the Lord 
To His redeemed appears : 


Inscribed with truths of love divine, 

To faith's believing eyes, 
With never-fading light they shine 

To lead us to the skies. 

O sacred treasure I from of old 

In boundless mercy given, 
Thou dost within thy leaves enfold 

The three-fold truth of Heaven ! 
Though spirits from the gloomy deep 

Would rend thy scroll apart, 
Their strife is vain, for still we keep 

The Word within the heart. 


C. M. 

I Heart ! sad Heart ! with woes opprest, 
Why dost thou grieve and pine ; 
The world in beauty's robe is drest, 

And all its charms are thine I 
Deep from the bosom's hidden cell 

We hear the Heart's reply : 
'^ Oh ! break the world's alluring spell ; 
Bound in its thrall I die. 


2 "■ While Nature's wheels with fiery force 

Urge on the planet's race, 
The outward changes to a corse, 

Though clasped in love's embrace. 
The world that to the eye appears 

Is all a painted breath ; 
The shuttle of the flying years 

But weaves the robes of death." 

^ Heart ! sad Heart ! where wilt thou turn ? 

With weary flight we trace. 
Through suns and planets where they burn, 

The cold, fixed laws of space. 
The rosebud hath no second spring, 

The worm dies in the sod — 
How canst thou hope with feeble wing 

To find the home of God ? 

4 sacred Heart ! we hear thee speak 

Within thy bosom cell : 
" God cometh where the pure and meek, 

The just and lowly dwell. 
The outward finds no second spring, 

It crumbles 'neath the sod ; 
But for the Heart death hath no sting, 

When made the home of God." 



L. M. 

1 Jesus, our Lord I when troubles roll 
And spheres of night bedim the soul. 
Thy form divine by faith we see. 
And for deliverance call to Thee. 

2 Speak, Lord I and in our souls the might 
Of love shall burst the bars of night. 
From self and all its follies free, 

Our hearts shall find their life in Th^e. 

3 How blest to live and feel Thy love, 
A Quickening Spirit from above ; 
To stem the waves of sorrow's sea 
Inspired and solaced, Lord ! by Thee. 

4 How sweet to find Thy promised grace, 
While swift we run the upward race ; 
And conquerors at last to be 

O'er sin and death, redeemed by Thee. 


C, M. 

1 As day by day the selfhood dies 
And earthly thoughts remove, 
A nobler life the Lord supplies, 
A SDirit all of love. 


2 So, when the artist from his day 

Removes the earthly mold, 
The form whose dust is blown away 
Receives the livinsf o*old. 

3 What joys the glorious hour attend 

When Christ is formed within : 
This is Regeneration's end ; 
The vanishing of sin. 

4 Then all our inward woes are o'er, 

The days of combat cease ; 
And we enjoy, for evermore. 
The Sabbath-rest of peace. 


8'S AND 6'S M. 

1 Heaven is the soul that God inspires; 
Where holy thoughts and pure desires 

Like beauteous Angels dwell. 
The maddened mind, the tortured breast. 
By sensual, selfish lusts possest. 

Is life's interior hell. 


To one the holy Angels throng, 
And chant their sweet unending song 
In faith's adorino- mind. 


But souls devoid of love appear 
Swept by the frozen seas of fear 
And passion's blasting wind. 

Yet God is love and mercy still ; 
The throes of pain obey His will 

And His behests perform. 
He stills the tempests when they blow, 
And, with His love's refulgent bow, 

He gilds the passing storm. 

The bruised reed He will not break ; 
His Mercy's beams the dead aw^ake ; 

Man loves and is forgiven ; 
And, by His Holy Spirit's breath. 
The heart renewed from sin and death, 

Unfolds the form of Heaven, 


L. M. 

1 They who the starving poor have fed, 
To Christ have given needful bread ; 
Throuo;h human wants and woes and needs, 
With thousand tongues the Savior pleads. 


2 No fiction tliis, but truth divine ; 
The soul is God's eternal shrine ; 
He stands within the bosom door, 
And feels the hunger of the poor. 

3 Why should the proud disown, disdain 
The outcast in her bitter pain, 
When Christ the pure and undefiled, 
Home to His bosom takes His child ? 

4 There is no faith where love is dead ; 
In vain the formal prayers are said ; 

** They who the poor unheedful see," 
Our Master saith, " abandon me.'' 


L. M. 

1 Hard w^as the rock of Horeb's mount 

Till smitten by the prophet's rod ; 

Then flowed the cool delicious fount, — 

]3right symbol of the truth of God. 

2 Smite, Lord! with words of power sublime. 

The stony heart of man once more; 
Till, through the desert sands of time, 
The living streams of mercy pour. 


3 Dark rolled the waves of Jordan's flood, 

Till at the brink the ark was seen ; 
Then like a wall of glass they stood, 
While joyful Israel crossed between. 

4 Dwell Thou within our souls, Lord I 

Then death's cold sea, by mercy riven. 
Shall part its waters at Thy word, 

That ^Ye may journey home to Heaven. 


S. M. 

1 Prayer is the heart's desire ; 

Prayer is the spirit's cry ; 
The thought that leaps in living fire 
When God is passing by. 

2 Prayer is the lifted sword 

That smites the tempter down ; 
In prayer we rise to meet the Lord, 
And win the victor's crown. 

3 Prayer is the burning tree, 

And God within it stands ; 
Through prayer, O Lord ! we come to Thee, 
And clasp our Savior's hands. 


4 Prayer is the holy shrine 

Where Angels with us meet ; 
The path that leads through reahiis divine. 
And ends at Jesus' feet. 

5 Prayer is our flame by night, 

Our moving cloud by day ; 
And Angels hold us in their sight, 
And guide us while we pray. 

6 Prayer is the trump that wakes 

The heart from sin's embrace. 
Through prayer celestial morning breaks 
From our Redeemer's face. 

Y Prayer is the rod that parts 

The waves of death's dark sea : 
The nuptial song of wedded hearts 
United, Lord ! to Thee. 


8'S AND 7'S M. 

1 Lord of Life ! to Heaven ascended, 
Hear us in Thy church below ; 
O'er the storm of sorrows ended, 

Bend Thy love's bright promise-bow. 


2 Dark the seas of tribulatioD 

Round our ark of safety roar ; 

Christ 1 Thou monarch of creation, 

We Thy saving help implore. 

3 Frail is man. the fitful taper 

Is life's mortal emblem now, 
Shining through the midnight vapor, 
On a flying vessel's prow. 

4 Help us. Lord ! ere quenched we darken ; 

To our prayer Thine ear incline. 
Christ, thou God of Mercy I harken — 
Light our spirit's lamp from Thine. 


IPs .OD 10"S M. 

1 Life is a wakening into spheres elysian ; 
A spirit-sunrise, full of light and love; 
The mind's enthronement and the heart's 
fruition ; 
The victory march through Angel-heavens 


2 Life is the inward spirit's resurrection 

From the sepulchral tenement of fear ; 
The joy, the peace, the beautiful perfection 
Of souls in whom God's attributes appear. 

3 Life is an anthem of accordant voices. 

Chanted throughout eternity's domain ; 
The psalm wherein the universe rejoices. 
While sun to sun repeats the long refrain. 

4 Life is the calm, sweet rapture of a spirit. 

Whose form and faculties in God began ; 
Who doth the universal Heaven inherit, 
In perfect harmony with God and man. 


C. M. 

1 Life is the hour that lies between 

Earth and the heavenly spheres; 
And merges, like some tranquil dream, 
Of lov^e's immortal years. 

2 Life is the kindling of a star, 

In heavenly skies to shine, 
Where sin, nor strife, nor sorrow mar 
The harmonies divine. 


3 Life is the blooming of a flower, 

Whose blossom shall impart 
A fragrance to Love's Eden bower, 
A joy to God's own heart. 

4 Life is a strain of sacred love 

The inmost spirit sings ; 
Then rises to the spheres above, 
AYhile Heaven with gladness rings. 

5 Life is a hymn of holy thought, 

From God's paternal mind ; 
A soul into his imao'e wrouo:ht 
And in his truth enshrined. 

6 Life is, to be a beauteous part 

Of Xature's perfect whole ; 
To dwell in fellowship of heart 
AYith the Creative Soul. 


C. M. 

1 The spirit of the humblest child 
From highest Heaven came dowi 
A form of essence undefiled, 
A star in God's own crown. 


2 And, wLilc we clasp it in our arms, 

With purer eyes than we, 
In heart and mind a thousand charms 
Its Guardian Angels see. 

3 Lo ! througji the crystal of its eyes 

The inward Heavens outshine ; 
And e'en the outward's frail disguise, 
O Lord of Heaven ! is Thine. 

4 Give us, Lord ! we humbly pray, 

Through every child to see 

Thy forming Spirit's living ray, 

And there to worship Thee. 


L. M. 

1 The stars are sparks of burning sand ; 

They fall, with measured sound sublime. 
From the great hour-glass in God's hand, 
And mete the flying years of time. 

2 We watch them from our earthly ball; 

We hear their faint, mysterious hymn ; 
From east to west we see them fall 
Beyond the blue horizon's rim. 


3 burnitio; liour-^rlass of the skies I 

sparks from glory's central sun I 
Oar spirits, while ye fall, arise, 
In Love's eternal path to run. 

4 From God ye roll in measm*ed flight ; 

Yom- glory fails beneath His feet. 
To God we tend from light to light, 
And all who love in Him shall meet. 


L. M. 

1 The new creation comes again 

To hill and vale, to brake and fen ; 

The buddino' leaves and flowers come forth, 

To make a paradise of earth. 

2 A softer glory fills the sky ; 

A balmier breeze is gliding by ; 
The choral birds in rapture sing : — 
*' It is the spring — it is the spring." 

3 Teach us, our Savior, still to see 
In budding leaf and blooming tree, 
In joy below, and bliss above, 

The constant w^orkino-s of Tliv love. 


4 Thou, Savior, hast the blossom- sown ; 
The joy of nature is Thine own : 
Thy breath perfnnies the fragrant air ; 
All living things Thy love declare. 

5 All outward beauties, here unfurled. 
Are outbirths of that inner world ; 
Where Heaven in glory all complete, 
Adores forever at Thy feet. 


L. M. 

1 Deny thyself if thou would st gain 
The upper world where Angels reign. 
They walk alone with Christ above, 
Who conquer self by perfect love. 

2 They are the victors, they alone, 
Who roll away love's burial stone. 
And, from the cross where self expires, 
Unfold the life that Heaven inspires. 

3 They live to God who live to win 
The erring heart from strife and sin, 
Whose words and works of love oxpiess 
The Savior's loving tenderness. 


4 Deny thyself if thou woiiklst gain 
The upper world where Angels reign ; 
They walk alone with Christ above 
Who conquer self through perfect love. 


S. M. 

1 There's not a sparrow falls, 

O Lord ! but from Thy hand. 
There's not a soul on Thee that calls 
Bat shall in glory stand. 

2 \Yhile niind^, to folly wed, 

Thy works of grace disown. 
Thou dost invite the faithful dead 
To joys by Angels known. 

3 From all below the spau 

Of Heaven, let praise ascend. 

Our life, Lord ! in Thee be< ; 

To Thee our love should tend. 

4 -Firm as Heaven's pillared aisles. 

Thy Providence we see. 
E'en sorrow like an Angel smiles. 
To liofht our souls to Thee. 

' 84 HYMNS OF 



1 O they are wrong who fondly dream, 

A form of words can save alone ; 
Tis like that petrifying stream 

That turns the living rose to stone. 
In vain we pluck the marble flowers, 

In vain we press them to the heart ; 
They lure no love-birds to the bowers, 

No sweets their icy leaves impart. 

2 And Science, with her golden key, 

May open wide creation's door, 
And bid the past eternity 

For us great memory's gulf explore. 
We drink the wine her hands have prest, 

But, ah ! the icy draught we drain 
Congeals the life-blood in the breast. 

And thought consumes our days in vain. 

3 But. see ! before life's bosom gates, 

From faith's effulgent realm above, 
A beauteous Angel meekly waits, 

And Reason owns the virgin Love I 
Thought feels her sway ; with magic art 

She rolls the stone from wisdom's tomb ; 
Creates a Heaven in mind and heart. 

And bids the world like Eden bloom. 



L. M. 

1 The lovely rainbow comes and goes ; 
Spring blossoms like an annual rose ; 
Through all its changes, Lord! we see 
Thy earth returning home to Thee. 

2 All things attest Thy saving grace ; 
Thy Church shall train a nobler race, 
To bear Thy truth from pole to pole. 
And loose the chains from every soul. 

3 Help us, Lord I from day to day 
To love and labor as we pray ; 
Until Thy holy will is done 

By all who dwell beneath the sun. 



1 Though roses round the festive bowl 

In frao^rant o-arlands cling; 
Beware, for poison to the soul 

The sparkling draught may bring. 
Thy fair and young, the blithe a^id gay. 

Have found within its wave, 
The bosom's blight, the heart's decay, 

The scaffold and the grave. 


2 With fevered lips and lurid eyes 

The ghastly victhns tread, 
Where Mercy weeps and Virtue iiies, 

And Faith and Love are dead. 
Though Beauty's hand the cup prepare, 

But look its depths within ; 
The drunkard's doom is mirrored there — 

The stormy fate of sin. 

3 Where Health, the Angel, sits and sings, 

Beneath her Iris bow, 
She draws from limpid water springs, 

The draught thy lips should know. 
Then spurn the death-cup's fatal gleaujs, 

And choose, with sages wise, 
The vintage of the crystal streams. 

The dew of Paradise. 


L. M. 

1 With silver feet the rivers tread, 

Through green savannas wide and free, 
With crystal from the mountains fed. 
And marchinoc on to meet the sea. 



2 So through the fields of use below, 

Fed by the Spirit and the Word, 

Our souls in Duty's path would go, 

To blend in union with the Lord. 

3 With swift delight and willing haste 

We journey, Lord ! with Thee to dwell ; 
And find upon the burning waste 
Samaria's palm and Jacob's well. 

4 Thy voice is in the morning light ; 

Thy glory guides us from above ; 
And, in the cloudy tents of nio-ht, 
We find the Angel of Thy love. 

5 Our raiment only wears away, 

Soon shall we lay its remnants down ; 
And wake, attired in realms of day, 
With Ano^el-robe and victor's crown. 


C. M. 

The outward orbs of sight conceal 

The soul's immortal eyes ; 
The first the earth and stars reveal — 

The last the spirit-skies. 


2 To one tlio orbs of Nature's heaven, 

In silent beauty roll ; 
But to the inward sight are given, 
The Empires of the Soul. 

3 To one Creation's outward dress, 

A fading show^ appears ; 
The last reveals the loveliness 
Of Angels in their spheres. 

4 Invisible to outward sight, 

The dear departed stand, 
Attired in robes of shining light — 
A calm and radiant band. 

5 To outward vision all unknown. 

The wheels of being run. 
The Heavens unroll their glittering zone, 
And shines the Spirit Sun. 

6 Pent in the narrow cell of time, 

Our silent hearts are led. 
Unconscious of their life sublime, 
Down to the silent dead. 

7 Faith sings tliat risen souls are near, 

But few believe the tale ; 
And misery sheds the bitter tear 
In sorrow's oloomv vale. 


8 And Reason pleads for life anew, 

Beyond this fleeting breath ; 
But Doubt sees nought but darkness thro' 
The sunken eyes of death. 

9 Sweet fields, adorned wi:h living green, 

To young Belief are known ; 
But Heaven is all a baseless dream 
For Folly's heart of stone. 

10 In vain the ancient prophets plead, 

Or chant their solemn strain ; 
And mortals vit^w the Savior bleed 
Upon the cross in vain. 

11 Thou, Lord I thro' ages art the same, — 

The Prophet's God and ours ; 
Thine is the mind's undvinor flame, — 
The soul's immortal powers. 

12 Thou dost the darkness roll away ; 

The earth was wrapt in gloom — 
But now, our eyes the world survey 
That shines beyond the tomb. 

13 The inward sight Thou dost uuvail, 

The proof to man is given. 
That, when the powers of nature fail, 
The soul may rise to Heaven, 



L. M. 

1 When o^er the languid bosom flows 
The silence of the last repose, 

We feel the Lord's reviving breath, 
And gently bid farewell to death. 

2 When storms of mortal anguish roll, 
A peaceful morning fills the soul ; 
When, fixed in death, the eyes expand, 
The spirit sees the Better Land. 

8 With prayers, to sweetest music wed, 
Surround the beauteous dying bed ; 
A sweeter song from Heaven shall blend, 
x\nd, ah ! that song shall never end. 

4 Hush every thought of mortal care ; 
Break not the hallowed quiet there. 
What hand unbinds the mortal cord ? 
It is the Lord ! it is the Lord ! 

5 In Him we live, to 11 im return ; 

Our hearts, to greet His coming, burn ; 
His mercies all our days attend ; 
We meet Him at our journey's end. 



p. M. 

Age I tby silver crown 

Into the dast drops down. 
O Death I thy sunset shadows close the eyes. 

Earth's weary winter ends ; 

The -withered leaf descends ; 
The winged seed is wafted to the skies. 

What glorious visions ope, 

Beyond the cloudy cope 
Of pent Mortality's contracted span ? 

O Death where is thy sting ? 

Xow blooms the second spring, 
And youth and love renew the aged man. 

How sweet again to find 

The morning of the mind. 
Free from the perishable dus'.'s control; 

Midnight for morn to change, 

And, swift as thought, to range 
The great and free RepublifS of the soul I 

Give to the dust its own , — 

Glad Soul ascend thy throne; 
In triumph rise, the onward march is given. 

From sphere to sphere ascend ; 

Thy bliss shall never end, 
For thine is life, love, harmony and heaven. 




1 '' Thou liest low, dear mother ! 

Thou canst not smile again. 
In vain our grief we smother ; 

Suppress our tears in vain. 
'Tis cold where thou art sleeping 

In dark sepulchral rest ; 
But colder thoughts are keeping 

Their watches in the breast." 

2 'Tis thus the outward weeper 

Deplores the mother dead. 
A clearer faith and deeper 

On us to-day is shed. 
Thou art not, mother, sleeping 

In silence dark and drear ; 
Thy Angel-watch thou 'rt keeping 

Above thy children here. 

3 Though round the dust in sorrow 

We kneel, a stricken band, 
Our hearts a comfort borrow 

From Love's diviner land. 
We lay the form that perished 

In peace beneath the sod ; 
The mother that we cherished 

Shall lead us home to Go^l. 



L. M. 

1 Sweet is tlie hour when spirits rise, 

Of Heaven's untroubled peace possest. 
What glorv lights the inward eyes ? 

What rapture thrills the inward bivast ; 

2 Breathe softly round the dying bed ; 

A spirit-sound is on the air — 
Angels, with music in their tread, 

Move gently with the mourners there. 

3 Soft are the spirit- hands that still 

The pulses of the suffering clay, 

And sweet the ho!y airs that thrill 

The soul, in rapture borne away. 

4 blessed life of love and trust ! 

peaceful world beyond the tomb ! 
Above the narrow house of dust 
We see thy milk-white lilies bloom. 

5 Heaven's shining gates are all ajar ; 

The chariot-wheels of glory move ; 
Loud swells the triumph from afar, 
And Wisdom claims its radiant Love. 



r. M. 

1 Stoop calm o'er the bed where in silence he 

slumbers ; 
Withdraw the last vail from the vision away; 
Soft, soft, as the spice-wand, with fairy-like 
Unwind the last vesture that clings to the 

2 Now bear him above from the vision of mortals ; 

And sAveet, and more sweet, let your antliem 
arise : 
'• Wake, loved one, awake ! with thy kindred Im- 

From slumbers of sorrow awake to the skies.'^ 

3 Enrobe him, enrobe him, in vestures of morning, 

Whose touch shall with gladness the bosom 
inspire ; 
Now lead him on high in a Bridegroom's adorn- 

Sing welcomes before him with timbrel and 

4 Dark, dark, was the night of mortality's anguish. 

And lonely the path that in virtue he trod ; 

No more shall he hunger and sorrow and languish, 

But rest in the home of the Ano-els of (iod. 




1 At mi'lnight, to a maiden's bed, 

The Morninor Ano:el came, 
And crowned with light her beauteous 

And clothed her form with flam^'. 
Her kindred came in shining state, 

And led her by the hand, 
Afar, through Mercy's golden gate. 

Into the Sunrise Land. 

2 With all the holy dead, who rest 

Within the Lord's embrace, 
She, who His Spirit here possessed. 

Has found her dwelling-place. 
'Tis thus the Good from earth depart. 

Through paths by Angels trod: 
And bltrssed are the pure in heart. 

For thev cro home to God. 



1 '* I think of death, sweet Motht-r mine 
A thorn is in my breast ; 
And still, by day and m<yht I |>ine. 
To sleep and be at rest. 


The blessed Angels come by night, 

And, on my bended knee, 
I see their faces calm and bright ; 

I know they wait foi' me. 

2 "The holy stars are bright and clear, 

And, when my prayers are said, 
The blessed Angels gather near 

And sing around my bed. 
I cannot hear the words they sing. 

But o'er my heart it flows 
Like music thro' the fields of Spring. 

When first the daisy blows. 

8 ''Dear Mother, shed no bitter tear, 

For, when your darling dies. 
She will but leave the body here 

To dwell in Paradise. 
The Angels whisper, — with a kiss 

My eyes in sleep they close ; 
To wake, they sing, in heavenly bliss, 

When uKMuing opes the rose." 

4 'Tis thus the dying maiden sings ; 
Called, in her girlhood's prime, 
To dwell where first the rosebud springs 
In Beauty's natal clime. 


Strew flow'rs, strew flow'rs, of sweetest breath ! 

'No cloud should dim our eyes, 
For, hark ! the risen Angel saith, 

^' I bless you from the skies.'' 


L. M. 

1 '' With roses crown his baby head ; 

Close with a kiss his tender eyes ; 
Strew lilies o'er his cradle bed, 
For he shall wake in Paradise." 

2 What music fills the silent room? 

list! tlie Guardian Angel sings: 

" Our spirit rosebud springs to bloom, 

Our spirit-bird unfolds its wings." 

3 Mother ! look with inward eyes ; 

Dear heart ! at once bereaved and blest. 
Behold the infant Cherub rise ; 
He smiles upon an AngeFs breast. 

4 Rejoice amid thy sorrow's tears ; 

Rejoice, for unto thee 'twas given 
To swell the music of the splieres, 
To bear an Ancrel-babe for Heaven. 




1 We yield til ee to our Savior's arms. 

Thou fair and gentle child, 
With all thy spirit's holy charms 

By evil un defiled. 
He gave thee, for a transient breath, 

Our inmost hearts to cheer ; — 
Rise, Angel ! through the clouds of death, 

And seek thy own bright sphere. 

2 What starry crown is on thy brow, 

In Love's refulgent land? 
What vales of tranquil beauty now 

Before thy sight expand ? 
We journey, through the night of age, 

To seek the Spirit Sun : 
Thou, dear one, hast thy pilgrimage 

Of glory just begun. 

3 We know, that, though we sec thee not. 

Thy gentle soul will be 
A minister of holy thought, 

Onr hearts from sin to free. 
Our silent hearts with love are full ; 

With thee our thoughts arise, 
Our Blessed and our Beautiful. 

Whose homo is in the skies ! 



C. M. 

1 Death is the fading of a cloud, 

The breaking of a chain ; 

The rendino; of a mortal shroud 

We ne'er shall find again. 

2 Death is the conqueror's welcome home; 

The heavenly cit}'s door; 
The entrance of the world to come — 
'Tis life forever more. 

3 Death is the close of life's alarms : — 

The watch-light on the shore ; — 
The clasping in immortal arms 
Of loved ones gone before. 

4 Death is the gaining of a crown 

AYhere saints and angels meet ; — 
The laying of our burden down 
At the Deliverers feet. 

5 Death is a song from seraph lips ; — 

The day-spring from on high ; — 
The ending ot the souFs eclipse, — 
Its transit to the sky. 



C. M. 

1 " Farewell, farewell, thou setting suii 1" 

The dying Christian said ; 
My race, like thine, is almost run : 
I seek my narrow bed."" 

2 " Not so, not so,'' an Andrei cried ; 

" brother, rise with me. 
The Lord of Glory to His side 
Hath sent to smnmon thee." 

3 " Adieu, sweet friends of many years," 

The dying Christian said; 
" I rise beyond the glittering spheres 
To Glory's fountain-head." 

4 " Say not adieu," the Angel cried, 

** They, with their Lord who are, 
In loving hearts may still abide, 
As Morning in her star." 

5 '' They truly live, and they alone," 

The dying Christian said ; 
" Who^e hearts the love of Christ have 
Who in his footsteps tread." 


6 " Yea," said the Angel, " tliej who die 
To self and follow Him 
Shall rise, to thrones prepared on high, 
Amid' the seraphim." 


L. M. 

1 When twilight shadows vail the sky, 

And life's last lingering pulse beats low, 
'Tis sw^eet to feel that we can die. 
And bid farewell to mortal wo. 

2 The palsied hand, the aching breast, 

The withered cheek, the faded eye, — 
They vanish, like the empty nest, 

When first the wild bird cleaves the sky. 

3 But sweeter far, when death is o'er, 

To gaze thro' love's unclouded eyes. 
And gather flowers nnknown before, 
By the clear streams of Paradise. 

4 There all of good we prized below 

In nobler essence blooms above ; 
And all our thoughts in music flow. 
And all our being whispers '^ love.'' 



L. M. 

1 When Sorrow on the spirit feeds, 

Like birds of nio-ht that seek their prey ; 
When, wrung by grief, the bosom bleeds 
In cold misfortune's tearful day : — 

2 When sinks tlie soul, by care opprest; 

And woes abound, and friends are few ; 
And Gladness, like a parting guest, 
Reluctant says, *' Adieu, adieu 1" 

3 Tis sweet to hear an Angel sing, 

In music to the listening ear, 
'' Hope on, sad heart ! eternal Spring 
Is almost here ! — is almost here !" 

4 Then Angels burst the bars of doom ; 

Then vernal flowers adorn the waste ; 
Then sunshine gilds the mortal gloom, 

And heavenly friends with welcomes haste. 

5 For every tear there comes a smile ; 

A joy for every pang is given ; 
And Angel-guides appear the while, 
And gently lead us on to Heaven. 



C. M. 

1 Sweet are the ties that bind iu one 

The family above, 
For through their hearts the raptures run 
Of God's eternal love. 

2 There everlasting Spring unfolds 

The flowers of every clime, 
x\nd every form the mind beholds 
Is beauteous and sublime. 

3 God's love is glory in the sky, 

And music in the air ; 
And every breath is melody, 
And every thought a prayer. 

4 No self contracts the ardent breast, 

No thought of mine or thine ; 

But those in beaury crown the rest 

Whose hearts are most divine. 

5 These are the Angel-friends who come, 

When night is calm and still. 

With visions of their blessed home 

Our quickened hearts to thrill. 


6 Upon the suffering martyr's way 

Hope's brilliant light they shed ; 
To every child of wo they say, 
" Dear heart, be comforted *' 

7 Give US, our Father ! so to live, 

That we may feel and see, 
Those fairest Angels who receive 
Their life's sweet love from Thee. 



1 Psyche ! with the golden flame 

TJpspringing from thy vestal hand ; 
O'er every child of grief and shame 

In radiant guise we see thee stand. 
Celestial Love ! with fearless feet 

'Tis thine with suffering man to tread ; 
Thou art the first the child to greet; 

Thou art the last to leave the dead. 

2 Psyche ! with the golden vase 

Of spirit-fragrance pure and sweet; 
Thou dost anoint the leper's face, 
And stoop to kiss the beggar's feet. 


Celestial Love ! with fearless feet, 

'Tis thine with suffering man to tread 

Thou art the first the child to greet ; 
Thou art the last to leave the dead. 

3 Psyche ! with the golden scroll 

Of hope and mercy to thee given ; 
Thou bearest every human soul 

Some word of hope from mercy's heaven. 
Celestial Love ! with fearless feet, 

'Tis thine with sufferino- man to tread ; 
Thou art the first the child to greet ; 

Thou art the last to leave the dead. 

4 Psyche I with the golden bloom 

Held in thy white immortal palm ; 
Thou pourest o'er the bed of doom 

Heaven's living breath, the soul to calm 
Celestial Love I with fearless feet, 

'Tis thine with suffering man to tread ; 
Thou art the first the child to greet ; 

Thou art the last to leave the dead. 

5 Psyche I in the golden gate. 

Beneath the fragrant myrtle tree, 
Thou dost the child immortal wait: 

Heaven's first sweet welcome is from thee. 


Celestial Love ! with happy feet, 
'Tis thine with risen man to tread ; 

Thine first the Angel child to greet ; 
Thine last to leave the dvino^ bed. 


12'S AXD ll'S iM. 

1 Oh ! lone is the spirit on life's troubled ocean, 

With tempests around it and torrents below, 
Till calm o'er the breast the pure thoughts of 
Like airs from the gardens of Paradise blow. 

2 'Tis sweet, as we glide o'er the cold waves of 


To think of the loved wdio have vanished be- 
fore ; 
We know they are blest; we sh:ill meet them 
to-morrow ; 

We pass o'er the deep, and they call from the 


3 They baste in their joy o'er the ^Yate^s to meet 

The love-lighted waves of the ocean of rest ; 
And sweet are their songs as they tenderly greet 

They bring us kind words from the Land of 

the blest. 

4 They still the wild billows of trouble around us, 

The Eden of Love they unvail to the sight; 
And peace vv^ith its garland of lilies hath crown'd 

And Mercy hath robed us with vestures of 


i02.~coina\\iox wltr depapjed friends. 


1 lay thy hand upon my head. 

And let me feel thy sfuile; 
I cannot think that thou art <!ead. 

But gone before a while. 
Still, still, I think I hear thee speak,— 

'T:.s not the wind that sigh-, — 
And feel thy kiss upon my cheek 

When niiiht is in the skies. 


2 Between me and the silent stars 

I see til J spirit move ; 
Thy toucli my inmost heart unbars 
And love communes with love. 

lull me with a spirit song, 
Till sleep mine eyelids close ; 

And let it linger all night long, 
Like dew-drops on the rose. 

3 I know thou dwell est, clothed in white. 

In Heaven's immortal sphere ; 
Yet still, beside me all the night, 
I feel thy spirit here. 

1 bless thee, dear, with every breath, 

I clasp thy loving hand ; 
lead me on through life and death, 
Into the Better Land. 


p. M. 

Flow gently, flow gently, thou river of light. 
From the throne of the holy I Am ; 

In melody flow from the land of delight, 
From the temple of God and the Lamb. 


2 Baptize us, sweet river of mercy and love, 

And cleanse us from folly and sin, 
Till all thy bright ripples in melody move. 
And songs of affection witliin. 

3 From the truth and the love of the Savior on high, 

Bright river in melody flow ; 
And bathed in thy waters from self we would die, 
The joys of the Angels to know. 


p. M. 

1 There's an Angel-dove in the peaceful breast, 

The music of Keaveu is on its wings. 
By the spirit of song is its voice posscst. 

And love is the strain that the bright one sings. 

2 There's a brooding call in its mellow note. 

Like a mother-dove to her callow young ; 
And its strains thro' the heart in a rapture float, 
And it sinors of the skies with an Anorel-tonofue. 

3 There's no human breast, with its love that swells, 

But throbs to the pulse of that inward strain ; 
Of the loved in Heaven its music tells, 

We shall meet agrain — we shall meet ao^ain. 


4 Through the heart it steals like a living stream 
Thro' the vales of peace in the Angel home ; 
And it trances the soul in a sacred dream, 
Of the better life in the world to come. 



1 In every human soul we find 

Some trace of God's indwelling Mind, 

Some token of His grace ; 
And, when the night of fear is past, 
The spirit wakes, to find at last 
Its home in God's embrace. 

2 The providence that works by love, 
Through Angels from the spheres abo\ e, 

To lowest earth comes down ; 
For every child of want it brings 
An empire with celestial kings — 

A scepter and a crown. 


3 Baptized in blood for glorious deeds, 
O'er falling thrones and flaming creeds, 

The Martyr Angels throng ; 
Through quickened minds and hearts below 
We hear their golden trumpets blow 

A fiery peal and long. 

4 Give us, Lord, our God, to be 
The mediums of Divinity, 

Like Angels great and wise ; 
With them to labor and to wait 
Till Thou dost ope the morning gate 

And call us to the skies. 


9-S A>-D 8-S M. 

1 The Angels of Freedom are calling, 

Their music is borne from the sky ; 
The chains of the bondsman are falliug ; 

The jubilee morning is nigh. 
Now chant ye the mighty evangel, 

And hasten the spirit to free ; 
For liberty's beautiful Angel 

Hath come from the Father to thee. 


2 There is not a bosom but pinetb 

To burst from all slavish control ; 
To bask in the brightness that sliineth 

To day from the Infinite Soul. 
Make way for the life-bringing Angel, 

And hasten the spirit to free ; 
For liberty's holy evangel 

Hath come from the Father to thee. 

3 The stars in their glory are singing ; 

The race of oppression is run ; 
For slaves into heroes are springing, 

And love binds the nations in one. 
Christ comes in the Liberty- Angel ; 

He hastens the spirit to free, 
And* speaks through the holy evangel 

That comes from the Father to thee 



C. M. 

1 Ye all are here, ye l>eautiful. 
Ye loved of other years ; 
As Heaven with singing stars is full, 
Ye gather in yonr spheres. 


Your soals are lamps of golden light 

That gild our pilgrim way, 
Alike in sorrow's weary night 

And joy's effulgent day. 

2 Ye all are here, ye Beautiful, 

And still your love impart ; 
Ye sing to us, '' Be merciful, 

Be pure and true in heart." 
Ye bid us build our life sublime. 

In virtue's lofty plan ; 
And fill the pictured halls of time 

With love to God and man. 

3 Ye ail are here, ye Beautiful ! 

His endless praise ye sing. 
Whom prophets called the Wonderful, 

The Savior and the King. 
" Hosanna to the Lord," ye cry, 

" He bids our sorrow cease ; 
His mercy fills with love the sky, 

And crowns the world with peace." 




L. M. 

1 What music thrills the inward ear 
When spirit kindred whisper near ? 
How sweet the hallowed numbers move,- 
'Tis more than song; 'tis life — 'tis love ! 

2 glorious power those dear ones own, 
To speak in many a tender tone, 

More sw^eet, more soft, and yet the same ; 
So Christ to His disciples came. 

3 We know not oft they linger near, 
Till heavenly songs of hope and cheer 
Compose us to a perfect peace, 

And bid our every sorrow cease. 

4 Like love-birds in immortal bowers, 
Like perfumes from celestial flowers, 
Those hallowed strains their life impart, 
And wake sweet echoes in the heart. 

5 No more we grieve, no more repine. 
Our souls in mercy's arms recline, 
Till Angel-songs sliall hid them rise 
To endless worship in the skies. 


i09.-co:mn:xiox ^ith departed fpjexds. 


1 Like love-birds in a jasmine tree, 

In some far Indian isle, 
Thy thoughts, Beloved, come to me. 

When thou from Heaven dost smile. 
I wait thee in my lonely bower, 

From all the world apart, 
And feel thee in that sacred hour, 

Beloved of my heart I 

2 I pluck for thee my fairest rose, 

And sing my sweetest song, 
For well I know tliy spirit goes 

Beside me all day long ; 
And, when the tranquil night comes down, 

And stars their beauty shed, 
I see thy radiant Angel -crown 

In star-light o'er my bed. 

3 Draw near, Beloved — nearer still, 

And speak as well as shine, 
And hallow, by thy better will. 

This feeble heart of mine. 
I would not pine that thou art gone, — 

Thy Angel-crown I see, — 
But help me still to journey on, 

Till thou canst come for me. 



L. M. 

1 The outward world is dark and drear 

When friends we love are seen no more ; 
But hark ! their happy songs we hear 
In music, from the spirit shore. 

2 We wake no more by night to mourn ; 

They are not lost, but gone before ; 
And still their loving thoughts are borne 
In music from the spirit shore. 

8 With cheerful steps to Heaven we move ; 
Our mortal toils will soon be o'er; 
Then all the Angels of our love 
Will greet us on the spirit shore. 

4 Our Father God, for this we pray ; 

That we may bear thine image more, 
And do Thy will in love ahvay, 
Like Angels on the spirit shore. 


L. M. 

1 Within the heart, with folded wing, 
AVhen niolit is shiniiu>' in tlie skies, 
The sweet atfections softly sing 
Of Spirit- friends in l^iradise. 


2 When day in golden robe is drest, 

And stars are hid from mortal eyes, 
Their voices whisper in the breast. 
Of Spirit-friends in Paradise. 

3 could ve all the world forget, 

And bear the truth without disguise, 
Our hearts mio-ht hear the love-tones vet 
or Spirit friends in Paradise. 

4 There is no king upon his throne, 

No beggar at his door that lies, 
But hath an Ano-el all his own, 
And Spirit-friends in Paradise. 

5 Help us, O Lord ! while here we meet, 

Thy will to do. Thy word to prize ; 
That we may worship at Thy feet 
With Spirit-friends in Paradise. 


6 6'S A>'D 8'S M. 

Bound in the golden span 
Of love's eternal years, 

Untrod by mortal man. 

Our heavenly home appears ; 


Its glories shine with beams so bright, 
No outward eyes can bear the sight. 

2 There Christ the Savior reigns 

And all His image bear; 
No griefs nor woes nor pains 

Molest the dwellers there. 
It is the home of pure delight, 
No outward eves can bear the sio-ht. 

3 Upon those shining plains, 

And in those peaceful vales, 
Eternal sunshine reigns, 

And endless morn prevails. 
O blessed home of love and light ! 
No outward eyes can bear the sight. 

4 Christ, our Savior ! come. 

And bear us to Thy rest. 
We long to find our home 

With Angels pure and blest. 
Dispel the gloomy clouds of night. 
And give us giace to bear the sight. 



C. M. 

1 In raiment of revolving skies 

I saw the Savior stand : 
And, in the brightness of His eyes, 
The lio^ht of Mornincr Land. 

2 From mountains in the east afar 

Came, hastening to His feet, 
The Angels of the first-born star, 
In glorious love complete. 

3 I heard them sing a song of praise 

To Christ the only Lord ; 
Their thought shone forth in burning ravs 
Of wisdom from the Word. 

4 And thus they sang, '• Thou wert before 

The universe beo^an ; 
Thou art the Lord, for ever more. 
Of universal man. 


6 L. L. M. 

I Beneath the c-hurchyar'Ts grassy mold 
Thy lambs, Lord 1 Thou^Jost not fold; 
They sleep not while the world i< ma<le 
For them one huge sepulchral shade ; 


Witli ashes on the forehead pressed 
And grave-mold heaped upon the breast 

2 They rise ! they shine ! witli ravished ears 
They list the music of the spheres ; 

For them the stars make roundelay, 
The rosy hours attend their way, 
The Heavenly Loves their brows entvsine, 
Death's cup of tears is turned to Avine. 

3 Up to Thy courts, O Lord ! they tread. 
With beauty clothed, with blessings fed. 
Nor, Father, is it ^vrong for those 
"Who loved on earth, despite its woes, — 
Long parted, — there to meet, and blend 
Li hallowed raptures without end. 


6 L. L. M. 

1 When, I'ubed in silver flame, the night 
Displays its jewels to the sight. 
The outward glory that appears 
But hides from view celestial spheres. 
For every outward orb tliat shines 
The soul a nobler Heaven divines. 


2 To God the stars are sparks of sand, 
The suns but brilliants on His hand. 
One living soul is dearer far 

To Hira than every fixed star ; 

And worlds and Heavens to Him are fair, 

Because He sees His children there. 

3 There is in man no real worth 

But from Indwelling God hath birth. 
To man all forms of nature tend, 
He is creation's final end, 
And springs to being from the sod, 
The child, the type, the breath of God. 

4 AYe gaze by night when stars appear, — 
In form more vast, in light more clear, 
When inward sight the vail withdraws, 
And faith adores the great First Cause, 
Tlie sphere of spirit-life we see — 
Past, present, evermore to be. 

5 insight clear ! O vision grand ! 
Round every star a Spirit-land I 
Wide, luminous, through space out-roll 
The shining empires of the soul. 
From every world the Angels rise ; 
One great republic fills the skies. 



L. M. 

1 The love tluit blissful Angels know, 
Is like the mild mid-summer's glow ; 
It gilds the endless morning hours, 
And ripens into fruits and flowers. 

2 Sec where, in Heaven's pure ether, stand 
The temples of the Sunrise Land ! 
From Angel-thoughts, and Angel-deeds 
The J grew, as flowers from living seeds. 

3 Mark where, in jew^eled zones, unroll 
The lovely empires of the soul. 

In love the Angel World began ; 
Love builds the destined home of man. 

4 We form our future, day by day ; 
And Angels, in their sphere, survey 

The thouglits, from love that spring to birth, 
More bright than Heaven, more iirm than 

5 Wh<m thoughts to living acts liave grown, 
They rise in monumental stone ; 

And life's long act of thought shall be 
Itock-built into eternity. 



S. H. >I. 

1 Blessed are the dead, who die 

AVhen the loving life is done ; 
For them opes the Angel-sky, 

Shines for them the Spirit Sun. 
All their toils and tears are o'er; 
They are blest for evermore. 

2 Room for lovino- Mary's found 

Still in Heaven at Jesus' feet ; 
There her voice hath sweetest sound, 

Made by perfect love complete. 
Woman here by love may be 
Xearest to Divinity. 

3 Better far for love to live, 

Better far for love to die, 
Than to reign where nations give 

Thrones and crowns of royalty. 
They who love the most shall stand 
Nearest at the Lord's ricrht hand. 



S. M, 

1 Beyond the narrow span 

Of these revolving skies, 
Untrod by mortal man, 
A glorious region lies. 

2 Sweet are the ties that bind 

Its Angel hosts in one ; 
Like thoughts of God's own mind 
Life's brightening race they run. 

3 The Father's boundless grace 

Metes out the shining years ; 
The Savior's beauteous face 
Througli every mind appears. 

4 All in His glory reign, 

And all His image bear ; 
No pang of mortal pain 
Invades the bosom there. 

5 Theirs is a fixed employ, 

They visit man below. 
And find tlieir endless joy 
'Mid scenes of human woe. 


6 To every child of light 

A soul in charge is given. 
To guide the life aright 

And lea<:l it home to Heaven. 


C. M. 

1 When, in the busy haunts of men, 

The meek immortals tread, 
A fragrance from the Spirit Land 
Upon our souls they shed. 

2 For, not like flowers of earthly mold, 

The flowers of Heaven are found 
In Angel-hearts, where holy loves 
In deathless bloom abound. 

3 And when, 'mid earthly toils, they meet 

The dear ones of their care. 
They pluck a thorn from every breast 
And plant a blossom there. 

4 Then be it ours, through gentle deeds 

Of pure and perfect love. 
To sow in human hearts the seeds 
Of flowers that bloom above. 



lO'S AND 9'S M. 

1 Forget not the loved, they are thinking of thee 

In their home on the Paradise shore ; 
From the fever and passion of eartli they are free, 
And the night of their anguish is o'er. 

2 But still as they gaze thro' their soul-kindled eyes, 

On the Lord in His glory above, 
They thrill to the heart as they feel the sweet ties 
Of the past, — and its morning of love. 

3 They talk in their speech, like the music of birds, 

Of the dear ones they treasure below ; 
And they sweep o'er the bosom's mysterious 
And awake the sweet love-thoughts that flow. 

4 Then think of the loved, on the Paradise shore ; 

From Earth's passionate thirst they are free. 
And their hearts like a fount of glad music I'uu 
For still they are thinking of thee. 




1 We know thoa art not far away, 

Thou Child, our hearts deplore, 
For, ever since thy dying day. 

We feel thee more and more. 
Thou art a glorious Angel now, 

An Angel meek and mild ; 
A spirit-crown is on thy brow, — 

Thou ^Yho wert here a child. 

2 What beams of spirit sunlight fell 

Upon thy dying face, 
When thou didst bid the world farewell, 

And pass the bounds of space ? 
The shepherd came, while still we plead, — 

We felt, but could not see, — 
And to our little lamb he said, 
" Arise and follow me." 

3 Christ ! thou Shepherd of the sheep. 

On us Thy grace bestow ; 
Our souls in peace and safety keep 

While in Thy fold below. 
Dwell in our hearts till we become 

From sin and error free ; 
Then take us to our Angel- home, 

To find our Child in Thee. 



7'S AND 6'S M. 

1 Where bloom celestial roses, 

The Ansfel-cliildren strav ; 
Each infant heart uncloses, 

Like flowers at dawn of day. 
By mortal sin unblighted, 

They live beyond the tomb ; 
There, to the Lord united, 

His love-land roses bloom. 

2 Their beauteous human nature 

Reflects His life Divine; 
Transformed in mind and feature, 

In Seraph-grace they shine. 
In robes of light invested 

Before the Lord they stand ; 
Their hearts, like doves, are nested 

Within His hollow hand. 

3 With every morn's unclosing 

In clearer truth they rise ; 
With every eve's reposing 

They feel His guardian eyes. 
Then, from the world of glory. 

In radiant bands they move. 
To sing below the story 

Of His rodeemino- love. 


1 Where, in their blissful Paradise, 
They dwell whom we call " dead," 
An influx from the Lord supplies 
The place of daily bread : 

And inward truth and inward good 

In flowers and fruits unfold ; 
This is the sweet, celestial food 

That iVngels there behold. 

3 It melts like music on the tongue, 

Like perfume on the air. 
And keeps the heart, as morning, young, 
As beauty, ever fair. 

4 Lord of that blessed Paradise, 

Our hearts by Thee are fed ; 
Our prayers in faith to Thee arise; 
Give us that livino- bread. 


C. M. 

1 There is a language of the skies 
Which every Angel knows ; 
The heart conceals its melodies, 
As perfume fills the rose. 


2 This is tli<.' song that, free from death, 

The love born Seraph hears, — 
The waftings of the Savior's breath, 
The music of the spheres. 

3 One voice through every x\ngel-soul 

Flows from the Savior's mind ; 
Released from Nature's dim control 
Its golden speech we find. 

4 This is our glorious mother tongue; 

At last God's love shall be, 
In its unmeasured music, sung 
By all Humanity. 


O. M. 

1 The seasons of the Heavenly Land 

Compose a glorious trine : 
Love, Wisdom, Use, with threefold band. 
In three glad Seasons shine. 

2 Thei'e Love leads forth th' immortal Spring 

And sows her smiles in flowers, 
And bids her sweet affections win^f 
With music to her bowers. 


3 There Wisdom crowns the gifts of Love 

\Yith Thought's divine increase ; 
They sow the dowers of light above, 
And reap the fruits of peace. 

4 There Use with plenty fills the year; 

The Seasons, three in one, 
Fill with delight the radiant sphere 
Where shines the Spirit Sun. 


p. M. 

1 Far away o'er the waters of sorrow, 
The Land of the Loving appears. 
And our hearts in their loneliness bori'ow 
A joy from the beautiful spheres. 


But faii'Pst where all is perfection, . 

And purest where all is divine. 
The Angels of Holy Affection 

In tender effulgence outshine. 

3 While mortals like shadows are moving 
Through troubles and tears to the tomb, 
They live in the rapture of loving — 
The blessing, the beauty, the bloom. 


4 They come with the dew in the roses 

When twilight is fading away, 
And the soul like a blossom uncloses. 
To bloom in the infinite day. 

5 They come when the sky-lark is singing, 

And mornino- is blushino^ ao;ain ; 
The skies with their music are ringing, — 
Peace, mercy and love unto men. 

6 They come in our holiest hours, 

When love the heart's inmost unbars, 
Like Spring with its fragrance of flowers, 
Like night with its glory of stars. 



1 AVhere is thy home? thou Angel btight. 

No more we see thy face ; 
tell us in what happy lii^ht 

Thou hast thy dwelling place ? 
whisper from yon peaceful skies, 

And tell us where thou art ? 
In silent love thy sweet replies 

Shall melt into the heart. 


2 Hark! from the Ileaven the answer falls; 

''"Write, blessed are the dead; 
They reign in glory's boundless halls 

Whose hearts to Christ are wed. 
As dew-drops melt within the rose 

Their souls with Jesus blend, 
Yet everywhere His mercy flows 

They in His name descend." 

3 Where is thy home, thou Angel bright? 

tell us from thy rest 
What beauteous visions fill thy sight ? 

What lovfS delight thy breast? 
What o'lories lip'ht thv home above, 

To outer sense unknown ? 
And oh I what faithful bosoms move 

In union with thine own ? 

4 Ten thousand thousand hearts in one 

Prolong the answering strain ; 
"Like stars that shine within the sun, 

In Christ we live and reign. 
We see the mercies of His love 

More glorious far than space. 
And kindred souls to Jesus move. 

And blend in His embrace." 



6 L. L. M. 

1 When God descends to mortal men 
The Golden Age begins again ; 
The earth renews its wasted prime ; 
The soul aspires, in faith sublime, 
The Angel-world to feel and see, 
And penetrate eternity. 

2 O God ! our spirits wake, and, while 
We meet in Zion's holy pile. 

The spirit of Thy Word unroll. 
To light and guide and bless the soul ; 
Till, rapt from time and sense apart, 
We rest within Thy very heart. 

3 God of the Fathers ! Thou hast given 
The Ancient Times their ancient Heaven ; 
Within that Heaven they taste and see 
How near to Angels thou canst be ; 
Thou dost their spirits all inspire. 

They are Thy inner temple's choir. 

4 Give us to view their shining day, 
Till we, as pure and true as they, 
In Thy reflected image glow. 

While Angels guard Thy church below : 
In us and with us. Lord ! abide, 
Till earth becornes Immanuel's bride. 



1 Through tribulation's fieiy seas 

Of old the Martyrs trod, 
And now they are our ^vdtnesses, 
Before the throne of God. 

2 Shall we forget the cross they bore, 

The holy words they spake, 
The chains they once for Jesus wore, — 
The scaflbld and the stake ? 

3 Children could brave the torture then, 

And maidens calmly die : 
Such power, O Lord ! to mortal men 
Descends when Thou art nigh; 

4 By faith the fiery sea they crossed. 

Exulting in Thy love ; 
And now they keep thek pentecost 
In Zion's courts above. 

5 Inspire our hearts for lives divine 

Of martyr courage, Lord ! 
Till the millenial glories shine 
Above a world restored. 

136 hym:n"s of 


C. M. 

1 Thy omnipresent life, O God ! 

Through Nature's face we see ; 
That life in man is shed abroad, 
And Angels live in Thee. 

2 All things Thy presence, Lord ! declare 

Through earth and Heaven above : 
The vail, that makes the world so fair, 
Is woven by Thy love. 

3 But we without Thy grace are dead ; 

No forms of human art 
Renew the mind, till Thou dost shed 
Thy Spirit on the heart. 

4 To loving eyes Thou dost unvail 

Thy attributes divine : 
In every flower that decks the vale 
Thy S})irit hatli its shrine : 

5 Tliere all who seek to do Tliy will 

May still commune with Thee, 
As once, on Iloreb's holy liill. 
Beneath the burniim' tree. 


But, in Thy ^Vord's interior sense, 

A clearer sight is given 
Of that eternal Providence 

That o'uides us home to Heaven. 


C. M. 

1 It is a lyre of many strings, — 

This human heart of ours ; 
In every chord an Angel sings, 
'Tis ^Tcathed Avith spirit flowers : 

2 It stands beside the golden door 

Where all God's thoughts come forth, 
And all those thoughts their music pour 
Through all its chords to earth. 

3 God's harp of many strings ! no hand 

Of act or wish profane, 
No breath from Sin's delusive land 
Should jar its mystic strain : 

4 But, deep on eveiy quivering chord, 

In love's immortal bars, 
Should thrill the one eternal Word 
That woke the morning stars. 



C. M. 

1 No need is there of siiield or sword 

Upon the plains of Heaven ; 
White vestures, woven from the Word, 
To Martyr-souls are given. 

2 They lay their earthly armor by 

When outward conflicts cease ; 
And all their thouglits are melody, 
And all their days are peace. 

8 But, shining through the holy will, 
A spirit sword is seen, 
To pierce the sphere of nether ill, — 
As lightning swift and keen ; 

4 Forged in the heart's most inward heat, 

From wisdom's burning bars. 
And tempered then wiiii mercy sweet. 
And jeweled with the stars : 

5 The truths of God withhi it burn ; 

Its spirit is the Word ; 
And, armed with it, to earth return 
The Martyrs of the Lord, 


Tliougli hosts encamp around us here, 
From worlds of nether night, 

One Angel from the martyr sphere 
Shall daunt them T\dth affright. 


C. if, 

1 I heard a Voice by night that said, 

" Arise and follow me." 
I woke and sought, ^dth eager tread, 
O Lord I to foUow Thee. 

2 In duty's j^athway, stained with blood, 

And wet with sorrow's tears. 
And on the waves of trial's flood 
Thy sacred form appears. 

3 Upon temptation's desert waste. 

And in the shrines of prayer. 
Thou standest, and I fain would taste 
The strength Thou givest there. 

4r Where Angels pour sweet fragrance do^\^], 
Thou art a willing guest, — 
Thy life their joy. Thy light their crown. 
Thy heart within the breast. 

140 HYMN'S OF 

5 I follow in the steps of Spring, — 

Thy path is sown with flowers : 
Where Summer's birds in concert sing 
Thy voice inspires their powers. 

6 I find Thee in the morning light ; 

I take the morning's wings, 
And view Thee where the vaulted night 
With praise and worship rmgs. 

1 Thou art the glorious All in all, 
And everywhere I see 
Thy present love, and hear Thy call, 
" Arise and follow me " 


7'S M. 

1 Faith and Use and Charity 
In the holy heart agree ; 
And they form an inner sun, 
All whose rays are three in one. 

2 Tln-ee-fold shines the light they give ; 
Three degrees within them live ; 
And tlie Lord hy faith we find 
When His love inspires the mind. 



3 Three briglit Heavens above us glow ; 
Three-fold shines the mercy bow ; 
Three-fold, on the Spmt-coast, 
Worship tlie Angelic Host. 

4 Faith and Use and Charity 
Form a shrme for Deity ; 

In their trine we know the Word ; 
In them we behold the Lord. 


6 L. L. M. 

1 Within the sacred Scriptures shine 
The graces of the Man Divine ; 
What e'er the outward sense may be 
The inmost word is Deity : 

So in the flower His Spirit lives, 

And form and frao:rance both He sfives. 

2 All is divine ; with holy awe 

We read that pure and perfect law ; 
Through its effulgent vails are given 
The inmost truths of every Heaven ; 
By it the heavenly sphere descends ; 
In it the heart with Jesus blends. 


r, Like Jacob's ladder, we behold, 
Uj^on its rounds of shining gold, 
The Guardian Angels come and go, 
Inspired with love for man below : 
We clasp it, and, like Aaron's rod. 
It blossoms from the life of God. 

4 Book of the Fathers ! in its page 
We find the ancient Golden Age, 
Once more we hear the songs they sung. 
And speak the loved ancestral tongue 
Enjoy their states of peaceful mhid, 
And rest m Paradise enshrined. 

5 Book of the Angels ! there we read 
Of God Messiah's other seed. 

We scale the sovereign hights, that rise 
From every earth through all the skies ; 
And tread the spiral paths tliat run 
Converging round the Spirit Sun. 


L. M. 

1 I saw an Angel, crowned so bright, 
Tliat, when I gazed upon the sight, 


My spirit drank the light it gave 

And sang, " The Lord is strong to save." 

2 It was the cro^vn prepared for those 
Who phick their love's immortal rose, 
And lay it, as an ofiering sweet, 
To Christ the Lord, at duty's feet. 

o Then came a Child, once infmt small, 
Xow fairer far than Angels all. 
And thus He said, " This crown shall be 
For that vomio- child who follows Me." 



I "Grow leaf, spring seed," the south wind sings, 

Wind of the smmiier days ; 
Then, like a crown, the dust up-springs 

To greet the solar rays. 
Changed hy their light and heat to forms 

Of beauty, love and grace ; — 
So, when the soul its use performs, 

A fairer life we trace. 


2 " Grow heart, spring love," the Sphit sings 

Who rules in loving -breast ; 
Then holy deeds find angel-Avings 

And fly from east to west ; 
And faith and charity go forth, 

While strife and error cease. 
And God beholds a purer earth 

Of beauty, love and peace. 

3 " Spring strife, grow hate," the nortli wind 


The wind of inward wi'ong ; 
Then murder's poison tree iip-sprhigs 

In hearts for evil strong, 
To blight the mind and blast the soul. 

And curse the life He gave. 
Till storms the dying day control, 

And mercy finds a grave. 

4 " Spring faith and love in human hearts," 

O Lord ! to-day we smg, 
" Till strife shall drop its poisoned darts, 

And hate its venomed sting." 
Blow south Avind of the sunnner time, 

Breath of a Savior's love. 
Till earth becomes an angel-cUme, 

Like Paradise above. 



C. M. 

1 Sweet is tlie hour when Christ unvails 

His imoge in the breast ; 
A boundless bosom-peace prevails, 
And in His love we rest. 

2 The world without may nail om^ hands 

Upon the martyr tree ; 
But, in the breast, Messiah stands, 
To set the spirit free. 

3 And Satan round the soul may strive 

The Sa\ior's shrine to mar, 
But while by love in Christ we live 
He holds our foes afar. 

4 In all we think and do and see, 

A present Lord we find, 
While still we pray that all may be 
The temples of His mind. 

5 Then shed abroad Thy mward life. 

Thy presence. Lord ! impart. 
Until the Bride, Immanuel's wife, 
Is formed in every heart. 



p. M. 

1 Say, >vhat means this inward pining 

Where'er we rove ? 
Heart, ^dthin the breast reclining, 

Longs for its love. 
Vain is earthly pomp and pleasure, 
Vain is human crown or treasure, 
While our days in grief we measure; — 

Heaven is above. 

2 All our days in pain we languish. 

Till we behold 
Spheres beyond our mortal anguish, 

Joys never told. 
Through the Word the night is riven, 
There we find our sins forgiven. 
Christ unvails the bliss of Heaven, 

Hearts to enfold. 

3 Say what means this peace within us, 

Dark is the night ? 
Christ into His love doth win us. 

Crowned with delight. 
Cold the world may seem and dreary, 
But our hearts are always cheery, 
And our souls are never weary, 

Clothed all in white. 


We are waiting for the morning, 

Morn of the skies, 
Truth and peace our souls adorning, 

Soon to arise : 
Bridegroom's voice in music flowing. 
Bridal joys our hearts foreknowing, 
Bridegroom's arms with rapture glowing, 

His heart our prize. 


C. M. 

1 We find our vanished friends again, 

And know them where they dwell ; 
Their thoughts within our bosoms then 
Chime like a marriage bell. 

2 No need is there of mortal tongue 

Their glory to impart ; 
Their joys by heavenly loves are sung. 
That fly from heart to heart. 

3 The birds of Heaven have human sj)eech ; 

Those choralists of love 
Celestial truths to all may teach 
Who breathe the airs above. 


4 The flowers, that, with their subtle airs, 

Perfume that upper space, 
Exhale their life in vocal prayers. 
Sweet with an inward grace. 

5 So language ripens in the sky, 

And, with angelic voice, 
No breeze from Heaven that wanders by 
But bids our hearts rejoice. 


C. M. 

1 With golden trump the morning wakes 

The world from sleep's embrace. 
While, through the sun, a radiance breaks 
From God Messiah's face. 

2 We bid our angel-friends adieu : 

From far, celestial bowers 
We speed, in earth-forms, to renew 
The use that crowns the hours. 

3 We heard by night, with spirit-ear, 

The hymns 6f Heaven above ; 
Those choral strahis Av^e Avarble here 
In works of constant love. 


4 So inward life, tlirougli outward form, 
Shall from the Lord be given, 
A rainbow set amidst the storm, 
A star let down from Heaven. 


C. M, 

1 Folded within the rose of sleep 

Our mortal powers recline ; 
Thou Savior ! dost our spirits keep, 
Imparadised in Thine. 

2 Thou dost bestow the shining day 

For outward growth and grace ; 
But in the night our souls survey 
Thy own beloved face. 

3 With spirit senses all awake 

Our nobler life we find. 
While Heaven's unbounded glories break 
On the transported mind. 

4 O gift of gifts ! a two-fold sphere 

Of life and use is ours. 
And, while our forms on earth appear, 
From Heaven we own our powers, 



p. M. 

1 It bloomed in essence on an angel-earth, 

Then to our love was given : 
Fair child of Paradise, — we greet thy birth ! 
Sweet gift of inmost Heaven ! 

2 Wliat mother-life above our ow^i is yearning, 

What father-life above, 
We dimly know ; in thy young heart are 
The lamps of God's own love. 

8 Cliild of the skies ! thy beatific essence 
Was thought from God's own brow ; 
Thou in thine inmost hast not left His 
Though we embrace thee now 

4 God of the Angels ! help us in receiving 

Tliis babe, for it is Thine, 
Into our hearts, adoring and believing, 
To fold Thy love divine. 

5 Help us to mold its life from Thine evangel, 

Till all the selfhood dies. 
And it becomes, through love, a conscious 
Cleaving again the skies. 



p. M. 

1 Beloved of the Ang'els, our fair one departed : 

Our home-star ascends iu the sky : 
Then soothed be the breast m bereavement 
that smarted; 
She whispers, " The morning is nigh." 

2 'Tis night when the loved ones, God gaA'e to 

our keeping, 
Are folded away to His breast ; 
We see them no more with the eyes that 
are weeping ; 
In earth-arms no more they are prest. 

3 Give glory to God! in the beautiful star-lands 

The life of their love is begun ; 
The smiles of the Lord are their robes and 
their garlands ; 
The peace that He gives they have won. 


L. M. 

1 Religion, like a faithful spouse, 

AVith marriage plenty fills the house : 
Her thoughts are cherubs hi the breast ; 
And all her days are wakmg rest. 


2 She comes like morn, with sun and dew, 
Om- health and vigor to renew : 

She comes at eve, to close the eyes 
With fragrant airs from Paradise. 

3 Her beauteous children round her stand ; 
No earth can show a fairer band : 

She leads from Heaven the choral train 
Who bring young Eden here again. 

4 The holy priests of heart-desire 
Bow at her sacred altar pyre ; 
Her music-hands touch every key 
Of love and light and harmony. 

5 Wouldst thou, O man ! be Angel wise ? 
To win that beauteous bride arise. 
Claim the fair virgin ; she will be 

Thy helpmeet to eternity. 

146 -A MOllNING rRATER. 

L. M. 

1 Lord ! feed our hearts with daily ])read ; 
Be truth and mercy on us shed. 
Like rain and sun to seasons given, 
Or manna from the clouds of Heaven. 


2 Make iis to grow in order's forms ; 
Calm ill tliL' midst of strife and storms 
Fixed in Thy being's harmony, 

And feelino; and revealino- Thee. 

3 The morning shines : our Father I pour 
An inward morning more and more, 
Till, with illumined spirit-eyes, 

We see the use that near us lies. 

4 In work, ^dth soul intention bent. 
Like Jacob ^^-estlmg in his tent. 
Help us to labor, till we blend 

Our fimctions with Thy glorious end. 

5. So shall the bread Thou givest rise. 

Transformed, through life's great sacrifice, 

To acts of use by Angels kno^\TL 

Who work and worship near Thy throne. 


L. M. 

1 River of Eden from the skies. 
Stream of celestial harmonies. 
The Lord has made thy wave divine, 
And turned thy ciystal flood to ^\'ine. 


2 Flou' throiigli as, in us rest, and lave 
Our every act with sacred wave ; 

In heart and sense, in deed and ^^dll, 
Fk>w Avitli angelic music still. 

3 River of life ! the trees that grow 
In angel-bowers thy virtues know: 
The gardens of the soul above 
Drink life and virtue from thy love. 

4 Fi'om land to land roll on, till we 
Beliold, on earth, each human tree 

With blossoms crowned, with fruit supplied, 
And nourished by thy healing tide. 


G. M. 

1 God of eternal order, Tliou 

Art faithful, just and ti'ue: 
Come, shed abroad Thy Spirit now. 
Our spirits to renew. 

2 Tlie dust becomes a livhig tlower 

When kindled l)y Tliy breath : 
O t oucli our liearts ! that (piickening power 
Sliall I'aise our souls from deatli. 


The seed becomes a living tree, 

A grove of fragrant bloom ; 
So would we grow, and offer Thee 

A holy life's perfmne. 


L. M. 

1 From all who dwell in Heaven above 
We hear the anthem, '' God is Love I" 
While, through the souls of all below. 
His tender mercies ever flow. 

2 O, while this glorious faith we o'v\ti, 
Be love in all our acts made known ; 
Then blinded eyes shall ope to see 
God is not wrath, but charity. 

3 He sows the suns, like golden grain, - 
On the blue ether's boundless plain, 
Yet in the soul his mercies are 

More vast, more bright than every star. 

4 Teach us, O Lord I like Thee, to give 
To all that love wherein we live ; 
Till eailh below, to Heaven above, 
Repeats the anthem, " God is Love." 



6 L. L. M. 

1 From eveiT cross of conquered pain 
A clearer view of Heaven we gain : 
How thrills the breast mth holy fires ! 
What boundless love the heart inspires ! 
While Angels praise the Lord, that He 
Gives to His child the victory. 

2 Our souls are formed for Heaven wdthin, 
By combats with invading sin ; 

Earth is our nature's conflict field, 
And faith and love the arms we Avield ; 
Christ, the Deliverer, inly nigh ; 
His Word the light we see Him by. 

3 Our hearts embrace the inward cross, — 
The fire that burns our being's dross : 
By love we pass the golden gates 
That ope to pure, celestial states ; 

Till Heaven becomes our last reward. 
And we are 2)resent with the Lord. 


C. M. 

With joy inspired, witli beauty drest. 

The k)ving Angels dwell : 
Their hearts, Avith Christ within the breast, 

Cliime like the sabbath bell. 


2 We hear them m our silent hours 

And give them bosom-room, 
Then all our thoughts, like Eden fioAvers, 
Exhale a sweet perfume. 

3 ^Ve meet them in the daily road 

Of pain and grief and loss ; 
\nd when we bow beneath the load 
Of Love's redeeming cross. 

4 They wake the soul's immortal powers, 

And, from their shining day. 
They nerve us, in our conflict hours. 
To wait, and watch, and pray. 

5 When evenmg sheds its dews abroad, 

Beneath the sunset tree. 
Those fairer children of our God 
With spirit-glance Ave see. 

6 Our hearts aspire to grow like theirs, 

In sinless love to be 
Children of God, and chosen heirs 
Of immortality. 

7 Our sorrows then to raptures turn, 

And, with believing eyes. 
We see our better home, and yearn 
To rest within the skies. 

158 HTMXS^ OF 


L. M. 

1 When Spring descends, with la^dsh hand. 

To robe the world with virgin flowers, 
She hastens from an inward land, 
More beautiful and pure than ours. 

2 Before a blossom opes its leaves 

Celestial heats from Heaven descend ; 
And earth absorbs as spirit gives, 
When angel-hearts in rapture blend. 

o The life of lives within the seed 

Is from the Lord's creative sphere ; 
And angel-smiles adorn the mead 
When first the tender flowers appear. 

4 While beauty floods the golden air, 

And robes the earth, and tints the sky, 
God is the Artist, painting there 
The pictures that we see Ilim by. 

5 i\ nobler Spring revives tlie soul 

When God renews the loving heart, 
And, yielding to tliat sweet control. 
The wint'ry storms of self depart : 


6 Then Eden flowers, of perfume rare. 
Bend meekly o'er the vernal sod, 
As if they knelt in joy and prayer 
And worshiped at the feet of God. 

Then Jesus to the heart is near, 
TVhile, with adoring love, we sing, 

'' The Lord is here ! the Lord is here ! 
Incarnate in immortal Spring." 

153 - THE 3IAGX0LIA. 


1 The heart is like the queenly flower 

Of the magnolia tree. 
When first, in faith's entrancing hour, 

It opens. Lord I to Thee. 
In mystic purity within 

The snow-white petals shme : — 
So blooms the heart, renewed from sin. 

In charity divine. 

2 Above the dark and deep bayou 

The sacred plant up-rears 
The stately shaft, of old that grew 
In far, celestial spheres: — 


So, by the sullen streams of hate, 
As once hi Eden's bowers, 

The Church unfolds, m shmmg state, 
Her pure magnolia flowers. 

3 Green are the leaves that never die, 

And sweet the perfumed sea 
Of life, that rises to the sky 

From the magnolia tree : — 
So, tranced in spheres of blissful calm, 

The Church, for aye the same, 
Shall breathe afar the healing balm 

Of the Redeemer's name. 



1 With inner sight our hearts behold 

The souls of all the flowers, 
Attired in robes of liquid gold, 

In summer's radiant boAvers. 
The viewless thoughts of God are born 

Within the morning ray ; 
And fairer lives our world adorn 

Than outward eyes survey. 


In eveiy fragrant summer breeze 

Tlie loves of Angels dwell ; 
They haunt the leafy orchard trees 

With tender voice and spell : 
And there are naiads in the streams, 

And dryads in the grove ; 
And, from the tranquil ether, gleams 

An Inner TTorld of love. 

All lovely things from Love receive 

The grace wherein they stand : 
To hearts, in purity that live. 

Earth is a Spirit -land. 
The shadow to the eye appears, — 

The substance to the soul ; 
And girdled ^dth celestial spheres 

Life's burnincr axles roll. 


6 L. L. M. 

1 When evening lights its lamps of gold, 
A fairer sight our eyes behold ; 
Out from the Word the vision beams ; 
We bathe in pure, celestial streams ; 
And pluck, from love's immortal tree, 
The fruit of immortality. 


2 Our hearts, with dear ones gone before, 
The Lord of light and love adore ; 

In faith, from things of sense refined, 
We blend, with Jesus in the mind ; 
And taste the bliss of joys to come. 
While Angels bid us welcome home. 

3 Sweet home ! sweet land of pure delight ! 
Fill every soul this sabbath night. 
Redeemer ! ope these blinded eyes, 

To see the wonders of the skies ; 
And O ! may all our natures be 
Transformed with perfect love for Thee ! 


C. M. 

1 Through tribulation's gloomy deep. 

In peril, ])ain and loss, 
The Christian still his path must keep 
To the Redeemer's cross. 

2 Though Satan's hosts around him rage 

He seeks the heavenly ])ri/e ; 
Xor turns him from the sacred page 
That opens all the skies. 


3 There, filled with rapture, he beholds 

The great Redeemer's face ; 
And still, through life, undaunted, holds 
A conflict and a race. 

4 'Tis Christ within who opes the doors 

Into the life to be ; 
And, from the sui his heart deplores. 
Rejoicing sets hun free. 

5 'Tis Christ who conquers all his foes : 

That All-prevailing Friend 
Bears all his suifermg nature's woes 
And cro^ms him at the end. 


S. M. 

1 Who hath not sought a friend ? 

What heart is there but finds 
A spirit with its own to blend. 
Like perfumes on the wind ? 

2 For all, in Christ who live. 

Such fellowship is nigh ; 
And joys that earth can never give 
Await us in the sky. 


.3 From star to star the Xight 
Triumphant music brings, 
And all the circling spheres of light 
Are vocal Avhile she sings : 

4 The Day, from sun to sun, 

Its lofty anthem pours : 
No Angel prays, but every one 
With lifted face adores. 

5 As, through the choral skies. 

The heavenly anthems roll, 
Flows on the love, that Christ supplies, 
Through every willing soul. 

6 We give, and we receive ; 

So, in the nightly hall. 
Each star a single glory gives, 
Yet brightens from them all. 

7 We grieve, and are at rest ; 

We weep, each fallen tear, 
Caught on a i^itying Angel's breast, 
Shines like a sunbeam clear. 

8 We are alone no more ; 

We rest our Avearied powers, 
Like evenhig airs on Ceylon's shore. 
Lulled in the myrtle flowers. 


9 All that we seek we find; — 
A Savior's love is given, 
Our hearts in fellowship to bind 
With kindred souls m Heaven. 


S. M. 

1 In trances, deep as death. 
The spirit fails to see 
That inward Heaven which li^Tng faith 
Makes kno^^i, dear Lord ! through Thee. 

;} In hearts that truly love 

Faith lives, and there alone ; 
And sings the Word she heard above, 
Before the Sa^dor's throne. 

3 O vestal Angel ! white 

As flowers in God's right hand ! 
Bear witness in our hearts to-night 
Of wisdom's holy land. 

4 What crowns of sacred fire 

Adorn the Savior's brow, 
What joys the Heavenly Hosts inspire, 
Reveal mthin us now. 


1.79-GOD'S TE^EPLE. 

L. M. 

1 Pour out thy inmost love like wie, 
If tliou M'ouldst rise to life divine ; 
And let thy Savior in thee plan, 

If thou Avouldst be the Christian man. 

2 Though temples fall, and creeds decay. 
Build f lith and worship in the day ; 
Until thy deeds around thee stand. 
Like Ano'els at the Lord's riHit haiul. 

o o 

3 Work with a calm and patient trust ; 
Virtue shall blossom from the dust ; 
Her pyramid of toil shall be 

A land-mark to eternity. 

4 Sweet springs the rose to meet God's eye 
In gardens of the upper sky ; 

Sweet human love ! thou too slialt bloom 
For faithful hearts beyond the tondj. 


6'S AND 5'S M. 

1 Zoroaster dieth 

In liis magii's loss : 
Low Confucius lieth, 
All his gold is dross : 


2 ^Mecca's prophet waiieth 
Like his crescent moon : 
Brahma's Lid' complaineth, 
"" Xight is coming soon." 

S O there's weeping, wailing 
Round the shrines of old ; 
Christ alone prevailing, 
Shepherd of the fold ! 

4 Souls of saints ascended 
Lift the joyful cry, 
'' Sorrow's night is ended 
Truth and mercy nigh." 


p. M. 

1 When the bosom sings, 
Like a dove, whose winofs 

Infold in its nest of love, 
Then the Lord's own peace 
Gives the heart release 

To the joys of the world above. 


2 When the heart complains. 
In its anguish-pains, 

AVliile it longs for tlie home on high, 
'Tis a sign of grace, — 
In the Lord's embrace 

The sins that have grieved Ilhn die. 

3 When the soul aspires, 
In the pure desires 

Of the love by the Angels known. 
Then she finds her wings. 
And she soars and sings. 

To her rest in the Savior's throne. 

162 -THE C03riXG AGE. 

L. M. 

1 With three-fold arch the glory-bow 
Encompasses the world below. 

And bright, Avithin its shining s})here, 
Tlie tiiumplis of the Word appear. 

2 Set like a star in morning gold, 
God's mercy doth the earth enfold, 
And Mercy's Heaven, around its breast, 
Whids the sweet robe of inward rest. 


Celestial Angels all descend 

The discords of the .-oiil to end ; 

'' Glory to God !" tliey sing, and then 

They gently whisper, " Peace to men V\ 

How bright the sons of peace appear I 
What holy joys attest them near ! 
They sow bright flowers that all may see ; 
And hallow faith ^ith charity. 

Celestial Angels I calm and still, 
Life's golden nrn with joy they fill : 
Eternal love their toil inspires ; 
They labor on till sin expires. 

God's faithful ones ! miwearied they 
For Zion's children watch and pray ; 
And fill the glorious arch above 
With sentinels of light and love. 


ll'S AND lO'S M. 

1 When flowers, from incense cups, at morn 

are pouring 

Their fragrant offering to the skies above, 

Awake, with humble heart, the Lord adoring, 

And, loving, praise Him, for His name is 



1 / hy:mxs of 

2 Go to the lonely chamber of affliction, 

Go to the couch of suifering and death, 
And to the mourner waft a benediction 
That Heaven breathes down with lips of 

3 Bear with the pride, the doubt thy message 

scorning ; 
Bear with the blind, the God-light who 
despise ; 
For patient sufferance heralds on the morning, 
And thine own faith shall make thy brothers 

4 With thee the Angels march ! their steps 

they measure 
By duty's pulse ; their love descends in 
Seek not the world's applause, the body's 
pleasure ; 
Thy joy shall grow tlirough works of use 
.5 So slialt thou Avin at last a spirit-mansion, 
On that briglit hill-top which all Heavens 
And, growing Godlike with thy soul's 
In the full image of thy Lord be found. 



C. M. 

1 By night resounds a mystic strain ; 

The Heavens, Avith one accord, 
Ai'e chanting, in a sweet retrain, 
That Christ alone is Lord. 

2 TVe hear them sing ; so once, of old, 

Upon the advent morn, 
Angelic strains, from Heaven that rolled, 
Proclaimed a Savior born. 

3 "With folded palms of inward rest 

We worship, while tliey sing. 
Then feel His love A\ithin the breast, 
And own Him Lord and Kino*. 


C. M. 

1 When children to Lnmanuel came. 

Their outer forms He blest. 
And lit their spirits with a flame. 
Of love divine possest. 

2 So, in the Church beloAv, we give 

Our blessed ones and sweet, 
His ^Vord to know. His life to li\e. 
And blossom at His feet. 


3 Great God ! ^vlio didst of old descend, 

In childhood's image known, 
Let Guardian Love their steps attend 
Till they are all Thine OA\'n : 

4 Enshrine Thy virtues in the breast, 

Till, free from earthly art, 
Tliey speak the thoughts Thou hast imprest 
By love witliin the heart. 


6 L. L. M. 

1 Why should we shrink, or fear to die ? 
'Tis Christ, the Lord, who standeth by : 
His love dissolves this mortal chain : 
Our light affliction turns to gain : 

A peaceful slumber seals the eyes : 
We wake with Him in Paradise. 

2 So would we live that death shall come 
At last to lead our spirits lunne, 
Witli livx^s to faith and virtue wed, 
Witli liearts on heavenly manna fed. 
Till, gently as the dawning day. 

The Savior bears our souls away. 


o Only as we our sins forsake, 
And to the life of use awake, 
Are we prepared to live or die. 
On eaith to dwell or in the sky ; 
And Christ shall in the heart appear 
When we have done His biddincr here. 


12'3 AND 9'3 M. 

1 In the garden of beauty the faith-blossoni 

In the garden of beauty alone ; 
With the heart of the grape, and the lips of 
the rose ; 
And the song of the spheres m its tone. 

2 And its petals have eyes, and its leaflets have 

wings ; 
And its voice is all tender and true ; 
And an inward delio-ht is the sons; that it 
sings ; 
And its fruits with the seasons are new. 


3 'Tis the flower of tlie Angels ! they pluck it 

to wear 
111 the garlands they gather on high ; 
And the breath of its fragrance is music and 
prayer ; 
And its loveliness never may die. 

4 But it grows not where Hate with his north 

wind is keen ; 
And the senses look vainly to find ; 
And the light of its beauty may never be seen 
By the wise, who in selfliood are blind. 

5 And it withers from sight when the frost 

spirit comes 
From the Icelands of envy and wrath ; 
And the proud find it not, Avhere their palace 

built homes 
Mark the death-miles of poverty's path. 

G 'Tis the flower of the lowly, the poor and the 
The chihlren of sorrow and loss ; 
And they find it alone who are humble and 
In the garden that groAvs by the cross. 

spirjTUAL DEvonox. 175 


L. M. 

I VTe ask not what our li: c 

^^liL-n beiiig wiiLS an amiJie lield : 
The glories of fiiturity 

Lord ! are m Tliy love concealed. 

'2 TTe are but dovelets in the nest^ 
And see as yet vdth filmy eyes, 
But feel above Thy Spiiit's breast, 

And, tru^ing Thee, are more than wise. 

3 So, day by day, the manna fell, 

So, night by night, the guiding flame, 
And, from the rock, the cooling well, 
To ancient Israel duly came. 

4 With constant strength for constant needs, 

Thou still descendest, Lord ! and we 

Plant fi'om Thy hand the fruitful seeds, 
That shaU become om* futm'e*s tree. 


L. M. 

1 Once Duty came and inly said, 

*" Pluck thou a staff from sorrow's tree, 
Sit Avith me in misfortune's shed. 
For I have words to sav to thee. 

1 i b HYMNS OF 

2 " Behold these rude and rugged bars, 

Where the bleak north wind fiercely bl()\\s ; 
Forsake for them the southern stars, 
Where balmy airs caress tlie rose. 

3 " Resign that gay and courtly dress, 

Take from thy brow that shining crown, 
And let these thorns thy temples press, 
And sit in robes of sackcloth down. 

4 "All that the Man of Sorrows bore 

Thy si^irit's portion still must be ; 
Give up thy Avealth of golden ore, 
Accept a martyr's poverty." 

5 I yielded all : my selfhood gave 

Its fame and glory all away ; 
Ambition found a nameless grave. 
And pride became to dust a prey. 

6 ]N"ew life, new love, for nobler ends. 

Out from that dying anguisli broke : 
" Now tite inspiring fire descends," 
A Sovereign Voice within me spoke. 

V Lit witli tliat Pentecostal flame 
I woke my nobler self to find ; 
And use directs my every aim ; 
And Christ is presc^nt in the mind. 



6 L, 6's M. 

1 Out, from the sky-spaces, 
Shine ever the faces 

Of Heroes and Sages; — 
Eternity's Ages 
In music roll o'er us, 
And beckon before us. 

2 Souls steadfast and golden. 
In God-light enfolden, 
Cry loud to us, blinded 
AVith earth-dust, be minded 
Like Him who ascended 
The cross, and grave rended. 

3 But deeper, and clearer. 
And farther, and nearer. 
And round us, and in us, 
He speaks, who, to ^vm us 
To God-life inmaortal, 
Out-shone through buth's portal. 

4 And over Death's river 
The Faith- Angel ever, 
In glory uplifted, 
Bring heroes, love-gifted, 
Whose hearts, to God given, 
Were pregnant with Heaven. 



S. H. M. 

1 Our demon foes retire 

When all the selfhood dies : 
Help lis, O Lord ! in combats dire, 

To seek the heavenly prize ; 
Till conquered evil falls, and we 
Gain, through Thy love, the victory. 

2 The raven birds of sin 

Are vanquished by the dove ; 
Light breaks o'er all the Avorld within 

From Thy prevailing love ; 
And thrice refined through fervent heat, 
A golden manhood shines complete. 

3 Vainly the demons rage ; 

Tln-ough shades of night afar 
They vanish, while our souls engage 

In Love's redeeming war : 
We find at last, upon the field. 
The crown of life, the cross concealed. 

4 Not for our joys alone 

O Lord ! Thy name we praise : 
For trials, by Thy children known. 

We lift our solemn lays ; 
Steps, in the path of promise shown, 
They brighten to Lnmanuel's throne. 




[ O'er tlelds, bedewed with wasting snoAv. 
Behold ! a Sower went to sow. 
He sowed the drops of livmg blood, 
The tears within His eyes that stood, — 
Then vanished ! for the harvest we 
To-day reap faith and charity, — 
That lield the world, that Sower's name 
The Christ, of old to save who came. 

2 Lord of the harvest ! Thou dost stand 
To-day within the reaping band : 
And still another soon shall glow 

Thro' hearts where Thou Thy love dost sow : 

From sunken ridges in the field 

A nobler growth shall stand revealed, 

Till the immortal sheaflets wave. 

O'er evil's tomb and sorrow's grave. 

3 Come, thou great Sower ! come and sow. 
In hearts that ope to Thee below. 

The fruitful corn, the generous vine 
Of truth and mercy all divine : 
O shed Thy Holy Spirit's grace ; 
Through all our lives Thy steps retrace ; 
Until at last Thy Angels come, 
And in us reap the harvest home. 


173.- THE LOST 

6 L. L. M. 

1 Through gate^vays of angelic birtli 
Our mward essence flows to earth ; 
Our being Avins its form divine 

From Him who dwells within its shrine : 
But all our gold is changed to clay 
If from His law we turn away. 

2 Without the soul the dust is dead ; 
The soul, to Love Divine unwed, 
Lost in the selfliood, finds its place 
Li stormy realms of nether space, 
Where evil hearts like meteors glow 
Li firmaments of hate below. 

3 All is delusive there that seems, — 
A mirage-land of mocking dreams ; 
Its joy a woe ; its wild delight 

A fevered phantom of the night ; 
Its love a cheat ; its knowledge lies ; 
Its friends deceivers in disguise. 

4 Tliere, tolling like a judgment bell. 
Dead conscience rings its burial knell ; 
And spirits, inly lost, appear 

The gods and heroes of their sphere ; 
Till insight from the Lord is given 
To know them by the light of Heaven. 


Yet God is Love ! He smites them not ! 
They choose their own unholy lot. 
Rejecting Him, their bosom-guest, 
They plunge to torment and unrest. 
He fain would bless them, but the will 
Rebels against His mercy still. 


L, M. 

1 Forget the world, if thou wouldst be 
An Angel of the least degree ; 

Return, through childhood's peaceful door. 
To inward Eden's tranquil shore. 

2 Stormy and dark, thy outward life 

May lead through scenes ^\Tth sorrow rife ; 
Serene and calm, thy soul shall rest 
Within a lo^ving Savior's breast. 

^k 3 His blissful peace shall take away 
^B The barriers to thy onward way, 
^F And, through thy heart, diifuse a balm, 
t^ The discords of mankind to calm. 


182 nYzvrxs of 

4 Be true to that Redectning Friend : 
His voice to thine sliall music lend ; 

His lieart through tliine shall sa}', " Be still." 
To every wave of human will. 

5 Sweet Mercy's pulse in thine shall heat ; 
And holy ends direct thy feet ; 

Till Angels own thy work divuie, 
And see thy Savior's life in thine. 


C. M. 

1 Thrice glorious on the mountains now 

Jerusalem shall rise, 
And bear upon her virgin brow 
The Word that fills the skies. 

2 The Lord shall rear her temple's gate, 

And build her shrines of gold ; 
And there appear, in shining state, 
The Shepherd of the fold. 

3 He comes to men of loving will 

To make them all His own ; 
He guides them to His holy liill, 
And feeds them from His throne. 


4 They hunger not for earthly bread ; 
With thirst they faint no more ; 
But from the Word their hearts are fed, 
While they by love adore. 

•5 " He is the way, the truth, the life,'- 
They cry, with one accord, 
" He saves the world from sin and strife : 
Hosanna to the Lord !" 


L. M. 

1 Where is the Church of God below ? 
'Tis where the holy Angels go. 
And find an humble, trusting band 
Upon the hills of worship stand. 

2 In love to God they all are one ; 
They glow like Angels in the sun, 
While mind and heart and life agree 
In faith and use and charity. 

3 They have no bond of party strife, 
But each, in holiness of life. 
Esteems his brother's good his o^vn. 
And makes his heart Messiah's throne. 


4 Tlie ancients of tlie Age of Gold 
Encamp around that rising fold : 

The Lord Himself their truth inspires. 
And dwells within their pure desires. 

5 This was the Church the Lord foreknew 
The first and last, the ever new, 

Of every star the purest gem. 
The beautiful Jerusalem. 


L. M. 

1 The blooming May returns again, 

The mating birds delight the grove ; 
In paths untrod by mortal men, 

Far from the world, to-day we rove. 

2 In lovhig mind and lieart sincere 

The flowers of Eden we espy ; 
While in the bosom-land appear 
Those Eden-birds that never die. 

3 We find the Lord where'er we dwell : 

In outer eartli His footsteps trace : 
The fixiries in the cowslip bell 

Add to the flowers a tender grace : 

SPIRITUAL deyotio:n'. Ibo 

4 The soiil of Xature lives and breathevS 

In piu'er foiTos than vre can see : 
The spiiits of the budding leaves 

Theii* worship whisper, Lord I to Thee. 

5 We wake by night : the silver moon 

Holds voices in her mystic sphere ; 
And, in the feiwid rays of noon, 
A viewless multitude are near, 

6 Where'er we turn believing eyes, 

Below, above, T^dthin, abroad, 
Realms of celestial life arise. 

With us to love and woi^hip God. 


1 Children are gifts of Love Divine : 
Theii* hearts unfold from Christ the vine ; 
" Behold," the Lord of glory cries, 

^' These infant lambs of Paradise." 

2 To mercy, peace and purity, 

Li these baptismal waters, we 

Give the fair spirit from above, 

Born of the Lord's creative love. 


8 Witli mercy may lier breast be sweet ; 
May peace lead forth her tender feet ; 
And purity enfold her in 
The Eden that the Angels win. 

179-HTMr OP BridAL 

4'3 4'S AND 6'S M. 

Dust to the dust ! 

In tender trust, 
Dear Mother Earth, alone, 

Take life's disguise ; — 

The spirit flies 
To joys by Angels knoAvn. 

In music bow. 

Sweet Angels, now ; 
Sing, while the Lord inspires : 

Another hand. 

In Morning-land, 
Has touched those shining lyres. 

In seven-fold cliord 

Praise ye the Lord, 
Beside the golden gate : 

Another guest. 

To Jesus' breast, 
Ascends in holy state. 


With rapture sing ; — 

While here T\'e bring 
Tlie dust unto its own, 

Another star, 

Li Heaven afar, 
Is made an Ano-el's tlii'one. 


p. M. 

1 All my heart is in me yearnmg ; — 

Home flies the dove ; — 
Home to Christ the Lord returning, 

Home to His love. 
Seek no longer to detain me, 
Earthly sins no more may chain me. 
Mortal shades no more restrain me ;- 

Home flies the dove. 

2 Growing whiter, growing fairer, — 

Christ is within, — 
Weary heart, sad burden bearer, 

Rest thou dost win. 
All His griefs are sent to prove me. 
All His beauty opes above me, 
All His Angels come to love me ; — 

Christ is mthin. 


3 Where tlie mourning ones are sighing, 

There flies the dove, 
Where the desolate are dymg 

Breathing its love ; 
While the Lord His grace discloses, 
•Changing all then* tears to roses, 
And the weary one reposes, — 

There flies the dove. 

4 Whiter grow my spnit's pinions ; — 

Christ is within. 
Purer glow the heart's dominions. 

Free from their sin. 
Singing now with angel-pleasure, 
Time no more my joys shall measure, 
Love is my immortal treasure ; — 

Christ is within. 

181 -WINTER. 

6 L. L. M. 

1 Beyond the winter's drifted snow 
The love-land roses freshly blow ; 
While here we breathe the icy air 
Soft flow the liquid halm-winds there ; 
While here we feel the driving sleet 
There fruits and flowers the vision meet. 


But colder, keener far, within. 
The arctic frost, where strife and sin 
Have quenched the heart's diviner fires 
"With sordid thoughts and base desires ; 
Death reigns o'er all the gloomy breast, 
In icy robes of selfhood drest. 

Lord of the seasons I Thou who art 
Enthroned in summer's inmost heart ; 
O shed abroad Thy life m me, 
Till faith and use and charity 
Make my reviving bosom smile 
Like some immortal Spirit-isle. 

let me dwell, from strife afar, 
AYith Mercy in her southern star. 
Inhale Religion's fragrant airs, 
And feel the bliss my Sa^aor shares. 
Till all my winter melts away 
Li Love's eternal summer day. 

182- THE DinXE WORD. 

L. M. 

The Word is like the stars by night 
In every page such mercies shine 

That Angels in it find theii' light. 
And see the Sun of truth divine. 

190 , HYMNS OF 

2 In awe they gatlier, while we trace 

The sacred theme, and with us find 
A glory from the Savior's face, 
A voice from His Eternal Mind. 

3 Such power abides within its leaves 

•That Faith beholds a fiery scroll. 
Where every truth its essence breathes, 
While God is present with the soul. 



All the stars of night are portals 

To the city of the skies. 
And the radiant Immortals 

From their blessed spheres arise : 
But the earth is dark and dreary ; 

She hath fallen from her throne. 
And, with bleeding feet and Aveary, 

She is wandering alone. 

Filled her eyes with dyhig vapors, 
Cold her heart with loss of good, 

And her thoughts but midnight tapers 
In an arctic solitude : 


She is dying, and the nations 

Melt away like frozen breath ; 
And her passing generations 

Throng tlie shades of inner death. 
Few are they who love the brother ; 

Lust of self the world enslaves ; 
They are leading one another 

To the deserts and the graves : 
But the mighty Lord hath spoken 

And the earth shall rise agam ; 
And the chains shall all be broken 

That have bound the souls of men. 
Earth shall be the gate of Heaven, 

And the good shall never die : 
And His Spirit shall be given ; 

And His seed shall multiply : 
He shall gather from His labors 

With an infinite increase, 
Till the nations beat their sabres 

To the prunmg-hooks of peace. 


C. M. 

1 We shall be conquerors at last 
In cities of the skies, 
When all our days of toil are past, 
And Jesus bids us rise 


2 For this our souls by day aspire, 

For this by night we pray, 
While still from Pleaven a shhiing choir 
Attend our pilgrim way. 

3 O God of patience ! God of peace ! 

Let Heaven begin below. 
From darkness give our minds release, 
In light Thy Angels know. 

4 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. 

Thy mercy shine abroad. 
Till all our feet are swift to run 
With messao-es of God. 


ll'S AND lO'S M. 

1 Rich gems of beauty, stars of liglit excelling, 
Grow from tlie flowers of faith's immortal 
tree : 
The pi'ophet mind, eternal bUss foretelling. 
Walks in the dawn that Heaven alone may 


2 We are but parts of that eternal mansion 
That God is building for His sf)irit's-home ; 
And they who serve Him m the mind's 
Are set like smis m its eifulgent dome 

o Knowledge from virtue ripens, bearing beauty 
And joy and peace and Heaven within its 
fruit ; 
And faithful souls call through the keys of 
The song of songs breathed from Messiah's 

4 Xo vision of inspired imagination, 

Xo outward picture of the earth or skies, 
Reveals the wonders of that new creation 
God buildeth in the minds of cherubs wise. 

5 We may be Angels ; must be, if we treasure, 

And will, and do, the wisdom of the Word: 
First knowing God in grief it grows to 
\nd we become the temples of the Lord. 




p. M. 

1 Where the Heaven of the Dove, 
With its heart of love, 

Is l)reathiiig its bliss divine, 

Hath my loved one gone, — 
I shall follow on 

Till her bosom-peace is mine. 

2 Where the red rose springs, 
And the myrtle clings 

To the love-fruits of the vine, 

T shall find delight, 

In the tranquil night, 
With her heart like a dove in mine. 

S All is beauty there, — 

In the perfumed air 
The stars of the Angels shine ; 

I shall build my bowers, 

In the morning hours. 
From the rays of song they twine. 

4 Where my loved one's breast. 

Like a dovelet's nest. 
Responds to the joys of mhie, 

I shall praise the Lord, 

With a sweet accord. 
In a sono' of songs divine. 



ll'S AND lO'S M. 

J We shall awake, the dust of earth forsaking, 
In peerless mansions of the holy skies ; 
To day, by faith, of angel-food partaking 
Through gates of praise our souls to 
Heaven arise. 

2 Love of the world too long in chains hath 

bound us : 
Give us, O Lord ! while here our hearts 

To see the heavenly wonders that surround us: 
O lead us there through faith's translucent 


3 Give us to run, with feet that cannot weary, 

Through the bright paths of losing use 
Lighting the lamps of faith along the dreary 
Pathways of trial where the mourners go : 

4 Give us, with all Thy beautiful, pure Angels, 

To hold communion, till we grow, like them. 
Wise in the spirit of Thy true evangels. 
And dwellers in Thy Xew Jerusalem. 


5 With John may we behold the light elysiaii 

Whose rainbow galaxies enfold Thy throne; 
Till, known by love, each pure and holy ^^sion, 
Translated into life, becomes our oAvn. 

6 So shall we labor, clothed in sweet afiections, 

Thy kingdom to up-build, from self made 

Chanting Tliy love, revealing Thy perfections, 
And leadhig home the wandering heart to 



p. M. 

When the dews of rest, 

From the starry west, 
Bring the outward world's repose — 

Then the gates unbar 

Of the morning star. 
In the Spirit-east that gloAVS. 

So, by day and night, 

If Av^e live ariglit, 
Shall a two-fohl life be ours ; 

We rise from our dreams 

Where the morning beams 
O'er the land of the fadeless flowers. 



When the Lord draws near 

To the bosom-sphere, 
We sliall wake to a uew-born love, 

And our souls go forth 

To a fairer earth 
Where the Savior dwells above. 

We shall blossoms be 

On the Eden tree. 
Where the angel-stars outshine, 

And our hearts unclose, 

Like the first-born rose, 
Witli an endless life divme. 


L. M. 

1 I own my Sador all divine ; 

He lights the sacred fires, that shine 
To guide me to the world above ; 
He is the all of truth and love. 

2 P'orevermore, for evermore. 

My heart recalls His mercies o'er, 
But, while I coimt, they multiply, 
Like milky spaces in the sky, 


3 His mercies roll beneath my feet ; 
Where heaven and earth witliin me meet 
I take my place, and gaze abroad, 

And find my spirit-life m God. 

4 Beyond the inmost Angel's ken 
Roll systems of immortal men : 
Beyond the outmost angel-sphere 

In shining march new Heavens appear. 

5 But still my Savior thinks of me, 
And I, through endless days, shall be 
Dear to His heart as if I were 

Of every star the only heir, 

6 Great God ! and shall I ever turn, 
In base desires Thy life to spurn ? 
O keep me, lest invading ill 
Should make me e'er forget Thy will. 


8'3 AND 7'S M. 

1 Oft, when storms of j^ain are rolling, 
And I cross the fiery sea. 
Comes a voice, my heart consoling, 
" Jesus loves me, even me !" 


2 Wlieii I sink, oppressed witli anguish, 

Comes tliat voice along the sea, 
Quickening all the poAvers that languish, 
"Jesus loves me, even me !" 

3 O that great inspiring Presence ! 

How He stills my bosom-sea ! 
Breathing there His mercy's essence, 
"Jesus loves me, even me !" 

4 Faith reveals her starlit heaven 

Gentlest music lulls the sea ; 
Vails that hide the Lord are riven ; 
" Jesus loves me, even me !" 

5 Life is near, and earth is fleeting ; 

Soon, beyond the stormy sea, 
I shall Tvake, in bliss, repeating, 
" Jesus loves me, even me !" 



1 Quench, O Lord ! the base desire 
That consumes me ^^ith its fire : 
Utterly abolish sin : 
Puiify my heart T\^thin : 

200 HYIMKS 01 

Till, in love of good re-born, 
Like an Angel of the morn, 
Glorified in life divine, 
I am Thine, forever Thine. 

2 While the hosts of night retire 
All my inner life inspire, 

Till, in charity complete, 
I repose at Jesns' feet ; 
Like a little lamb find rest 
In my Savior's loving breast ; 
In His blessed peace repose ; 
Follow Him where'er He goes. 

3 Savior ! write Thy holy name 
In my every end and aim. 
Be my only motive still 

To obey Thy Word and will. 
Then, when earthly day expires, 
Lead me to the angel-choirs. 
Joining with them where they sing 
Praise to Christ, the Angel's kmg. 


p. M. DOUHLE. 

1 Till the dnst is removed 

We may suffer and grieve, 
Yet oui* faith is but i)roved 
By the foes who deceive, 


While we clasp the bright record 

That fell from the skies, 
And fix on the Savior 

Unwavering eyes. 

2 Come forth from your darkness, 

Ye hosts of despair ! 
For the sword of the spirit 

Against you is bare. 
Ye may smite, ye may strive, 

But the Lord sets us free ; 
And the joys of His love 

We in glory shall see. 

3 Roll the terrors of hate 

From the night of your spheres ; 
"We shall conquer at last 

By our suppliant tears. 
For the Lord in our weakness 

A victor shall prove, 
And we shall find rest 

In the arms of His love. 


S. H. M. 

1 To States of holy rest, 
O spirit ! come away ! 
And there with Jesus in thy breast, 
Li peace abide alway ; 


Come to the sweet delights He gives ; 
Enjoy the very life He lives. 

2 He pities all thy woes ; 

To Him thy prayers arise ; 
His bosom opes to give repose ; 

He lights thy darkened eyes : 
Give up the self that would molest, 
And, serving Hun, forever rest. 

3 Though storms may sweep the main, 

And angry billows roar. 
Peace, with her sweet refrain. 

Sings on the summer shore : 
O make the Lord's affections thine, 
And find repose in love divine. 

4 In Him the Angels dwell ; 

They hear His guiding voice ; 
But He is found on earth as Avell, 

Where loving hearts rejoice. 
When thou canst love the Lord alone 
His perfect peace shall be thine owm. 


194, fairtes avd doves. 


1 Tlie bee Tvithin the Ijlossom sings 

When summer airs are sweet, 
While fragrance gathers round his wings, 

And bathes his happy feet : 
So, in the blossoms of the Word 

Our spirits, like the bee, 
Would feed upon Thy truth, O Lord I 

And love and worship Thee. 

2 The fairies build their bridal bowers 

Within the budding rose, 
And tiirill with love the tender flowers 

Till all their sweets unclose : 
So, when the graces of the skies 

Within our hearts we hold. 
The fragrant flowers of Paradise 

In deathless bloom unfold. 

3 As callow doves ^-ith rapture thrill, 

Beneath their mother's breast. 
Dear Lord I our hearts lie calm and still. 

Beneath Thy love at rest. 
Thy Holy Spirit folds its T^nngs 

Our earthly life above. 
And sweetly in the bosom sinews 

Of Thy redeeming love. 



8'S, 8'S AND 7'S M. 

1 Throiigli Thee, O Lord ! the midnight vail, 
That Avi-aj)s the senses, till they fail 

From heavenly things, is riven : 
Thoii dost those pearly gates mibar 
That ope to every peopled star, 

And each immortal Heaven. 

2 Tlie mind is formed hi three degrees ; 
And earth and atmosphere and seas 

To each Thy Mind hath given : 
And, through the three-fold realms above, 
We pass, trimnphant in Thy love. 

And taste the joys of Heaven. 

3 In mansions bright with living gold 
Our angel-kindred we behold. 

Who wake the octaves seven, 
Of that sweet song that nerves the will 
To do the Savior's bidding still. 

And win mankind to Heaven. 

4 Beneath the beauteous Eden-trec 
In that celestial clime Ave see 

The Word to Angels given, 
And hear a Voice Divine within. 
That bids us toil below, to win 

The blissful peace of Heaven. 


p. ii. 

O when shall we behold 

That city, all of gold, 
Foreseen m vision from the ancient days, 

Wliere charity shall reign, 

And mercy's blest refrain 
Rear the bright gates in harmonies of praise? 

When shall the nations come. 

Beneath its burning dome 
To find the Lord, and bow before BQs feet ? 

When shall celestial fire 

Consume each base desire, 
And purify the world with fervid heat ? 

When shall the rebel host. 

Who throng the cloudy coast 
Of evil, fly, despoiled of power to wound ; 

While peace and love, once more, 

Re-ope the heavenly door. 
And t rees of life spring forth on mortal ground? 

Witliin Thy Word we see, 

O Lord ! the prophecy ; 

And for it wait, and cry, with one accord, 

" All Holy One ! again 

Descend and dwell with men. 

Till all mankind are brethren in the Lord." 



L. M. 

1 Children are roses in the hand, 

And stars that gem the nuptial band : 
They are celestial flowers, dropt down 
From inmost Heaven's conjugial crown. 

2 Soft smiling, with a tender grace, 
Through their material forms we trace 
The infant Angel's mystic charms ; — 
They wake, they smile from God's own arms. 

-') To fixith and insight they appear 
Surrounded by Messiah's sphere ; 
Three Heavens above the cradle bend, 
While truth and peace their steps attend. 

4 Savior ! their outward forms alone 
Are ours, their s|)irits are Thine own : 
Then sanctify and thrice retine 

The dust that holds these doves of Thine : 

5 Till soul and substance, heart and breast, 
By Thee inspired, illumed, possest. 
From evil pure, from error free. 
Bloom to immortal youth iu Thee. 



p. M. 

1 From the Heaven of the Rose, 
"\^"heIl the south ^\'ind blows, 

Aiid the crimson stars out-shuie, 
Comes an Angel's pravei', 
On the sabbath ak, 

With a music all divine. 

2 With the heart it blends. 
While the dove descends. 

And T^'ith spirit hands we twhie 

A wreath of prayer 

From the roses there. 
That bloom in the Love Di^dne : 

3 And our brows vre wreathe. 
And our vows we breathe. 

To the Lord in His holy shrine ; 
Till the rose of prayer 
Fills the sabbath air 
With a fraoTance all divuie. 


L. M. 

1 A maiden came, to eaith unknown ; 
She bore a bright, celestial rod. 
Plucked from those trees of life alone 
That blossom in the climes ol God. 


2 She waved her wand, and, far away, 

The clouds of grief and anguish rolled, 
While Heaven grew clear with dawning day, 
And earth inspired a joy untold. 

3 T'was Faith the Angel, who awoke 

The blinded earth with love divme. 
O Lord ! Thy presence we invoke 
To-day within the bosom-shrine : 

4 Send the bright maiden from the skies, 

That we, in singleness of aim. 
May see the truth without disguise. 
And glow in heart with mercy's flame. 


L. M. 

1 Deep in the heart, Thy hands have laid, 

O Lord ! the temple's corner stone. 

Here shall Thy love the soul pervade, 

Here Thy eternal Word be known. 

2 From sordid thoughts and base desires 

To Zion's hight our souls have trod. 
O shed abroad Thy Spirit's fires 
And own us Thine, All-seeing God ! 



S Make Thou this temple, where we meet. 
All Eden, where the An q; el-host 
INIay with us hovv', in union sweet 
With Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

4 O lift our hearts tlie world above, 

TThile here the selfhood finds its grave ; 
And may we feel Thy constant love, 
A light to guide, a life to save. 


6 L. T"s M. 

Lord ! Thy Church hath never lost 
Fiery tongues of pentecost. 
Faith that works by love may elahn 
Ever Thy inspiring flame ; 
Heart and mind and life may be 
Lit with fires of charity. 

All that holy Angels feel 

Through beheving hearts may steal, 

Melting, with a sweet accord, 

All our being in the Lord ; 

Till in mercy's path we move, 

Burning with the Savior's love. 


3 God of peace ! Tliyself impart : 
Gently breathe witliiii tlie heart : 
Break the stern opj^ressor's bow : 
Lay the hosts of Satan low : 
Drive our gloomy fears afar : 

On us rest, Thou Morning Star ! 

4 May we all, from day to day, 
Follow Thee, who art the way, 
Wresting from despair's embrace 
Brethren of our mortal race. 
Pouring in the oil and wine 

Of a Savior's love divine. 


lO'S M. 

1 This is the dawn of that auspicious time 
Foretold by prophet bards of eld sublime. 
Earth, like a maniac to his mind restored, 
Returns in truth and mercy to the Lord. 

2 Tlie rebel genii of infernal spheres 

Make bright their swoi'ds and sharp their 

burning spears ; 
One chihl from Heaven shall put them all to 

flight; — 
But see the countless Armies of the right ! 


3 We praise Thee, Father ! Thine the light and 

That fill the world with morning from above. 
Bright are the Angel-hosts that round us shine, 
But all their glory is forever Thme. 

4 Open Thy Word to men of loving will, 
And, A\dth celestial fires, their bosoms thrill ; 
Inspire their hearts, and ope their minds to see 
The Word, the Heavens, the universe in Thee. 

5 Help us to labor, as the Angels pray ; 
In paths of charity direct our way 
And, as the love of self within us dies. 
Translate us, in Thine image, to the skies. 


L. M. 

1 Dark is the hour when sinners die : 

What terrors mark their final end ? 
Blank horror gazes from the sky. 

And spectral shades above them bend. 

2 Hate is its own avenger still ; 

And vice, the serpent, turns and stings : 
Lust gathers back its bosom-ill ; 
Deceit its own perdition brings. 


3 Vain are the refuges of lies ; 

Death reaps the ripened fields of sin ; 
And, when the fixed oppressor dies, 
His own transgressions fold him in. 

4 Time passes like a flying cloud ; — 

O soul ! to God for refuge flee : 
Weave not thine own immortal shroud ; 
Plunge not beneath destruction's sea. 

5 The Lord, from age to age the same, 

Is mercy, patience, peace and love ; 
But evil flies o'er fields of flame. 
Fixed in its hate for thino-s above. 



1 How beauteous on the mountains now 

The temples of the skies. 
With crowns of sunrise on the brow, 

Rejoice our inward eyes. 
Though earth may seem all desolate, 

We lift our hearts above. 
And })ass, tlirough faith's triumphal gate, 

To realms of perfect love. 


2 But open, Lord ! this sabbath hour, 

The temple gates withm, 
And give us, through Thy Spirit's power, 

Thy blessed peace to "win : 
Here may we find that Holy Land 

For which our bosoms pine, 
With earnest will and faithful hand. 

And hearts forever Thine. 

3 Then, while the sweet, celestial chimes. 

From heart to heart ring on, 
Pour through our inmost bosom-climes 

Thy spirit's benison ; 
Till all our souls with Thine imite, 

And all our thoughts, possest 
Of life divine. Thy praise recite. 

Like Ang^els in the breast. 

205.— THE DOVES. 

1 The morning light is passing sweet 
When holy Angels T^ith us meet ; 
Soft folded in their peaceful nest 
The doves of Heaven deli^'ht the breast. 


2 This sabbath morn, Lord ! descend, 
AVliile gentlest Angels with us blend ; 
And, free from schemes of earthly art, 
May each find doves ^\dthm the lieart. 

3 And while within Thy Word we read, 
And while before Thy throne we plead, 
And while the gifts of praise we brmg. 
Still may the doves within us sing ; 

4 Till, seen by Thee, we all api^ear. 
In blended fliith and love shicere. 

Like that sweet Heaven that sings above, 
Whose Anojels own Messiali's dove. 


ll'S AND lO'S M. 

1 We wait on God, within Plis temple kneeling. 

Descend, Thou Spirit ! on us like the dove. 

May each, a Savior's heart within him feeling, 

Blend with his brethren in fraternal love. 

2 Sweet are the ties that holy Angels cherish, 

And loving hearts in Christ together flow ; 
To-day, dear Lord ! may strife and envy perish. 
Till we become one family below. 


3 Let charity, in every breast prevailing, 

Transform our lives in imao;e of Thine own : 
Help us to overcome our every failing, 
And in us fix Thy everlasting throne. 

4 Destroy, we pray, that sphere of isolation 

Where virtues perish and affections die : 
May each in Thee become a new creation, 
And blend m oneness with the saints en 

5 O strike from every heart the icy fetter ; 

Awake the Angel in the breast that sings : 
Loving each other, we shall love Thee better, 
Till every chord of life in music rings. 


L. M. 

1 In every garden stands the cross ; 

'Tis built from sorrow's thorny tree ; 
And there, in fellowship of loss, 
O Lord ! our souls remember Thee. 

H We are not saved through joy alone. 
But sorrow leads us to the tree ; 
And there, in mercy's inward tone. 
Thy S])irit says, " Remember me !" 


3 Beneath that cross we find the crown ; 
We die to self on sorrow's tree ; 
We lay oui- every burden down, 
And then, dear Lord ! remember Thee. 


L. M. 

1 The zephyr in the pine tree sings, 
The dove has music in its wings. 
The night-wind bears a murmur by 
That echoes from eternity. 

2 'Tis echo-land, this painted shell. 
This outward world we love so well : 
The thoughts, that on the senses die, 
Are echoes from eternity. 

3 Our hearts respond witliin the breast, 
To Thee, dear Lord ! our hnnost guest. 
The joys we know Thy presence by 
Are echoes from eternity. 

4 The fiiends we love from sense depart, 
But oft we feel them through the heart ; 
Their words, dropt down from realms on liigh, 
Are echoes from eternity. 



5 The beams through Xatnre's face that shme ; 
The truths that make Thy Word divine, 
And teach us how to live and die, 

Are echoes from eternity. 

6 Soon will these mortal years be o'er, 
Then, whispering from Love's blissful shore, 
Our thoughts to dear ones here shall fly 
With echoes from eternity. 

209.-C0XTEXD XOT. 


1 Contend not with thy brother, 

Although he cannot see 
The truth, that, to another. 

Is light and liberty. 
Perhaps an Angel holdeth 

A vail before his eyes. 
While God in heart mfoldeth 

The truth to make him ^dse. 

2 He may be slowly growing. 

Through sorrow, tears and strife ; 
And Heaven witholds the knowing 
TiU days of better life. 


He may be inly striving 

With foes that smite liim do^vn ; 
Or, even now, arriving 

To glimpses of his crown. 

3 But love him, though he serveth 

Another God than thine ; 
And bless him, though he swerveth 

From virtue's golden line. 
He cannot be uplifted 

Till mercy's gentle dove 
Shall sing within him, gifted 

With voice of perfect love. 

210 -SCORN NOT. 


] Scorn not the sisterhood of toil ; 

For woman's lot is hard to bear; 
And she who burns tlie midnight oil, 

IVeparing rol)es for princely wear, 
Is daugliter to the Man, who made 

Upon tlie cross His dying moan, 
And sitteth now, in light arrayed, 

By Angels worshiped on His throne. 


2 Tlie hands that toil for daily bread, 

In works that love mspires, are strong, 
With influx from the fountain head 

Of art, religion, truth and song. 
God's faithful workers ! great or small, 

Whate'er then* sphere of use may be, — 
His benedictions on them flill, 

His Spirit makes them inly free. 

3 Scorn not the lowly ! they are set 

For pillars of the social base ; 
They shall be deatliless Angels yet, 

And see the Savior face to face. 
But they the toilers who despise. 

And wear, unmeet, the social crown, 
Alas ! their refuges of lies 

Shall ank in shame -and sorrow down. 

4 God loves the just, the meek, the brave, 

Inspired with all His holy Word, 
Who give their hearts and lives to save 

The poor disciples of the Lord. 
He loves the faithful ! sea and land 

Shall yield to Him their mai*tyi*-host ; 
And they before His throne shall stand 

Who serve Him best and love Him most. 



C. M. 

1 In perfect confidence I rest, 

Though earthly scenes remove, 
While gently, through my quiet breast, 
I feel the peace of love. 

2 My spirit-bark has reached the land, 

And, waiting on the shore, 
The beautiful beloved stand, 

And sing, " The storms are o'er." 

3 What strange delight, to sense unknoT\Ti, 

Through all my being flows. 
My Savior ! Thou art all my own. 
While heavenly worlds unclose. 

4 Thou art my everlasting light : 

The clouds of i^ense remove : — 
Triumphant faith dispels the night : — 
Pie crowns me with His love. 


L. M. 

1 My Savior's liand is on my breast. 

He gently whispers, "Peace, be stillj 
In Thy dear love, O Lord ! I rest. 
Submissive to Thy holy Avill. 



2 I have no wish to stay or go, 

But calmly trust Thy wise decree : 
Thou art my confidence below, 
And all my life belongs to Thee. 

3 I see, in faith's translucent glass, 

Tlie pictures of Thy mercy shine. 
Seraphic forms before me pass. 
Arrayed in robes of peace divine, 

4 The dust of memory blooms again ; 

I count Thy tender mercies o'er, 
Soft as the pearly morning' rain. 
Vast as the seas upon the shore. 

5 My soul the blest assurance finds 

Of heart renewed and sins forgiven. 
Thy hand the silver cord unbinds ; 
I sleep to earth, I wake to Heaven. 


ll'S AKD lO'S >L 

1 Mansions of glory, all our thought excelling. 
Are thine, dear Angel ! on the sinless shore. 
Wliere thou hast fixed thy beatific dwelUug 
The storms of earthlvangiiish beat no more. 


2 There thou hast found a loveliness eternal : 

Love hath its palace, truth its home in thee. 
Thou art employed in uses all supernal, 
Pouring thy light in music large and fi*ee. 

3 On earth thou wert a lifter of the loAvly, 

And patient labor Avon thy life its crown ; 
And now thou sittest in God'^s temple holy, 
Wafting celestial benedictions down. 

4 Come to us oft, O soul of rarest essence ! 

And bear sweet message from the Lord we 

Diffuse heart -fragrance from His blissful 

Who is the cynosure of angel-eyes. 


6'S 6'S AND lO'S M. 

The cross of Chi-ist was thine : 

In labors all divine. 
Bearing the mighty nu^ssage of the Woi'd, 

In singleness of mind, 

Leaving the di'oss l)ehi]ul. 
Thou didst abandon all thiniis for the Lord. 


Thou art an Angel now, 

And, crowning thy fair brow, 
A wreath of spotless brilliancy is given : 

Thou to thy heart dost press, 

And in thy love possess 
That sacred Word that binds mankind to 
Heaven : 

And in thy heart enshrined, 

And fashioning thy mind. 
The hnage of Messiah God we see ; 

And, still in zeal the same. 

Thou dost afar proclahn 
In Christ the all in all of Deity. 



Type of tlie faith that cannot die. 

That rocks the earth and cleaves the sky, 

That storms the powers of falsehood down, 

And seeks with truth the world to crown, 

Thou, Peter ! standest in thy place. 

While here we run believing race ; 

And Christ the Lord ! revealed through tliee, 

Shows foith divine in charity. 


2 O soul of gentlest love ! thou art 
Worn very near thy Savior's heart : 
Thou wert content with human loss, 
And bore through life an inward cross : 
Keener than blade of burning steel 
Smote the bright sword of inward zeal : 
Thy words were stars of angel-flame 
Revealing thy Redeemer's name. 

3 In voices of the solemn night, 
And harmonies of morning light. 
Where martyrs bleed, for Christ who die. 
Apostle ! thou to man art nigh : 

A flame among God's flxed stars ; 
A bolt that melts oppression's bars ; 
While Jesus still thy zeal inspires, 
And lights with love thy spirit's fires. 





] Where the nightly constellations 
In harmonious orbits roll, 
Tliey are homes of kindred nations, 
Undefiled in li.^ut and soul. 


Loving God in wise devotion, 

From the evil selfhood free, 
They are lamps of pure emotion, 

Burning bright with Deity. 

2 They are one, in tender union. 

With each other and the Lord ; 
With His truth they hold communion ; 

Love the precepts of His Word. 
Bathed in atmospheres of splendor. 

Lit by Christ, the inward smi. 
Holy vows to Him they render. 

In celestial paths they run. 

3 There no storms of desolation 

Roll from spheres of night below ; 
Tranced in holy adoration, 

God in heart and life they know. 
They by Angels are attended, 

Growing ever fair and wise. 
Till in spirit they are blended 

With the universal skies. 

4 When the final call is given 

They in glory pass away : 
Thus Elijah rose to Heaven : 
'Tis the soul's ascension dav. 


Heavenly mansions golden-gated, 
Cities of the skies they Avin ; 

Never dying, but translated, 
They the God-iife enter m. 


p. M. 

'Tis the Angels faith 
That there is no death 

In the stars of light that roll ; 
But the dust exhales, 
As the white mist fails, 

In the sunrise of the soul. 

There the faithful spouse, 

In the bosom-liouse. 
To the Lord of Life is true ; 

And the inmost will 

Is an Eden still. 
That blooms in the Savior's view. 

There tlie virtues rise. 
Like the maidens wise. 

With their golden lamps in liand ; 
And they dwell for aye 
In tlieir briglit array, 

In the Brideu'room's bosom-land. 



p. M. 

A greater Eden yet shall rise, 
When these dissolvmg earthly skies 

Have vanished from our view. 
Beyond the bounds of time and S2:)ace 
We shall behold the Sa\dor's face, 

And own His promise true. 

Though now, a small and feeble band, 
We ^aew by faith that better land, 

'3Iid storms and tears and strife, 
Soon shall we tread the golden streets, 
Where Christ with His beloved meets, — 

And find eternal life. 

Prepare us, Lord I through faith and love, 
To serve Thee in the world above, 

And, while the years decay, 
O may we live, as those who wait. 
Within Thy holy temple gate. 

The great ascension day. 

219.-HY:\IX of HEIYEX. 

lO'S M. 

1 Crowned with the living flowers of heart- 
And robed in rays of hyacinthine light, 


And bearing golden roses in liis liand, 
An Ano-el met me from the blessed land. 

2 He spake and said, " The second life succeeds 
The first, as fruit trees from the growing seeds. 
Regenerate men are germs of Angels wise ; 
We sow on earth, Ave gather in the skies. 

3 " Behold my country ! Hast thou ever trod 
A world so glorious ? Lo ! the smile of God 
Beams in the seasons, builds the matchless 

dome ; 
Alt, wisdom, beauty, here have made their 

4 "Wouldst know its name, this country? 

'Tis the one 
That through all regions and all works doth 

run : 
Not time nor space may grasp it in their span ; 
'Tis inmost presence-Avoi'ld of God with man. 

5 '' 'Tis in us, o'er us, near us, high above ; 
Bounded by wisdom, organised by love ; 
Framed for all uses, free to all mankind 
Their life in faith and charity Avho find." 



220.-HY-^LV or THE SOUL. 

C. M. 

1 TTitlim the spirit^s mystic shrine 

The altar lights are seven, 
All kmdled by the flame divine 
That fills the courts of Heaven. 

2 TTithin the light a three-fold ray 

Of fire divine is given ; 
'Tis that which gilds with endless day 
The three-fold realms of Heaven. 

3 Within the ray the Lord appears, 

And, in his breast, the seven 
Creative, archet}q:)al spheres 

That flow through eveiy Heaven. 

4 YThen, to the soul's interior eyes, 

That inmost sight is given, 
Like pillared flames those fires arise, — 
Lamps round God's throne in Heaven. 

5 And He who sits thereon is seen, 

And round His throne are seven 
Celestial spheres, that widely beam, 
And are the skies of Heaven. 



C L. L. M. 

1 Before my spirit takes its flight, 
Incline my heart, O Lord ! aright : 
With inward breathings ope my breast, 
And visit me with sinless rest, 

That I may rise in sleep to be 
Where holy Angels Avorship Thee, 

2 Beyond the mystic vale of dreams 
Supernal morn arrays its beams ; 

Far from my thought the earth retires ; 
Celestial peace my heart inspires ; 
I pass through slumber's awful doors, 
And stand on Heaven's translucent floors. 

3 Here my own thoughts before me paSvS ; 
Time, like a dome of cloudy glass. 
With all its j^ageants melts away ; 
Within me dawns the judgment day ; 
All that the outward world concealed 
Is in its essence now revealed. 

4 But see ! my Savior standeth by ; 
Beneath the brightness of His eye 
A nobler morn begins to break : 
He ])ids me of His life partake ; 

And whispei's, " Cliild, thy sins resign ; 
Then thou shalt be forever mine." 


To outer earth my soul returns, 
But still that light within me burns. 
Still, ^vith the judgment clawn in view, 
The path of glory I'll pursue, 
Kor wait, nor linger, while I see 
Eternal life awaiting me. 


6 L. 7'S M. 

1 Who shall stand and meet the day 
When his heaven dissolves away ; 
When his earth, beneath the feet. 
Vanishes in fervent heat ; 

And the vestures of the soul 
In consuming splendors roll ? 

2 Who shall stand and meet the day 
When his thoughts, in di'ead array, 
Rise before the judgment seat, 
The Incarnate Truth to meet ; 
Earth and seas of passions fled 
Yielding up the livmg dead ? 

3 Who shall stand and meet the day ? 
Those who breathe their lives away 
Binding up the hearts that bleed ; 
SoTvdng earth with holy seed ; 
Loving on through grief and loss ; 
Martyrs by the daily cross : 


4 These shall stand and meet the day : 
Christ, the judge, shall inly say, 
" Welcome to the great reward. 
Life etei-nal in the Lord." 
Christ shall in them dwell and be 
Savior to eternity. 


C. M. 

1 Come, praise the Lord, with hearts that rise 

From sin and Satan's thrall. 
While Angels worship in the skies 
We'll crowm Him Lord of all. 

2 Let all our hearts and minds agree 

His glorious name to call. 
Li His Divine Humanity 

We'll crown Him Lord of all. 

3 Let every pure and sacred race. 

On each terrestrial ball. 
Behold the glories of His face, 

And crown Him Lord of all. 
5 He bowed the Heavens beneath His feet 

To save us from the fall. 
And makes our earth His mercy-seat; — 

We'll crown Him Lord of all. 



L, M. 

1 He dies ! the Great Redeemer dies ! 

The Angels wonder while they see 
The Lord of Heaven and earth arisej 
To set the captive nations free. 

2 '" Lift up your gates, ye sacred doors !" 

With loud exulting voice they cry, 
" The mighty Lord, whom Heaven adores, 
In triumph rises to the sky." 

3 From star to star the chorus flies, 

'' The hosts of hell are conquered now." 
" Behold the Savior I" Heaven replies, 
"' With love eternal on His brow." 

4 Redeeming Lord I Thy sacred name 

Shall swell to earth's remotest shore, 
\Yhen every trump of human fame 
Is hushed in silence evermore. 


C. M. 

1 How sweet and a^^ful is the place, 

How s^^tly glide the hours, 

\Vhere, clasped within the Lord's embrace. 

We feel His heart in ours ! 

23 i HYMXS OF 

2 Again the flowers of Eden spring, 

To greet the wishful eye : 
Here let us worship while we sing, 
For Christ is passing by. 

3 He comes, to roll the rock away, 

And bid our spirits rise, 
To an immortal sabbath day. 
With Angels in the skies. 

4 Interior joys attest His grace. 

In love diffused abroad ; 
Then let us bow before His face. 
And own the present God. 


8'S AND 7'S M. 

1 Jesus comes by saints attended ! 

He is in His temple now ! 
Truth and might supreme are blended 
In the splendors of His brow. 

2 Througli the spirit's aisles are peaUng 

Strains that erst in Heaven began. 
Everlasting life revealing, 

Love to God and love to man. 


3 Lo I the judgment trump is calling ! 

Love revives no more to die ! 
Idols from the heart are falling ; 
Tears are wiped from every eye. 

4 Ye, who bear the cross He giveth, 

Lay in peace your burdens down : 
Xot a soul, for Christ tliat liveth, 
But receives the victor's cro^m. 


1 Wlio are these in bright array ? 
Guardian Saints and Angels they : 
Smiting down the foes that rise ; 
Fillino' all the earth and skies. 


Hark ! their golden trumpets blow, 
Where they stand in burning row. 
Christ descends the earth to free ; 
'Tis the Year of Jubilee. 

Saints and Angels with us meet, 
Kneeling at the Savior's feet ; 
Wrapt in silence they adore ; 
Christ hath entered at the door. 


4 Bi-eathe Tliy blessing, Savior ! now, 
While we pay the solemn vow : 
God of all the angel-host, 
Father, Son and Holy Gliost. 


1 Here shall Christ be all in all. 
None shall to his brother call 
Saying, " Know the Lord," for He 
Shall ajDjDear in charity. 

2 Holy hands to lift the weak. 
Hearts by love made pure and meek, 
Souls that burn with mercy's flame, 
Shall the inward Christ proclaim. 

3 Break the bonds of party strife ; 
Own the Savior in the life ; 
Nearest to the Lord are those 
Who His perfect love disclose. 

4 Faith, that soars from things of sense 
I>y an inward evidence. 

And attains to joys above, 
Lives within the heart by love. 


Faith that smites the tempter clown, 
Faith that grasps the martyr's erowii, 
Faith, in Christ to die or live, 
Christ A^ithin can only give. 


L. M. 

1 Who are the mighty ? they who dare 
Thy second advent, Lord ! declare ; 
And, while the dark infernals fear. 
Proclaim aloud that Christ is here. 

2 Bright are the crowns of those who spake 
In days of old for Jesus' sake. 

And bravely to the burning trod, 
For T\'itness of incarnate God. 

3 But we a nobler dawn behold ; 
That day of glory, long foretold. 
Breaks from the inward Heaven afar, 
With marshalled hosts from every star, 

4 But who shall dare attest His name. 
Who comes, to wrap the world in flame. 
To melt mankind with fervent heat. 
And make the soul his judgment seat ? 


5 Savior ! while Angels with us bend, 
Through our united hearts descend, 
Till all our lives, with sweet accord, 
Reveal the comino; of the Lord. 


p. M. 

1 Day of judgment ! day of M'^onders ! 
Bursting loud, with angel-thunders, 

Earth awaits thy advent now. 
Jesus conies, the king supernal, 
Opes the gates of life eternal, 

Where His suppliant people bow. 

2 Hark ! the trumpet ! the Immortals 
Stand in waiting at the portals, 

Where the Judge of Earth descends. 
Spirits from the deep are rising. 
Sons of earth with fear surprising. 

While the night of ages ends. 

3 Be thou like thy Savior minded ; 
Bear His message to the blinded ; 

Sound His truth from shore to shore. 
While the judgment-bolts are falling. 
Smiting eai'th with woes a])palling, 

Cry that Christ is at the door. 


Lo He Cometh ! vailed from yision, 
Only seen through gates Elysian, 

Angels worshiiD, where they gather 
God the Sphit, Son and Father, 
In Dmne Humanity. 

Day of judgment I all shall perish, 
Who in heart their eyils cherish, 

In the great, impending doom. 
Darker breaks the terror o'er them; 
Darker stand the years before them ; 

Till their sins are made their tomb. 

Day of judgment, long predicted, 
Thou shalt cleanse the earth afflicted ; 

God hath heard His children call. 
Shout, from nation unto nation, 
Mercy, blessing and salvation ! 

Christ shall reign, the Lord of all. 


L. M. 

1 '' I am the door," the Savior cried, 
" For those, who in My love abide, 
Beyond the scenes of mortal strife, 
Dawns the sweet day of endless life." 



2 Jesus, our Lord ! ^ye come to Tliee, 
That life to find, that Heaven to see : 
O gather us, within Thy breast. 

To mansions of eternal rest. 

3 In Thee the all of Heaven Ave find, — 
Its love Thy heart, its light Thy mind, 
Its air Thy breath, its every grace 
Some ray from Thy beloved face. 

4 Dear Lord ! and shall we enter in 
The rest Thy loving people win ? 

Be Thou our light, our guide, our way, 
To its hnmortal sabbath dav. 


7'S M. 

1 Bound upon the dying cross 

Christ our shis and sorrows bore. 
We are saved, in grii^f and loss. 

Saved, in loving more and more. 
Jesus in us lives, and we 
Must His meek disciples be. 


2 When we live for love alone, 

When we bear the brother's load, 
Jesus clamis us for His oa\ti ; 

We are in the arms of God. 
He to sin w^ho daily dies 
Hath his hand upon the prize. 

3 When we dry the mourner's tear, 

When for cruel foes we pray, 
Christ shall in the heart appear, 

Christ inspu'e the words w^e say : 
He shall through oui* hfe descend. 
And receive us at the end. 


p. M. 

Time is but a narrow stream. 

At our feet that dies ; 
Life is but a tender dream, 

Ere Jesus bids us rise. 
Soon the spirit flies the clay, — 

Death dissolves the mortal clod,- 
Rising to immortal day. 

Present with its God. 

242 IIY^klXS OF 

2 Fixed in Christ we overcome 

Sin and death and hell ; 
We with Jesus are at home 

While on earth we dwell. 
Foes are subject at our feet, 

Conquerors in Christ we prove, 
Till we rise our Lord to meet, — 

Triumj)h in His love. 

3 Cro^vns of glory wait for all 

Who receive Him here ; 
Christ shall hear them Avlien they call,- 

In their midst appear. 
Clothed in raiment pure and white 

They before His face shall stand, 
Singing praises day and night, 

With the ano-el-band. 


C. M. 

1 If thou hast dried the mourner's tear, 
Or hushed the orplian's cry, 
Inspired by mercy all sincere. 
The Lord was standing by : 



2 And, though thou didst not own His name, 

Bj outward sign or word, 
That sweet and secret bosom-flame 
AYas kindled by the Lord. 

3 Fling -v^dde, fling wide the mystic doors. 

That ope within the breast ! 
He comes, whom every Heaven adores, 
To be our constant guest. 

4 He comes, to make the heart His throne. 

And pour His life abroad, 
And all who live for love alone 
Possess Messiah God. 


C. M. 

1 Let cheerful songs of pure delight 

Succeed the throes of pain ; 
The soul is bathed in sabbath light ; 
The Lord has come to reign. 

2 Our hearts are rising from the dead ; 

Our souls forsake the grave ; 
Tlien dry the tears your eyes have shed, 
For Christ is here to save. 


3 The Lord, whom Heaven and earth adores, 

Has heard our solemn vow ; 
He stands ^rithin His temple doors, 
To bless His people now. 

4 He comes to be His children's guest : 

With joyful songs we move 
To sinless Heavens of perfect rest, 
And triumph in His love. 


8'S AND 7'S M. 

1 Come, ye blessed of the Fatlier ! 

Welcome to the Lord's right hand ! 
Holy Angels with you gather ; 
Christ unvails the promised land. 

2 Ye who once were not a nation 

Shall possess the earth and skies ; 
Enter, from your tribulation, 
Through the gates of Paradise. 

3 Hunger ye for sinless pleasures ? 

* Pine ye for the Angels' bread ? 
Seek ye for eternal treasures ? 
Here ye shall by Christ be fed. 


Through the skies the Lord descending, 
Comes His triumph to complete ; 

All om- hearts A^dth His are blending 
While we worship at His feet. 


L. M. 

1 A brighter age succeeds our own ; 

The Sa\ior, whom to-day we meet, 
Shall make through earth His advent kno^Mi, 
While nations worship at His feet. 

2 The Church, that, like an infant, sleeps 

Within this cradled fold, shall be 

Vast as the heaven with all its deeps. 

And strong as the unfettered sea. 

3 Triumphant let your songs ascend. 

For Christ redeems us, while we give 
Our spirits with His o^vn to blend, 
And in unmortal newness live. 

4 Christ is within : rejoice ! rejoice ! 

Resound the chorus wide and far ; 
Till day repeats the joyful voice. 
And night responds from every star. 



L. M. 

1 The winter of the workl is past, 

The vernal Spring returns again, 
The fruitful seed from Heaven is cast, 
And blossoms in the hearts of men. 

2 Now earth shall be Immanuel's fold, 

And Satan's victims burst their thrall, 
Death from his awful throne be hurled, 
And hell yield up its trophies all. 

S A voice is on the sabbath air, 

A voice within us while we pray ; 
Dear Lord ! it bids our hearts prepare 
The Inward Witness to obey. 

4 O cleanse us by Thy sovereign love. 
Till we the selfhood all resign : 
Our hearts are fixed on joys above ; 
Our spirits own Thy will divine. 


8'S AND 7'S M. 

Jesus comes, l>ut few receive Ilim : 
As of old the earth denies : 

Non« of worldly muid believe Him, 
While the Inward Witness cries. 



2 Folded are the liands in slumber, 

Wiiile the great sabbatic year 
Dawns on scenes of wo and wonder, 
And the Lord is with us here. 

3 Savior ! ope the judgment portals ; 

Bid the world awake, to see 

Countless legions of Immortals, 

Owning and adoring Thee. 

4 Soothe the pangs of inward anguish ; 

Foil the wily tempter's art ; 
Let Thy people, where they languish, 
Feel Thy coming in tlie heart. 

5 Only as our hearts infold Thee 

Can we share the great reward. 
And, Tvdth Angels who behold Thee, 
Rise to oneness in the Lord. 


C. M. 

1 While mercy pleads, and pity weeps. 
And wisdom cries in vain, 
The shadow from the mountain creeps, 
And lengthens o'er the plain. 


2 The hands that smite, the feet that trcacl 

The meek and lowly down, 
Shall soon appear amidst the dead, 
And sink in silence doA\Ti. 

3 Then, rising from beneath the rod, 

The patient, pure and wise. 
Approved and justified of God, 
Shall claim the earth and skies. 

4 Wisdom and righteousness and peac^^ 

Shall dwell with mortal men ; 
The swelling waves of strife shall cease. 
And earth be Eden then. 

5 Through endless years of blissful rest 

Messiah's seed shall reign, 
And earth, upon Immanuel's breast. 
Repose from all its pahi. 



1 Faith and liope and love returning. 
Here have lixed their constant seat : 
All our hearts Avith Christ are burning ; 
He is with us when we meet. 


Hark ! ten thousand angel-voices 

Echo from the skies above ; 
Jesus comes, while Heaven rejoices, 

Li us dwells, the God of love. 

2 Wounded souls, forget your anguish ! 

Hearts, that bled at sorrow's door, 
Cease despairingly to languish ; 

Jesus bids you grieve no more. 
Grace divine, o'er sins abounding. 

Comes the willing Heart to save ; 
Angel-hosts, the world surrounding, 

View the soul forsake its grave. 

3 Marshalled in their shinmg legions 

They the work of wonder see ; 
And, through all the heavenly regions. 

Blow the trump of Jubilee. 
While seraphic hosts adore Thee, 

And Thy advent here proclaim, 
Sa\dor ! we would kneel before Thee, 

And in heart confess Thy name. 


C. M. 

The dying thief upon the cross 
To Jesus turned his eyes ; 

Then woke, beyond the vale of loss. 
To dwell in Paradise. 



2 O nail our sins upon the tree, 

Tliat, when we leave them there, 
Our souls, in holiness made free, 
Dear Lord ! Thy life niaj share. 

3 Pierce, with Thy love, our hands and side ; 

Transfix our inmost part ; 
Till all our evil thoughts have died, 
And all our sms depart. 

4 Then, when we learn, in faith and love, 

To suffer and forgive. 
Exalt us to tliat life above 
Where saints and Ano-els live. 



L. M. 

When fliithful Mary, at the cross. 

Beheld the drops of anguish fall, 
Her broken heart bewailed its loss, 

Bereft of life and hope and all. 

But, when the glorious morning broke. 
And Jesus triumphed o'er the grave, 

A nobler faith within lier woke. 

Her spirit owned llim strong to save. * 


3 So, wlien the ancient Church expu'es, 

We grieve its ebbing life to see, 
But, far above, seraphic choirs 
See Judgment end m victory. 

4 The rock is rent that sealed the tomb, 

The Judgment- Angel cleaves the skies, 
And, shining through the midnight gloom 
We see the Church we loved arise. 

5 Transfigured shines that Sovereign Lord 

Whom first ^ye met in childhood's bowers ; 
And lives again that sacred Word, 

That breathes His love and kindles ours. 


L. M. 

1 Lord Jesus come ! we wait to see 
An inward light revealing Thee. 

O make our bosoms, while we meet, 
With holy ardors pure and sweet. 

2 We have no claim upon Thy grace. 
Yet seek in Thee a resting place, 

A light to guide o'er sorrow's wave, 
A sure abode beyond the grave. 

252 HY^rKS OF 

3 Thou dost with holy Angels dwell ; 
Abide in us, dear Lord ! as well, 
That, clasping still Thy faithful hand, 
We all may find the promised land. 

4 And, while we ask Thy presence here, 
In all Thy children's hearts appear, 
Till all mankind, with full accord. 
Forsake theii' sins to find the Lord. 


C. M. 

1 Lord Jesus ! make Tliy coming kno^Ti, 

Through all these hearts of ours : 
Revive the light, of old that shone 
O'er Eden's fragrant bowers. 

2 Far as the ancient curse has trod 

Let righteousness abound. 
Till, in the faith and love of God, 
A fairer life is found. 

f^ The spirit of the will revive 
Till we are dead no more ; 
Bid grace and truth and mercy thrive 
To Earth's remotest shore. 


Transform lis, by Thy Spirit's grace, 

Till we have found in Thee, 
The love that seeks, with fond embrace, 

The world from sin to free. 

7's >r. 

1 Take thy brotlier's heart in thine ; 
Hokl it there by love divine ; 

So shall he the Lord receive, 
And in perfect faith believe. 

2 As the lifeless clay is sweet, 
L}4ng at the rose's feet. 
While, in humble toil, we live, 
Christ Himself shall to us give. 

3 Make thy brother's heart thine own. 
Bear it to the Savior's throne, 
That, when Christ descendeth. He 
Mav awake its life throu^-h thee. 

4 As the dying rose exhales 
Fragrance to the summer gales. 
Breathe thy spirit througli his breast ; 
Love him from the land of rest : 


5 Till that perfect love shall flow 
Filled with life to him below, 
And he owns the pure desires 
That jNIessiah God inspii'es. 


L. M. 

1 Where those who love the Savior meet 

His presence makes the place divine ; 
They kneel with Mary at His feet ; 
With John upon His breast recline. 

2 With fruits from Heaven's immortal trees 

Attendant Angels crown the board ; 
And each within his brother sees 
The beauteous image of the Lord. 

3 While, to His courts, their feet repair, 

Their hearts outstrip them on the road, 
And, clothed in raiment white and fair, 
They banquet on the love of God. 

4 Free from the bonds of party strife 

They hear the Gentle Shepherd's call, 
Till, gathered in the fold of life, 
Messiah God is all in all. 



S'S AND T'3 M. 

1 Jesus Christ I Thou only Savior I 

Make us know Thy Word aright : 
All our inward strivings favor, 
'While we seek the better light. 

2 To us give the priceless treasure 

In its truth divine that lies ; 
Fmding there Thy holy pleasure ; 
Serving Thee with Angels ^vise, 

3 Ope to us those burning pages 

Which Thy wondrous love record ; 
Show the providence of ages, 

That mankind may o^\^i Thee Lord. 

4 While the outer vail is riven, 

Wrapt in wonder, may we see 
Every truth of earth and Heaven 
Praising and adoring Thee ; 

5 Till the spirit, through the letter, 

Shines upon us like the sun. 
Guiding us to know Thee better ; 
And eternal life is won. 


249.-rO\\ER OF THE WORD. 

C. M. 

1 Where'er tlie sacred Word unfolds 

Its page by day or night, 
An Angel stands, and for us holds 
The lamp of God's own light. 

2 There, while we read, our bosoms yearn 

For Heavens of love divine ; 
And " thoughts that breathe, and words that 
Withhi us make their slnine. 

3 Our faitli, that was a barren tree, 

Now blooms like Aaron's rod ; 
With it we smite the stormy sea. 
And journey home to God. 



1 The Word is my pihar by day and by night ; 
It moves o'er the desert in gloiy and might ; 
It flumes in tlie morning to bid me arise. 
And points, tln'ough the darkness, my path 
to the skies. 


2 Tlie Word is iny Angel, who with me hath 

The pathway of love that leads home to my 

And, though we may pass the dark vale of 

the tomb. 
The roses of Eden shed fragrance and bloom. 

3 The Word is my fortress; I stand on its hight, 
And conquer the foes of my soul in the fight ; 
Its love is my weapon, its truth is my shield • 
TheLord hath within it His presence revealed. 

4 The Word is my palace, ^ith Christ at the 

door : 
I enter the courts where the Angels adore : 
They rise to receive me, with lovely accord, 
And welcome me in to the feast of the Lord. 


L. M. 

1 With holy joy our songs record 
The names and glories of the Lord. 
He is tlie life, the truth, the way ; 
A sun and shield by night and day. 


2 lie is tlie briglit ;uid morning star ; 
The inmost light of Heaven afar ; 
The healing stream, for sin that flows ; 
The tree of life ; and Sharon's rose. 

8 He is the Shepherd, in whose breast 
The poor and lowly are at rest ; 
We follow wliere He leads before ; 
And Heaven is His, and He tlie door. 

4 " I am the vine, the branches ye ;" 
Of old He spake, " abide in me :" 

The Word made flesli, for man to bleed ; 
And bread from Heaven, tlie sonl to feed. 

5 He is the Judge, who shall decree 
Where our eternal home shall be : 
Before His face, in that great day, 
The heavens and earth shall pass away. 

G He is our hope, our heaven, our all ; 
Before His glorious face we fall : 
While saints and Angels witli us cry, 
" Hosanna to the Lord Most Hio-h !" 




C. M. 

1 The shepherds ^vatched their flocks by night, 

When, through tlie silent sky, 
A thousand tono-ues of love and li^'ht 
Awoke their melody. 

2 AVe watch ^nthin Thy temple still. 

Lord Jesus I from above. 
Our waiting hearts and bosoms fill 
With sacred songs of love. 

3 The Advent Angel cried, of old, 

" Upon this hallowed morn. 

To rule and reign in Zion's fold. 

The Savior, Christ, is born." 

4 Hark I once again the chorus peals : 

The Lord of glory now 
His advent in the soul reveals, 
Where'er His people bow. 


12'3 AND ll'S if. 

1 Awake from the dust where the spoiler hatli 
laid thee : 
O daughter of Zion I in glory arise. 


Dark, dark, Avas the night when thy focman 
betrayed tliee ; 
Now bright is the morning that dawns in 
the skies. 

2 Wake, daughter of Zion ! from sorrow 

ascending ; 
And sit on the throne of the nations again. 
Praise Him who redeems thee, in worship 

The Lord of the Angels, the Savior of 

men ! 

3 Go forth in thy beauty from nation to nation, 

For lovely and sweet thy dominion shall 

Thy heralds before thee are Peace and 

And Love follows on like the waves of tlio 


4 Wake, daughter of Zion ! thy pathway 

The roses of Paradise deatlilessly bloom. 
Arrayed on the throne of eternity's morning 
The earth shall arise at thy voice from the 




C. M. 

1 When sickness lays its burning hand 

Upon the fevered breast, 
Tliou, Lord ! dost by the pillow stand, 
To soothe the soul to rest. 

2 Thy touch is on the throbbing heart, 

To lighten eveiy pam ; 
And, throned T\dthin our himost part, 
Thou dost in mercy reign. 

3 The bitter buds of sorrow's tree 

Unfold celestial flowers ; 
While oft, by prayer, Ave find in Thee 
A life of nobler j^owers. 

4 In every grief that passes by 

A Cherub folds its wings ; 
And, while the laboring breast may sigh, 
In it an Ano'el sino-s : 

5 And when, upon the dying bed. 

Our blissful souls reclme. 
Dear Lord ! they are m glory wed 
Unto Thy life divine. 



C. M. 

1 When Jesus comes to call us hence, 

And we from eartli depart, 
We know Him by the perfect sense 
Of love that fills the heart. 

2 The Avaves of anguish at our feet 

In sabbath music cease, 
And, through the spirit, flows the sweet, 
Still voice of inward peace. 

3 Jesus can make the vale of tears 

With Sharon's roses bloom : 
The glory in our death appears 
That shines beyond the tomb. 

4 Then, with the Savior standing by, 

Our hearts triumphant sing, 
" O death ! where is thy victory ? 
O grave ! where is thy sting ?" 


L. M. 

1 Cleft by the bitter strokes of pain 
Our ashes mingle with the sod ; 
'Tis thus our full release we gain ; 
And inly rise to be with God. 


2 Though sharp these out^vard pams wc bear 

They vanish with the rising day : 
Our Savior 02)es His mansion there, 
And shines before to light the way. 

3 What though we shed the parting tear ? 

Where tear-drops never fall we rise. 
We die in peace, with Jesus here, 
To live with Jesus in the skies. 

4 With Christ A\dthin the heart confest, 

We joy to bid the world farewell. 
Forever saved, forever blest. 

We enter where His children dwell. 


L. M. 

1 When Christ His presence sheds abroad 

Our last, expiring pains are o'er. 
We sleep to earth, we live to God, 
No more to weep, to die no more. 

2 All is forgot that gave ns pain ; 

Our conquered sins dissolve away ; 
His mercy is a shoreless main ; 
His presence an eternal day. 

264 UY^rxs of 

3 All that we hoped or wished below 

The present Savior to us gives ; 
And kindred hearts together flow 
While He witliin them ever lives. 

4 With joyful steps of swift delight 

In Heaven's eternal round we run ; 

And journey through the courts of light 

As dew-drops rise to meet the sun. 


C. M. 

1 When we to dwell with Jesus rise, 

With saints at His right hand, 
His thoughts appear as jeweled skies, 
Above a beauteous land. 

2 There all His mercies bloom, confest. 

In fields of fadeless flowers. 
The joys that dwell within His breast 
Perfume our bridal bowers. 

3 Sweet friends we loved on earth before 

In robes of glory shine ; 
The chalice of the heart runs o'er 
While Jesus pours the wine. 



4 The stars are choirs of Angels bright 

That celebrate His grace ; 
And Mornino* crimsons with delio^ht 
TVliile she beholds His face. 

5 Well may the skies their joys declare, 

The morn her blushes hide, — 
The Savior is the bridegroom there ! 
His people are the bride ! 



1 Rocked upon the stormy sea 

Peacefully in Christ we sleep. 
Free from care, from peril free ; — 

Jesus walks upon the deep. 
All the winds His voice obey ; 

All the waters own His will. 
In our hearts we hear Him say 

" I am ^vith you ! peace, be still !" 

2 Rocked upon the stormy deep, 

Savior ! we in faith would rise, 
Where the watchful Angels keep 
Guard above in Paradise. 


Outwardly our forms recline 

Where the breaking billows foam, 

But, Tvdthin Thy love divine, 

We have found our spirit's home, 

3 Rocked upon the stormy wave. 

We Thy sovereign love implore, 
Till, beyond the mortal grave. 

We are saved, to sin no more. 
Jesus keep us while we rest, 

Free from sin, from trouble free, 
Calmed upon Thy loving breast, 

'Mid the perils of the sea. 


7'8 AND 6'S M. 

1 The Lord is on the billow ; 

His glory lights the wave ; 

His breast shall be our pillow ; 

He comes in might to save. 

2 There is no pain in d}ang. 

Why should we grieve and weep ? 
Througli all the storm are flying 
The Angels of the deep. 


3 Hark ! cheerily theii- voices 

Break through the driving foara. 
"Christ in our midst rejoices 
To bid you welcome home." 

4 " Give to the winds your sorrow ; 

Soon Tvdll your toils be o'er ; 
We'll stand with Christ to-morrow 
In safety on the shore." 

5 It may a moment grieve us 

To bid the world farewell ; 
But Jesus shall receive us ; 
Then, Shipmates, all is well ! 


L. M. 

1 When, rising from their fiery woes, 

The Spirits of the lost appear. 
They lead the world astray through those 
Whose hearts deny the Savior here. 

2 Throned m the carnal mind, they boast 

That they are gods, who once were men ; 
While through their arts the fallen host 
Would crucify the Lord again. 


3 We ask Thy blessing, Sa^dor ! now ; 

And, while Avithin Thy fold we meet, 
O make the hosts of Satan bow. 

And bind them at Thy people's feet, 

4 Till all the bands of error fall, 

Till every captive heart is free, 
Till Thou art owned the Lord of all, 
And all the world is blest in Thee. 


C. M. 

1 While, clasped mthin the Lord's embrace. 

We own Ilis presence here ; 
The fallen spirits of our race 
To countless minds appear. 

2 'Ten thousand thousand' is their name, 

And, from their wormwood star. 
They dart their messages of flame 
Through every land afar. 

3 These are the guilty ones of old, 

Messiah anIio denied, 
And high o'er Zion's fallen fold 
The Savior crucified. 



4 These are the multitudes who fell 

On Egypt's e\il coast, 
Anned with the sorceries of hell, 
A pale, demoniac host. 

5 Thev whisper on the midnight wmd. 

They taint the silent au' ; 
But in the heart their plagues unbind, 
And mock the Savior there : 

G And those who from their magic plan, 
And love their foul control. 
Are secret foes of God and man, 
And suicides of soul : 

T And soft and sweet as Lybian airs 
May be the notes they sing ; 
But each within the bosom bears 
The scorpion's fiery sting. 

8 Help us, O Lord ! in Thee to stand, 
And all their deeds to shun. 
Lest we vnXh all their guilty band 
Be evermore undone. 



L. M. 

1 The spirits of the lost agree 

To load with scorn the sacred Word ; 
They boast themselves the wise and free, 
And pour contempt upon the Lord. 

2 The gay, the blind, the worldly wise, 

Are victims to their magic thrall : 
Accusing conscience vainly cries, 
In vain their Guardian Angels call. 

3 And oft the heedless mind is led, 

From Zion's gates of praise and prayer ; 
Where syren-hands the feast have spread, 
And furies haunt the venomed air. 

4 Safe in triumpliant Zion's fold 

We smile at Satan's cruel art : 
By faith the Savior we behokl. 
And own the gospel in the lieart. 

5 Accept, O Lord ! our solemn vow : 

We will not cease the flood to stem, 
Till all Thy ransomed people bow 
Witliin the New Jeriijsalem. 


2(>i.-C0XTPJn0X FOR SIX. 

S. M. 

1 'Tis good for sin to weep ! 

Come, shed the falling tear. 
The shadows lengthen while we sleep. 
The Judgment Day is near. 

2 'Tis good to bear the cross ! 

The Savior always hears, 
When, crucified in pleasure's loss, 
We shed repentant tears. 

3 Xone, till their sins they hate. 

In bitterness of mind ; 
Can enter in, through mercy's gate. 
Redeeming love to find. 

4 Weej), while the Lord implores, 

And find the heart forgiven. 
'Tis Jesus enters at the doors. 
And holds the kevs of Heaven. 


c. Xf, 

1 Seraphic legions hold the croT\Ti 
Before the Christian's way, 
And, while he smites the spoiler down, 
Hold him in full suiwey. 


2 They triumpli there the Lord to see 

Witliin His servant dwell ; 
Till conflict ejids in victory 
O'er sin and death and hell. 

3 Stern are the foes he still must face, 

And cold the bruiy flood ; 
But he beholds the Savior's face, 
And lives and dies in God. 

4 A thousand years of martyr-strife 

May smite their blows in one ; 
A thousand Angels pour their life, 
Through every vem to run. 

5 Tliere Christ wdthin at last shall stand, 

And break Apolyon's dart ; 
Then raise liim to His own right hand, 
And fold him to His heart. 


12'S AND ll'S M. 

1 What ra])turous joys are the Angels fore- 

telUng ? 

Our s})irits arise from the mansions of clay, 

To dwell with the Lord in that glory excelUng 

Which beams from the Word througli 

eternity's day. 


2 The dungeons of e\'il in gladness forsaking, 

'We rise in tlie j^aths that the holy have 
trod ; 
The eyes that were blinded, the hearts that 
were aching, 
Are healed and restored by the presence 
of God. 

3 The foes that have bound us shall tremble 

before Him ; 
The sins we have hated forgotten shall be ; 
And deep through the heart, while we love 

and adore Him, 
His mercy shall flow like the waves of the 



p. M. 

Martp' blood is on the brow, 
Ere it shows the victor's crown : 

As of old we find it now. 

Christians fio;ht while demons frown . 

And the world will count its foes 

All who Satan's arts oppose. 

274 HYMxs or 

2 We must sow the Word in tears, 

Fearing not the fiery blast. 
Cast away your doubts and feai'S, 

For the harvest ripens fast. 
Where we cast the holy seed 
Reaping Angels shall succeed. 

3 Blow the gospel trumpets, blow, 

Round the foeman's brazen walls. 
Onward march in burning row ; 
'Tis the great Messiah calls : 
. Though we seem a feeble band, 
He shall give the promised land. 


0. M. DOUBLE. 

1 Fallen is thy throne, O Lucifer ! 

Christ hath the wine-press trod. 
The earth forsakes her sepulcher, 

Clas})ed in the arms of God. 
Christ enters through the mercy-gate, 

To rule for evermore. 
Tliy kingdom shall be desolate ; 

Thy cruel reign is o'er. 


2 Fair ^as the star that treasured thee 

Among its princes wise ; 
Vast were the i-eahns that pleasured thee, 

Gemmed with unfallen skies. 
Thou hast no more that Morning Star. 

Christ, in the ages old. 
Where thou didst wage unholy war 

Fires of destruction rolled, 

3 Hell centres in thy heart and reins ; 

Thou art its demon king. 
But, smitten with consuming pains. 

Death shall thy bosom sting. 
Earth, that hath been enslaved by thee. 

Shall bind thee at her feet. 
And lead thee up triumphantly, 

Thy judgment doom to meet. 

4 Rejoice, ye Nations ! over him, — 

Lord of the star that fell. 
Xo more his guile shall cover him ; 

Pierced is the shield of hell. 
One star was lost because of him ; 

A nobler shall be given. 
All peopled with the Seraphim, 

Where he was cast from Heaven. 



7'S AND 6'S M. 

1 Though Spu'its oft dis^mble, 

To lead the soul astray, 
The hosts of Satan tremble 
To hear a Christian pray. 

2 Still flow the healing fountains ; 

The saint, upon his knees. 
Can cleave the spirit-mountains, 
And still the fiery seas. 

8 The prayerless heart is riven 
With thunderbolts from hell ; 
The prayerless mind is driven 
Where godless demons dwell ; 

4 A prayerless land is blighted 

With hate's destructive breath ; 
And prayerless lives are plighted 
To everlasting death. 

5 By prayer are sins forgiven ; 

By prayer the sick restored ; 
Prayer opes the gates of Heaven ; 
In prayer we find the Lord. 


6 The feet, that oft would falter, 

Through prayer to Christ are led ; 
And, kneelmg at the altar. 
Our hearts forsake the dead. 


L. M. 

1 Break the psychology of hell. 

Lord Jesus ! by Thy sovereign might : 
From conquered sin's magnetic spell 
Uplift our souls to Zion's hight. 

2 Cast out the demons of the race. 

Break the destroyer's magic rod. 
Till every tongue Thy name confess, 
And Thou art owned the living God. 

3 In us the mighty work begin ; 

In us the gospel trumpet blow ; 
Search out and slay our inward sin ; 
Let Paradise within us grow. 

4 Our bodies heal, our minds restore, 

Our hearts renew, our sins forgive, 
Till fiery floods their deluge pour 

Through every form where demons live. 


Then, when they fly, as once of old, 
Before Thy mercy's burning flame. 

Renew the peaceful Age of Gold 
In all who love TJiy holy name. 


C. M. 

Where Night her burning censer s^^ings 

Before Messiah's face, 
She bids us worship, while she sings. 

In Heaven's cathedral space. 

The Spirits of the stars draw near, 

And all that mystic host 
Before the Savior's throne appear, 

And in His mercy boast. 

3 There's not a star, on high that shines. 
Where sin or death has trod. 
Heaven like a beauteous bride reclines 
Within the smiles of God. 

i Our earth was lost, in Adam's fall. 
But not a world beside ; 
And here the Sovereign Lord of all 
To save His people died. 



To Father, Son and Holy Ghost 

Be praise and glory given, 
While Xight with all her starry host 

Adores the Lord of Heaven. 

2:2- WATCH. 

p. Yi. 

1 Watch, v'hile night is slowly dying ; 
Watch, while demon foes are flpng ; 

Lift the heart and how the knee. 
Christ, the jndge of earth and Heaven, 
Hath the final message given, 

" Watch nntil My face ye see." 

2 Watch ; the stars of night have dwindled, 
And the spirit-sunrise kindled 

Morning on the mountains dim ; 
Fixed, mthin then* own aifection. 
Waiting death or resurrection. 

Spirits hail then* doom from Him. 

3 Hear the Voice, that speaks within thee, 
Stri\dng from thy sleep to win thee. 

Christ hath spoken, own His sway. 
Louder, louder peal the thunders ; 
Wider spread the mystic wonders ; 

Nations meet their judgment day. 



C. SI. 

1 The Cherubim and Seraphim 

Keep watch, with fiery sword, 
And wave their banners over him 
Whose heart is in the Lord. 

2 Though lone, amidst the multitude 

Of Satan's host lie stand ; 
He smiteth down the stormy flood, 
With Christ at his right hand. 

3 He mounts in faith's triumphant car 

O'er Nature's flamy scroll ; 
He wins the bright and morning star ; 
In Christ he finds his goal. 

4 The bunihig sword of holy zeal 

Flames in his mighty liand ; 

He hears Messiah's trumpets peal, 

And joins the warlike band. 

5 Swift as a ray of monihig light, — 

Such grace divine is given, 
He comes witli tlumderbolts to smite 
Tlie demon foes of Heaven. 


6 And still his generous bosom glows 
With love's diffusive flame ; 
And all his powers are linked with those 
Who own the Savior's name. 


L. M. 

1 Break forth m praises where ye bow, 
Ye children of Messiah now : 

He comes to set His people free ; 
And captive leads captivity. 

2 Unfurl the sacred banner ^^dde, 
Ye people of the Crucified ! 

And march to realms of endless day, 
While Christ, the Victor, leads the way. 

3 Before the power of Jesus' name 
The midnight bursts to mid-day flame. 
Where Jesus comes, the soid to meet, 
Our foes are vanquished at His feet. 

4 His hands the marriage feast have spread, 
His love di^'ine our spirits fed. 

He opens now the bosom's door. 

And saith, " Behold, and weep no more !" 

282 HY3CsS 01 


275.-1. M 
From all who dwell below the skies 
Let God Messiah's praise arise. 
Exalt in Him, ye Angel-host, 
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

276.- C. 31. 
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost 

Let praise on earth be given. 
In Christ, with all the Angel-host, 

We own the Lord of Heaven 

277 -7'S AND G'S M. DOUBLE. 
To Father, Son and Spirit 

Let bonndless jn-aise arise. 
With Angels, who inherit 

The universal skies. 
The lifter of the loAvly, 

Upon our earth who trod, 
We OAvn the High and Holy, 

The all in all of God. 


278.-7'S ^, DOOLE. 
Jesus, who our love inspires, 

Jesus, who our sin forgives, 
High above celestial choirs 

In eternal gloiy lives. 
In tlie SjDirit and the Word, 

TTe, with all the Angels, boast. 
Worshiping, in Christ the Lord, 

Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

279.- P. :\i. 
Angels are praising Thee, 
Lord of eternity, 

Savior Divine ! 
Glory and boundless might ; 
Wisdom and love and light ; 
Majesty Infinite, 

Jesus, are Thine. 

Far as the universe, 
Xations Thy i^raise rehearse. 

While here we bow. 
Come, Thou Almighty Friend I 
And, while in prayer we bend. 
Into our hearts descend — 

Inspire us now. 


Above the temple's lifted spire, 

A brighter age succeeds oui- own, 

A greater Eden yet shall rise, 

Almighty God, the first and last ! 

All my heart is in me yearning. 

All the st3.vs of night are portals, 

A maiden came to earth unknown. 

Angels are praising Thee, 

Angels are smiling now, 

Angel tell us of the Word, 

Angel-youth and Angel-maid, 

As day by day the selfhood dies, 

At midnight to a maiden's bed, 

Awake from the dust where the spoiler hath laid thee. 


Bathed in the Holy Spirit's wave, 

Behold, behold, the Bridegroum stands. 

Before my spirit takes its flight. 

Beloved of the Angels, our fair one departed, 

Beneath the Church-yard's grassy mould. 

Beyond the narrow span, 

Beyond the winter's drifted snow, . 

Blessed are the dead who die, . 

Bound in the golden span, . 

Bound upon the dying cross. 

Break forth in praises where ye bow, 

Break the psychology of hell, . 

Brightest and best of the sons of the morninj 

By night resounds a mystic strain, 

, 32 


, 21S 















* The figures refer to the numbers of the Hymns. 




Children are gifts of Love Divine, . 

Children are roses in the hand, . 

Clasped in the missal of the day, . . 

Cleft by the bitter strokes of pain. 

Come, praise the Lord, with hearts that rise, 

Come, ye blessed of the Father, 

Contend not with thy brother, 

Crowned with the living flowers of heart delight. 


Dark is the hour when sinnere die, 
Pay of judgment, day of wonders, 
Death is the fading of a cloud. 
Deep in the heart Thy hands have laid, 
Deny thyself if thou wouldst gain, . 
Dust to the dust, 


Earth shall melt with fervent heat, 

, 203 






Faith and hope and lov« returning, 
Faith and use and charity, . 
Fallen is thy throne, O Lucifer ! 
Far away o'er the waters of sorrow. 
Farewell, farewell, thou setting sun. 
Flow gently, flow gently, thou river of 
I'orget not the loved, they are thinkinj 
Forget the world if thou wouldst be. 
Folded within the rose of sleep. 
From all that dwell ])elow the skies. 
From all who dwell in Heaven above, 
I'roni all who dwell below the skies, 
Troiii every cross of conquered pain, 
From the Heaven of the Rose, 
Full oft we wake from weary dreams, 

. 134 



. 126 


' light, 

, 108 

g of thee, 


. 174 




. 275 


. lOS 





Glory to God ! this advent morn, 

God of eternal order, Thou 

Go forth beloved, spake the Lord, 

Grow leaf, spring seed, the South Wind sings, 


Hail to the bride, she is haloed in splendor, 
Hard was the rock of Horeb's mount, . 
Hast thou e'er with quickened sense. 
He dies ! the Great Redeemer dies ! 
He dies ! the Great Redeemer dies ! 
Help us, our Father, still to prove, 
Here shall Christ be all in all, . 
Heaven is the soul that God inspires. 
Holy and full of love below. 
Holy Lord I in pure devotion, 
How beauteous on the mountains now, 
How glorious on the mountains, 
How sweet and awful is the place, 


I am the door, the Savior cried, 

I think of death, sweet mother mine, . 

I would not live alway, from self let me die, 

I own my Savior all divine, 

I heard a Voice by night that said, 

I saw an Angel crowned so bright. 

In every human mind we see, 

In every human soul we find. 

In every garden stands the cross, . 

In raiment of revolving skies, . 

In trances deep as death, . 

In the garden of beauty the faith blossom grow: 

In Thy Divine Humanity, 

In perfect confidence I rest, 

In Vciin the name of Christ we bear, 

If thou hast dried the mourner's tear, . 



If thou woiiMst like Jesus be, 

It bloomed in essence on an Angel-earth, 

It is a lyre of many strings, 

It is not ahvays night, the day, . 


Jesus Christ ! Thou only Savior ! . 
Jesus comes, but few receive Him, 
Jesus comas, by saints attended, 
Jesus our Lord ! when troubles roll, 
Jesus, who our love inspires. 








Language was man's first ofifspring born. 
Let cheerful songs of pure delight, 
Life is a wakening into spheres Elysian, 
Life is the hour that lies between, . 
Like love birds in a jasmine tree, 
Lord ! feed our hearts with daily bread, 
Lord Jesus ! come, we wait to see, 
Lord Jesus ! make Thy coming known. 
Lord of life, to Heaven ascended. 
Lord ! Th}^ Church hath never lost, 



, 235 




, 146 





Martyr blood is on the brow, 

Mansions of glory, all our thought excelling, 

My Savior's hand is on my breast. 

Night prays with rosary of stars, . 
No need is there of shield or sword, 



O'er fields la«l('wed wiMi wasting snow, 
"Oft when storms of pain are rolling. 
Of all the thoughts of God that are, 



Once Duty came and inly said, 

One God there is, who reigns alone, 

age ! thy silver crown, 

Christ our Lord ! in all mankind, 

Christ ! Thou art the vine, 

heart, sad heart, with woes opprest, 

lay thy hand upon my head, 

lone is the spirit on life's troubled ocean 

make my soul Thy spirit's shrine, 

Psyche, with the golden flame, . 

they are wrong who fondly dream, 

when shall we behold, 

Our demon foes retire, . 

Out from the sky-spaces. 

Peace be thine, the Angels greet thee. 
Pour out thy inmost love like wine, 
Praise the Lord, for He is kind, 
Prayer is the heart's desire, 


Quench, Lord! the base desire, . 


Religion, like a faithful spouse, . 

River of Eden from the skies. 

Rich gems of beauty, stars of light excellinj 

Rocked upon the stormy sea, 

Say what means this inward pining? 
Seraphic legions hold the crown. 
Scorn not the Sisterhood of toil, 
Sing praises to Jesus on high ! 
Speak gently to the erring mind. 
Stoop calm o'er the bed where in silence he slumbers, 
Sweet are the ties that bind in one, 
Sweet is the hour when Christ unvails. 
Sweet is the hour when Spirits rise, . . , 





Take thy brother's heart in thine, . 

Ten thousand times ten thousand saints, 

The Angels of Freedom are calling, 

The Angels of the Age of Gold, 

The brightness of Thy glory, 

The bee within the blossom sings. 

The blooming May returns again, . 

The cares of life are ending, 

The Cherubim and Seraphim, 

The cross of Christ was thine, . 

The dying thief upon the cross. 

The heart is like the queenly flower. 

The Lord is my blessing, my comfort and guid( 

The Lord is on the billow. 

The lovely rainbow comes and goes, 

The love that blissful Angels know. 

The morning light is passing sweet, 

The morning bells of Paradise, , 

The new creation comes again. 

The outward orbs of sight conceal. 

The outward world is dark and drear. 

The seasons of the Heavenly Land, 

The shadow flies, the night is done. 

The Shepherds watched their flocks by night, 

The spirit of the humblest child. 

The spirits of the lost agree. 

The stars are sparks of burning sand. 

The stars have lit their golden lights, . 

The Sunrise Angel draws the vail, . 

The Word is like the stars by night. 

The Word is my pillar by day and by night, 

The winter of the world is past. 

The Zephyr in the pine tree sings, . 

There is a glorious Church above. 

There is a language of the skies. 

There stands anear each mortal breast, 

There's an Angel-dove in the peaceful breast, 



There's not a sparrow falls, . 

They have found the links of the golden chain. 

They who the starving poor have fed, 

This bud of love's conjugial tree. 

This common earth, by mortals trod, 

This is the dawn of that auspicious time, 

This is the marriage feast, and here, 

Thou art, Lord ! the life and light, , 

Thou liest low, dear mother. 

Though spirits oft dissemble. 

Though roses round the festive bowl, 

Thrice glorious on the mountains now, 

Through gateways of angelic birth, 

Through midnight ages, dark and lone, 

Through Thee, Lord ! the midnight vail, 

Through tribulation's fiery seas. 

Through tribulation's gloomy deep, 

Thy Word, God ! shall sparkle yet, 

Tliy omnipresent life, God ! 

Till the dust is removed,. 

Time is but a narrow stream, 

'Tis good for sin to weep, 

'Tis the Angels' faith. 

To Christ the Lord we come to-day, 

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost, . 

To Father, Son and Spirit, 

To states of holy rest. 

To the Lord in the skies. 

Type of the faith that cannot die, . 


Unto Thy holy temple. Lord ! . 
Upon Judea's midnight plains, 


Watch, while night is slowly dying, 
We ask not what our life shall be. 
We find our vanished friends again, 
We know thou art not far away, . 



We shall awake, the dust of earth forsaking, 

"We shall be conquerors at last, . 

We wait on God, within His temple kneeling, 

We yield thee to our Savior's arms. 

What glory breaks upon mine eyes. 

What music thrills the inward ear. 

What rapturous joys are the Angels foretelling? 

When Christ His presence sheds abroad. 

When Christ through love and faith descends, 

When children to Immanuel came. 

When evening lights its lamps of gold. 

When faithful Mary, at the cross, . 

When flowers, from incense cups, at morn are pouring, 

When God descends to mortal men, 

When in the busy haunts of men, 

When Jesus comes to call us hence, 

When living faith the soul inspires. 

When o'er the languid bosom flows. 

When rising from their fiery woes, 

WTien robed in silver flame the Night, 

When sickness lays its burning hand, . 

When sorrow on the Spirit feeds, . 

When Spring descends, with lavish hand, 

When the outward life departed, . 

When the bosom sings, . 

When the dews of rest. 

When twilight shadows vail the sky, . 

When we to dwell with Jesus rise, . 

Where'er the sacred Word unfolds. 

Where bloom celestial roses. 

Where, in their blissful Paradise, 

Where ig *.hy home, thou Angel bright ? 

Where is the Church of God below? . 

Where Night her burning censer swings, 

Where the Heaven of the Dove, 

Where the nightly constellations, . 

Where those who love the Savior meet. 

While clasped within the Lord's embrace, 

While mercy pleads, and pity weeps, . 



Who are these in bright array ? 
Who are the mighty? they who dare, . 
Who hath not sought a friend? 
Who shall stand and meet the day? 
Why should we shrink or fear to die ? 
Within the heart, with folded wing, 
Within the pages of the Word, 
Within the sacred Scriptures shine. 
Within the Spirit's mystic shrine, . 
With golden trump the morning wakes. 
With holy joy our songs record, 
With inner sight our hearts behold, 
With joy inspired, with beauty drest, 
With roses crown his baby head. 
With silver feet the rivers tread, . 
With three-fold arch the glory bow, . 

. 227 

. 157 

. 166 

. 65 

. 220 

. 261 


. 151 


. 84 


Ye all are here, ye beautiful ! 



Zoroaster dieth. 


Laureuce Oliphant, the distiEguished writer and 
traveller who died last month at Twickenham, Eng- 
land, was one of the most versatile of men. He 
studied for the bar in the University at Edinburgh, 
but gave up practice to travel in Russia. He then be- 
came private secretary to Lord Elgin and was made 
by him civil secretaiy and superintendent of Indian 
affairs. After travelhng through the Southern 
States and joining Walker's Nicaraguan expedition 
he went with Omer Pacha's army as a corre- 
spondent in the campaign of 1856. Then he was 
charge' d'affaires at Pekin. Returning to England 
he resigned from Parliament in order to join a 
spiritualistic society called " The Brotherhood of 
the New Life," at Portland, Chautauqua county, 
N. Y. To this community he was attracted by the 
founder, Mr. Harris, a poet and preacher and a 
man of magnetic power whose philosophy was 
based on that of Swedenborg. Mr. Oliphant, with 
his wife, his mother, Lady Oliphant, and her for- 
mer lady's maid lived here for some time on terms 
of equality with eveiy member of the community. 
After working as a day laborer and a common do- 
mestic among the brothers, he in 1873 became 
manager of a cable company, holding this position 
for two years and leaving to go to England for the 
purpose of planting Hebrew societies in Palestine. 
Most of his time during the past ten years was 
spent in Palestine. He was a frequent contributor 
to current literature and has written several books 
which have been widely read, the best known being 
**The Land of Gilead," ''Episodes in a Life of 
Adventure, or Moss from a Rolling Stone," " Traits 
and Travesties," ''Tender Recollections of Irene 
Macgillicuddy," " Altiora Peto" and "Piccadilly." 
Mr. Ohphant's last visit to New York was in June 
of the past year, at which time he waw just 
bringing out his new book, •' Scientific Religion," 
in which are set forth his views on "the higher 
possibiUties of life." He was, notwithstanding 
some pecuharities, a man of rare culture, amiability 
and purity of thought.